Global Money Week

2017 Mali Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Mercy Corps
CPA/SFD du Ministère Promotion Investissement et Secteur Prive

Participating Organizations:
Kafo Jiginew
Lycée Prosper Kamara
Lycée Askia Mohamed
Lycée Mamadou Kardigue Diakité
Lycée Aminata Dramane Traore
Lycée Saint Kizito
Lycée Avenir
Lycée Tigana
ESGIC (université privée)
ISFGE (université privée)
Radio Kledu
Presse ecrite L’observateur
Le renouveau Walaha (association de jeunes artistes issus du conservatoire)

The Global Money Week 2017 will begin the 27th of March with a launching ceremony organized at the Bamako Cultural Palace under the patronage of the Ministry of Promotion of Investment and Private Sector. During this ceremony, students from schools that participated at the slam competition will read their texts on the theme "How to secure their money" and a jury composed of professionals will present the prizes. In addition, a group of young musicians will perform a song about money.

Before the GMW 2017, financial education awareness sessions will be offered to high school students in their schools, in groups of 20, 30 people, the sessions will be followed by a discussion. These sessions will be filmed and a short film will be produced to be shown during the launching Ceremony.

During the week, young people will have the opportunity to visit a bank agency and a microfinance institution, where they will learn how a financial institution works, what products are available and how to open an account.

2014 Mali Money Week

Date of the event:
17th of March

In Mali, Kalanso School prepared an exhibit entitled “Children and Money” which was displayed at a neighboring school. Both of the schools’ students participated in the exhibit and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The local education authorities were involved in the production. The exhibit piqued the interest of students from other schools, so Kalanso School is looking forward to broadening their reach in next year’s Global Money Week.