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Over the past years GMW campaign has gathered international support and created momentum around the financial awareness of children and youth worldwide.

Below you can see some of our GMW Ambassadors and featured supporters, all of whom encourage entire communities to take action to create awareness, challenge out of date financial polices, and give young people the tools and inspiration they need to shape their own future.

With their support, the CYFI Team can continue to raise awareness about money matters.



H.M. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

In 2018, for the second consecutive year, H.M. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands joined a special joint celebration organized by CYFI in collaboration with the Money Wise Platform (platform Wijzer in geldzaken) and partners.

Queen Máxima is a leading global voice advancing universal access to affordable, effective and safe financial services in order to strengthen human development, especially among the poor. She holds the role of Honorary Chair of the Money Wise Platform and is the UN Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development.

“Learning how to save is the single smartest financial move young people can make. From piggybanks to electronic accounts, savings tools are vital for helping the next generation build independence, establish security, and achieve their dreams—whether the dream is a small purchase or a significant life investment. And encouraging children and youth to develop the habit of saving can deliver a huge compound effect down the road for individuals and their communities. As Global Money Week reminds us, it is never too early—or too late—for young people to gain the financial skills they will need to shape their lives and enhance their future wellbeing.”

H.M. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development and Honorary Chair of the Money Wise Platform


German Presidency of the G20

The launch event for Global Money Week 2017 was held at the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, Germany in collaboration with the German Presidency of the G20.

The event included an interactive panel discussion, where school students were able to ask panel guests questions relating to the theme of Global Money Week 2017 “Learn.Save.Earn” and gain new insights into the world of money. Young people also took part in a guided tour of the Money Museum.

Young people also took part in a guided tour of the Money Museum to learn about the history of money as well as an interactive show with TV presenter Ralph Caspers.

See video here.


Gianni Pittella, Vice-President, European Parliament

Sending a message to express his support of GMW, Mr Gianni Pittella, Vice-President of the European Parliament, highlighted the importance of raising awareness about financial inclusion and the economic citizenship of children and youth.

In his video Mr Pitella speaks about his belief in investing in young people, and giving them the tools needed to shape their futures.

See video here.

Kalpana Fitzpatrick, GMW Ambassador

Kalpana Fitzpatrick is a well-respected financial journalist and founder of – which provides financial information, news and tips to families.Kalpana regularly appears on TV and radio as a money saving expert and is often quoted in various media outlets.

As well as managing Mummy Money Matters, Kalpana is a columnist for Daily Mail’s Femail, writing about money for a wider consumer audience.She also worked for Channel 4’s Superscrimpers show and regularly writes for numerous publications.

Kalpana is passionate about financial education and believes all children should be given a head start in life when it comes to being in the know about money. When she’s not on TV, radio or putting pen to paper, Kalpana is mum to two boys, aged two and six.

You can follow Kalpana on Twitter @KalpanaFitz

Sofía Macías, GMW Ambassador

Sofía Macías is a Personal Finance and Financial Literacy consultant. She is the author of “Pequeño Cerdo Capitalista: Finanzas Personales para Hippies, Yuppies y Bohemios”, a financial education best-seller published in 2011, and also wrote "Pequeño Cerdo Capitalista Inversiones", a book on investment strategy and the different Asset classes, published in october 2013.

Sofía Macías started to write about Financial Education in 2006, in financial media, such as El Economista, Expansión and Entrepreneur, and also in general media as El País and Rolling Stone Magazine. In 2008, while she was El Economista's front page editor she started, her personal finance blog and the origin of her books.

In the same year, Sofía became a financial education consultant for Consumo Inteligente, Mastercard’s financial education program for Latin America, an active participant in Global Money Week and Child and Youth Finance Education supporter.

You can follow Sofía on Twitter @sofiamaciasl

Prakash Koirala, GMW Ambassador

Prakash Koirala is the Winner of CYFI's Youth Financial Education Awareness Award. He is a Country Committee Representative for Child & Youth Finance International and serves to connect young people from Nepal in the spirit of Economic Citizenship Education.

Before joining the CYFI in 2013, Prakash was a Volunteer of 'My World: The United Nations Global Survey", where he worked in a broad range of Millennium Development Goals over one year. He has served as a Jr. Finance Officer at Biz Serve Pvt. Ltd. He began his career at Module United Nation, Financial Education, Youth Development, and Policy Discussion, and has been representing Nepal internationally, by participating in OECD, MUN, International LEO Camp and Rotaract Cultural Exchange Program.

Prakash has worked with more than 127 classes and with more than 13,000 youth in Nepal to teach community members, children, and youth about financial education and money management. He took responsibility for organizing Global Money Week celebrations in Nepal in 2015, for which the Nepal Rasta Bank also recognized him. Prakash also helped to organize #LightTheWay Campaign in Nepal.

You can follow Prakash on Twitter @lightkoirala

Jhose Adolfo Quisocala Condori, GMW Ambassador

Eleven-year-old Jhose Adolfo Quisocala Condori lives in Arequipa, Peru. When he was only seven, he created the first Cooperative Students' Bank "Bartselana" with the purpose of providing financial education and inclusion for children and youth in Arequipa and Peru, promoting the concept of "saving" in order to confront and overcome poverty.

Jose Adolfo has received several awards at the local, national and international levels for this social enterprise. After just four years, more than 2,000 children now have savings accounts. With their new alliance with "Caja Arequipa" microfinance bank, they expect to reach 20,000 child/youth savings accounts in 2016.

Jose Adolfo is not only recognized as the youngest banker in the world; he is an entrepreneur with a bank for children and youth, a Financial Education school, an "environmental mini-market", a social enterprise for environmental management (The Green Place), and a school of Business Management.

Tumelo Sejo Boitumelo, GMW Ambassador

Tumelo Sejo Boitumelo is a financial consultant by profession. Ms Boitumelo is a founder of a social enterprise called Fin-Gen, which is currently listed as one of the Impact champions for the bank the Youth campaign by United Nations Capital Development Fund ( UNCDF).

She is a financial literacy activist and advocate, particularly among young people. She is a blogger on issues of personal finance, a columnist on the Business Weekly, writing about the same matter. She is currently a Global Money Week ambassador for Botswana.

She remains relentless in the pursuit to improve financial literacy and inclusion.

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