Social Media

Social networking sites can reach a large audience with little or no cost – use existing accounts, or ask colleagues, partners and volunteers to promote the event through their personal profiles.

Create a GMW event and send invitations to your network, share information and status updates with others. Use the search facility to find other local GMW events and Facebook users with shared interests.

Take photos or videos at your GMW event and share them on your Instagram account. Use GMW hashtags #GMW2018 #GlobalMoneyWeek #MoneyMattersMatter
Tip! Tag @globalmoneyweek in your posts and photos to get the chance to be featured on our page!

Upload videos to YouTube to promote, inform, and educate about your GMW event – include the link to your YouTube video or channel in Facebook updates and Tweets, and embed videos on your website.

Use tweets for positive messages, calls for action, or to highlight key information about your event. Using hashtags #GMW2018, #GlobalMoneyWeek, and #MoneyMattersMatter, makes it easy for Twitter users to search for information about events locally and to connect with the global celebrations.

Not sure what to post? Here are some examples of messages you could share:

    Global Money Week is important because… #GlobalMoneyWeek #GMW2018
    GMW2018 will take place 12-18 March with #youth activities in over 137 countries worldwide! #MoneyMattersMatter #GMW2018
    Children and youth should save because…#MoneyMattersMatter #GlobalMoneyWeek #GMW2018
    We´re bringing financial education to our offices/stores/institution (delete as appropriate) during #GlobalMoneyWeek! #GMW2018. Find details of our event here…
    7.8 million children & youth from 137 countries participated in #GMW2017. Come on and get involved in the #GMW2018 celebrations!
    Help a child open a savings account this week! #FinancialInclusion begins with the ability to save! #GlobalMoneyWeek #MoneyMattersMatter
    Join us at (your business/organization/institution name here) in our celebrations for #GlobalMoneyWeek!
    Our #GlobalMoneyWeek event on… encourages children and youth to #save, because #MoneyMattersMatter! #GMW2018
    Global Money Week has kicked off, launching the world’s biggest money awareness campaign! #MoneyMattersMatter #GMW2018


Tip! Remember to update your profil statuses regularly, and cross-promote all of your social media content!