Global Money Week

2017 Botswana Global Money Week

Participating Organizations:
University of Botswana
Finance First Botswana
Bank of Botswana
Botswana Stock exchange
Allan Gray

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, the Finance First Botswana along with partners plans to reach 500 children and youth through the mall activation.

During the GMW 2017, Financial literacy awareness sessions will be offered to children, youth and for adults this included sessions for visits to the stock exchange and the Bank of Botswana. Other proposed activities to take place during the week include a Ring the Bell ceremony, a visit to the Central Bank Museum, participation in the Selfie and Money Box challenge and a Mall activation drive.

The Mall Activation will be the main event of the week. It is an open day where stalls will be set up at the Mall, and varies players in the finance industry will be asked to run a financial literacy drive. The idea is to reach out to people and teach them about savings, its benefits.

Furthermore, 30 students from the Baisago college are planning to attend the ring the bell ceremony at the Botswana Stock Exchange. A field trip to the Central Bank Museum to learn about the history of the Botswana Pula (BWP) is also planned to give an appreciation of the banking system in Botswana.

Lastly, the Selfie Challenge will run online and the public will be encouraged to take selfies with the Global money week logo, share and those with many likes will win. The Piggy Bank challenge will bank on the savings plan that people have started to encourage saving.

2016 Botswana Global Money Week

Leading Organization:
Stepping Stone International
Botswana Stock Exchange

Participating Organization:
University of Botswana
Barclays Bank

Date of event:
14th - 20th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 600
Total indirect reach: 500

Stepping Stones International (SSI) took the lead for this year’s Global Money Week in Botswana. SSI partnered with various organization to organize a number of activities to commemorate the week. The organization launched the #TakePartSaveSmart social media campaign aimed at highlighting the factors that lead to financial and entrepreneurial success. As part of this campaign, SSI engaged with some of the country’s successful people to share some tips and knowledge they have gained throughout their career development.

Other activities marking Global Money Week in Botswana included a visit to the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSX). The purpose of this visit was for the youth to learn about the stock exchange in Botswana and to broaden their mindset when it comes to saving in a smart manner. An integral part of the week was the observance of Aflatoun Day. Aflatoun Clubs in the country ran fun and interactive activities on financial literacy. Global Money Week activities in Botswana extended beyond the official one week period. On March 24, local organizers coordinated an educational visit to Barclays Bank. This was done to motivate and inspire the youth to focus on developing their knowledge on financial literacy and the importance of being smart with and saving money.


2015 Botswana Global Money Week

Stepping Stones International, Botswana Stock Exchange, Bank of Botswana, Ministry of Education, Vocational and Skills Training
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Stepping Stones International (SSI) and the Botswana Stock Exchange were the lead organizations for 2015 Global Money Week in Botswana. SSI hosted a Child and Youth Finance Symposium in Gaborone. This event brought together representatives from banks, insurance companies, government institutions as well as other NGO’s. A large number of children and youth representatives attended the event. The Symposium sought to create a national platform to discuss how Botswana can advance financial education and economic citizenship education to its younger generation.


2014 Botswana Global Money Week

Junior Achievement Botswana
Penrich Employee Benefits
Department of Youth
Mater Spei College Business Department
Barclays Bank
Botswana Stock Exchange
Bank of Gaborone
Botswana Savings Bank
Botswana Unified Revenue Services
Botswana Meat commission
Lobatse Clay Works Flotek
Can Manufactures
Botswana Life Insurance
Date of the event:
11th - 16th of March
Number of children reached:
The event was covered in the Daily News newspaper dated March 19th, 2014

Junior Achievement Botswana (JAB) took the lead for this year’s Global Money Week in Botswana. JAB organized stimulating activities such as debates, quizzes, bank visits and panel discussions. Youth from Botswana participated in a heated debate on the 11th March 2014 where they argued the pros and cons of encouraging their peers to be more financially independent. Peer educators who were awarded the 2013 Child and Youth Finance Award presented their youth budget to the Botswana Parliament. There was a drama presented by secondary school students themed “My money my life: Saving and Investing”. The students were divided into groups to discuss the Botswana 2014/2015 budget speech which was delivered by the Minister of Finance and Development planning Honorable Kenneth O. Mathambo on the 3rd February 2014. The students came up with their own input into the budget speech and compiled a report to be submitted to the Minister.

Students displayed their products for sale to the general public at the Lobatse Mall. The guest companies were observing what and how the students did their selling and later made comments on their observations. Most of the companies managed to sell a lot of their products. While selling, the students had a chance to consult with the customers who were visiting their stalls. After the selling session, the guest companies made presentations to the participants.

Financial education exhibitions were held at local shopping centers to create more awareness amongst youth which can’t be reached through the formal education systems. Students were invited to take job-shadow employees at the Bank ABC. There was a radio talk show dedicated to the discussing the topics raised by Global Money Week. The show was followed by a presentation by peer educators (2013 CYFI Award Recipients). A group of youth visited the Bank of Gaborone to learn about what happens when they open a bank account. The tour was followed by a debate led by the youth on the pros and cons of signing up with a formal financial institution.


2013 Botswana Global Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Ministry of Education and Skill Development Botswana
Date of the event - 19th of March

Children in Botswana celebrated Global Money Week with interactive and educational activities. Youngsters had the opportunity to talk to students from Ukraine as part of the Global Video Chat.

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