Visits to Stock Exchanges - ‘Ring Around the World’

57 stock exchange events took place in GMW2017.

Stock exchanges can be part of the ‘Ring Around the World’ initiative, by inviting children and youth to ring the opening or closing bell at the stock exchange. This is a great opportunity for children and youth to learn more about the work of stock exchanges around the world.

Students visited Rwanda Stock Exchange during GMW2017

The Rwanda Stock Exchange was opened by students from Lycee de Kigali and high-level representatives from AIESEC Rwanda, RSE CEO and Lycee de Kigali School Management. The participants visited National Bank of Rwanda for a GMW study tour. Students from Green Hills Academy a High School with UTB University students were introduced to the following sessions: Functions of Financial Markets, Monetary Policy and Research, Currency and Banking and the Role of Saving for a Young Person.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange in Slovenia GMW2017

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange organized four open days for students between27-30 March 2017. The Stock Exchange prepared an exciting full-day program featuring a bell ringing ceremony, a general quiz on the stock exchange including prizes as well as a variety of lectures that expanded students’ financial knowledge.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy for the successful future of every individual and increase the level of financial literacy among youth. Additionally, the purpose of this event was to bring the stock exchange closer to youth presenting its operations and importance. For this reason, many prominent experts from the financial field, including experts from ALTA Invest, KD Funds, Prva osebna zavarovalnica, Stock Exchange Members’ Association and the Ljubljana Stock Exchange held lectures at the event. During the event, more than 255 motivated students from 13 different high schools participated.

Brazil’s Stock Exchange BM&F BOVESPA planned a great event during GMW2016

During GMW2016 in Brazil, students visited the Brazil’s stock exchange, BM&F BOVESPA. While at the stock exchange, they learned how the financial markets function and as well as the role of stock exchanges within financial systems. Additionally, students learned about banking products and services, and the importance of saving for the future by using formal financial services. The visit also included insightful stories about BM&F BOVESPA, its history and future and how it became one of the world’s largest stock exchanges and the biggest in Latin America.