Global Money Week

2017 Zambia Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:

Bankers Association of Zambia, Bank of Zambia, Pensions & Insurance Authority, Securities & Exchange Commission, Insurers Association of Zambia, Zambia National Commercial Bank, (Zanaco) Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation, Junior Achievement

Participating Organizations:
AB Bank, Acacia Insurance Company Ltd, Access Bank, African Grey Insurance, African Life Assurance Company Ltd, Bank of China, Bank of Zambia, Bankers Association of Zambia, Barclays Bank Zambia, Barclays Life Zambia Ltd, British Council, CAMFED Zambia, Cavmont Bank, Destiny Peak Pro, Development Bank of Zambia, Diamond General Insurance Ltd, Eco Ban, FINCA, First Alliance Bank, First Capital Bank, First National Bank, Focus General Insurance Ltd, Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ), GBG Insurance Ltd, General Alliance Insurance Zambia Ltd, Goldman Insurance Ltd, Hollard Insurance Zambia, Hollard Life Ltd, Indo Zambia, Insurers Association of Zambia, Madison General Insurance, Madison Life Insurance, Madison Assets, Mayfair Insurance Company Zambia , Meanwood Finance, Meanwood General Insurance, Ministry of Finance, Mitchy Savvy money Planners, National Savings Banks, New Faces New Voices, Nico Insurance Zambia Limited, Olive Crest Investments, Pensions and Insurance Authority, Phoenix of Zambia Assurance Company, Plan International, Prima Reinsurance Plc, Prudential Zambia, Regent Life Zambia Ltd, Restless Development, Securities and Exchange Commission, Stanbic Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, StockBrokers Zambia, The Guardian Weekly, United National Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), United Bank for Africa, World Vision, Youth Alive Zambia, Zambezi Reinsurance Lt, Zambia National Building Society , Zambia National Commercial Bank , Advantage Insurance Ltd, Africa Pride Insurance Company Ltd, A-Plus General Insurance Ltd , Banc ABC – Finance Bank (Atlas Mara), Betternow Finance Company Ltd , Blue Assurance Services (Z) Ltd, Blue Financial Services , Chikaya Community Radio Station, Citi Bank Zambia Ltd , Coperbelt Television Broadcasting Systems (CBTS), Evelyn Hone FM Radio , Golden Lotus Insurance Company Ltd, Hot FM Radio , Innovate General Insurance, Investrust Bank Plc , Joy FM Radio , Junior Achievement Zambia , Landmark Media , Liberty Life Zambia , Lumba Christian Ministry (Kasempa), Metropolitan Life Zambia , Ministry of General Education , Mkushi Community Radio Station(Mkushi), Mobi TV International, Mosi-o-Tunya-Radio Station (Livingstone), Mphangwe Community Radio(Katete), Multi-Choice Zambia Limited , Muvi TV , National Mirror , PASME Community Radio Station(Petauke), Petauke Explorers Radio Station(Petauke), PSP Executive Mentoring , QFM Radio , Radio 5 FM , Radio Chkuni (Monze), Radio Christian Voice, Radio Ichengelo (Kitwe), Radio Liseli (Mongu), Radio Lyambai (Mongu), Radio Mano(Kasama), Radio Maranatha (Kabwe), Radio Maria (Chipata), Radio Mazabuka (Mazabuka), Radio Phoenix , Radio Sky FM , Radio Yangeni (Mansa), Rural Finance Expansion Programme (RUFEP), Sanlam , Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC), Savenda General Insurance Ltd , SaveNet (a network of non-governmental organisations), Solwezi Radio (Solwezi), Sunday Mail , Sunday Times , Transunion (credit reference bureau), Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Tucuza Associations , Ultimate Insurance Company Ltd , UNZA Radio , Veritas General Insurance Plc , Vision Community Radio Macha (Choma), Vision Fund Zambia , We Create Zambia , World Skills Zambia , YAR FM (Kitwe), Yatsani Road , Zambezi FM Radio Station (Livingstone), Zambian Reinsurance Company Ltd , ZAMCOM , ZNBC Radio Four , ZNBC Radio Two , ZNBC TV1, ZNBC TV2,

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, the Financial Sector Regulators & the other leading organisations along with partners plans to reach 120,000 children, youth and adults through visits and activities in schools, universities, colleges, youth resource centres, community centres, work places (e.g. markets and formal work places) and households.

During the GMW 2017, the theme will focus on Key Life Events (opening a transaction account, education, employment, starting a business, retirement, marriage & raising a family, how ownership, unexpected events). The financial literacy awareness sessions on these key life events will be offered to children, youth and for adults on financial planning, earning income, budgeting, savings, insurance, investments, credit, and the use of financial planners/advisors, etc. The Launch event on the 27th March 2017 will be attended by heads of Government, CEOs from financial institutions and other corporates, as well as representatives of targeted groups. There will be an exhibition where CEOs will be expected to manage their organizations’ booths as this will accord them an opportunity to get first hand feedback from existing and potential clients.

Additionally, the Lusaka Stock Exchange will festively be opened on 29th of March by students from a primary school and final year college students will be hosted by brokers and the Stock Exchange all week.

Throughout the Week, children, youth and adults will be able to engage the financial institutions as all customer facing institutions have been urged to have ‘OPEN DOORS’ for all. Furthermore, this year university students will have the opportunity to participate in a nationwide debate activity.

At the close of the week, there will be a public exhibition by the financial institutions at the Manda Hill Shopping Centre. The Week’s activities will be highlighted at the Governor’s 2017 Financial Literacy Awards, hosted by the Bank of Zambia Governor who is the champion of financial education in Zambia.

2016 Zambia Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Bank of Zambia Securities and Exchange Commission Ministry of Finance Ministry of General Education Pensions and Insurance Authority

Participating Organizations:
AB Bank, Banc ABC,Barclays Bank, Bank of China, Cavmont Bank, First Capital Bank, Finance Bank, Investrust Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Stanbic Bank, Eco Bank, Zanaco, Natsave, Lusaka Stock Exchange, Madison Assets, Restless Development, Child Fund, Children International, Finca, JA Zambia, EFC, ZSIC, Laurence Paul & Associates, Indo Zambia Bank, First National Bank

Date of event:
10th - 19th of March
Total number of children & youth engaged: 50 000

The Bank of Zambia led the Global Money Week celebrations across the country. Zambia commenced it activities four days ahead of the official opening of the week, with a televised address by the Minister of Finance, Hon. Hon Alexander Chikwanda. The Bank of Zambia coordinated a massive Global Money Week kickoff event at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka. The kick-off event was attended by more than 30 executives from the financial sector and 1000 pupils from 40 schools.

Zambia’s Financial Sector Development Plan (FSDP) Secretariat coordinated Global Money Week activities in all provinces across Zambia. The provincial activities included ‘Open Days’ at banks and micro-finance institutions, an essay competition on savings, Youth-to-Youth Talks, Saving Accounts Opening for children and youth, and theatre and drama productions. Other activities involved job shadowing, career workshops, financial literacy roadshows and sports tournaments. The week-long celebrations provided the opportunity for Zambia’s financial sector regulators to have interactive sections with the general public, particularly children and youth, on their social and economic rights and responsibilities.


2015 Zambia Money Week

Bank of Zambia, Pensions and Insurance Authority and Securities and Exchange, Zanaco Bank, Plan International
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:
200 000

Zambia kicked off 2015 Global Money Week (GMW) with a launch of its nationwide activities on 13 March at the Olympic Youth Development, Lusaka. Global Money Week in Zambia was held under theme: ‘A better Life through saving, every penny counts’’. Activities implemented included provincial exhibitions, film productions on savings, production and distribution of literature, media outreach program and school engagements.

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Zambia performed the official launching of the week. More than thirty (30) Executives from the financial sector and 1000 pupils from 40 schools attend the launch at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka.

Zambia’s youngest commercial pilot, Kalenga Kamwendo spoke at the official opening of the GMW in Lusaka. The launch of the Week in Lusaka was followed by GMW celebrations across the country - all 10 provinces of Zambia. An estimated 200,000 children and youth were directly reached during the GMW campaign in Zambia.


2014 Zambia Money Week

Bank of Zambia Pensions and Insurance Authority Securities and Exchange Commission Barclays Bank Zambia National Savings and Credit Bank Zambia National Commercial Bank Children International
Date of the event:
13th – 20th of March
Number of children reached:
2 million
Children reached through the media:
5 million

Zambia had another great line up of activities for this year’s Global Money Week. Bank of Zambia led Global Money Week celebrations along with Pensions and Insurance Authority, Securities and Exchange Commission, and other financial institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Zambia used the theme ‘A Better Life Through Saving’ to kick-off Global Money Week celebrations and they combined their Financial Literacy Week with Global Money Week. On the 4th March, a media briefing on the Financial Literacy Week took place. The Governor of the Bank of Zambia launched Global Money Week on national television on the 13th March, while on the 4th March was the public was invited to attend the fun-filled Global Money Week kick-off event which included an educational dramatic performance by a group of students and testimonies from VIPs in the financial sector on the benefits of saving. The rest of the week was filled with exhibitions and workshops of financial products and services that are available to Zambian youth. The workshops were conducted by trained facilitators and local financial service providers. On the 16th March there was a special national television broadcast of a film with a strong ‘learn to save young ’ theme and Global Money Week was wrapped up with provincial radio programs discussing the events of the week.

Children, youth and teachers from Aflatoun clubs in five different schools participated in an Aflatoun Club sharing experience in which they discussed the five core elements of Aflatoun, shared their experiences in the Aflatoun program and displayed the crafts they had made during their financial enterprise activities. In total, 12 school teachers and 82 children and youth participated in this event.

During the International Aflatoun Skype calls, 15 Zambian children exchanged their experiences in Aflatoun with children from Mozambique.


2013 Zambia Money Week

Name of organizing entity - CareersExpo Project (Image Promotions)

Partners - Financial Sector Development Plan Project; Securities and Exchange Commission , Pensions and Insurance Authority ,Bank of Zambia, FINMARK Trust, Ministry of Education

Date of the event - 15th – 21st of March

Number of children reached - 4500

“We did have hair raising moments when children came up to us to simply say thank you for caring. From the survey conducted you can see the hunger for information and participation not just in learners, but everyone including teachers and business houses. All in all, Zambia was one big unique experience that was 7 days of impact.”

Global Money Week Zambia started on the 15th of March with a kick off activity at Kabulonga Girls School in Lusaka. The Week was marked by a number of classroom based activities by First National Bank, African Life, Madison Insurance, Zanaco Bank, Citi Bank and an outreach by professionals from the financial sector to discuss money matters. CareerExpo Project also organized a career/financial exhibition, a conference with the participation of school pupils and tertiary students at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

Global Money Week and International Aflatoun Day were celebrated with the ringing of the bell from a child at the Lusaka Stock Exchange. Furthermore, the Governor of the Central bank of Zambia was interviewed by a 10 year old pupil.

In order to ensure financial inclusion for children and youth the Regional Director for Copperbelt hosted a Stakeholders Meeting in Kitwe. Again in Kitwe, an interschool activity was held with the intention to create financial literacy awareness. In Lusaka, the CEO of the Securities and Exchange Commission hosted pupils.

“In future invite not only pupils but our parents as well." 16 year old girl

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