Global Money Week

2017 Mexico Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Educación Financiera BBVA Bancomer
Banco Azteca
MetLife Foundation
Sesame Workshop

Participating Organizations:
Juan Pablo de Leon Murillo
Centro Cultural Santo Domingo
JA México
Hidalgo: Ayuntamiento de Pachuca
CDI #3
Colegio Cervantes
Colegio Columbia
Colegio Federico Froebel
Colegio Galileo Galilei
Colegio Makarenko
Colegio Nuevo Hidalgo
Escuela Primaria Justo Sierra
Instituto Iberoamericano
Instituto Municipal de las Mujeres
Instituto Tecnológico de Pachuca
Secretaría de desarrollo Económico Pachuca
Desarrollo de la comunidad
En Pachuca
Bachillerato Tecnico Inst. Mayau
CENDI Burócratas
Centro de Justicia
Colegio Heimdal
Colegio Topiltzin
Escuela Primaria Florinda Chapa
Escuela secundaria General 5
Escuela Primaria Miguel Hidalgo
Escuela secundaria Técnica 40
Escuela Secundaria Gral. 5

Another great GMW is planned in Mexico this year with a number of participating organizations and several unique activities:

Educación Financiera BBVA Bancomer will be very involved in Global Money Week 2017 through their continuously innovative activities which will include role playing and educational activities in partnership with four strategic allies: BBVA Bancomer´s Volunteering Program, Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE), KidZania parks, and schools such as Von Glumer School. This year, because of the strategic collaboration with MIDE, interactive and fun activities for children were deployed to help them to become aware of the responsible use of money: Discovering the world through 15 Currencies, Value Scale, A Savings adventure and the Future Values Vault.

Furthermore, Educación Financiera BBVA Bancomer and KidZania built and designed models of a local bank, fire station and insurance company for children, where the will associate the responsible use of money with individual and collective values through role playing activities. Plays and radio programs with financial literacy content will also be performed by children at KidZania. Through this scale city, children will learn about savings and preparing for emergencies through the different roles they played and through a guided dialog. This program is the first and only of its kind within all the Financial Literacy Initiatives globally. Furthermore, through BBVA Bancomer’s Corporate Volunteering Program, employees spend their time and effort delivering financial education workshops to vulnerable children who receive scholarships from BBVA Bancomer's Foundation. Adults’ and SMEs’ workshops will also take place to foster a cooperative environment in the family where the financial education practices could be shared by the whole family. Finally, financial literacy workshops will be given to Von Glumer’s elementary and middle school students during the Global Money Week.

Additionally, MIDE has organized eight activities that invite visitors to talk, play, create, read, discuss and learn about savings, money and importance of decision-making in the construction of its financial future. MIDE will further participate in the Week in partnership with two of the major economic and financial education promoters in Mexico and Latin America: Plaza Sésamo (Sesame Workshop) with the acclaimed educational program for children “Sueña, Ahorra, Alcanza” (Dream, Save, Do), a global program developed by Sesame Workshop with the support of the MetLife Foundation, and Banco Azteca with its well-known financial education and business program “Aprende y Crece” which aims to teach people how to proper manage their personal finances, encourage continuous learning, promote informed financial decision making and, finally, encourage entrepreneurial culture.

MIDE and Plaza Sésamo will work together to help children identify their dreams and aspirations and learn about savings, planning, spending and sharing. Children will see a storytelling presentation with Sesame’s characters that will teach them how to create a plan that would help them achieve their goals. In addition, they will engage in activities such as the Aspirations Tree, where they identify their dreams, the Story Mat where they create stories and learn the difference between needs and wants, planning, saving and spending. They will also read comic books on the importance of sharing, and will plant a seed and learn about planning and delaying their gratification.

Banco Azteca will work together with MIDE during the Global Money Week to present various presentations and workshops: Financial Goals; Time to save, time to build; Formal and informal savings, and the musical work "If I Had Saved", which will help them become aware on how to responsibly use money. Banco Azteca will also work together with the United Workers' Blind Organization AC. for the reproduction of the podcast with the theme of Savings and Budget; with the Indigenous Museum of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples, with the magazine "La Familia Luchón" in the Nahuatl language; with the Tepalcayotl association for the distribution of supporting material to read and color in Nahuatl language. These materials will give value to your daily financial decisions and establish the importance of keeping it healthy.

Citibanamex will be also be joining in the Global Money Week celebrations by hosting several fun, informative, innovative and interactive events during the Week: “Movicine Saber Cuenta” consisting of three mobile units for free films that will consist of financial education content, “Educaravana Saber Cuenta”, the mobile exposition “Being an entrepreneur, a personal story”, a “Financial park” which will introduce financial planning for youth including a simulation so youth have the opportunity to practically understand the essentials behind finance to understand different everyday life situations and how to create a budget along with financial workshops and conferences.

Pequeño Cerdo Capitalista, along with MIDE in Mexico and other regional partners, will be active again this year with the organization of and participation in the Regional Rally for Latin America, a competition via twitter in which youngsters from 14 to 18 receive clues about questions of financial education, financial inclusion and entrepreneurship, which they must complete in the shortest possible time to qualify for a prize. Pequeño Cerdo Capitalista will also take part in the 3rd Regional Google Hangout, this year to discuss “Tus primeros ingresos: ideas de emprendimiento para jóvenes” (Your first income: ideas for entrepreneurship for young people). In this virtual meeting, Pequeño Cerdo Capitalista, Junior Achievement Americas, the Ye! entrepreneurship platform and Fernando Tamayo social entrepreneur and founder of YAqua, will come together with the aim of bringing the entrepreneurship, and especially the social entrepreneurship to young people!

2016 Mexico Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Educación Financiera BBVA Bancomer
Museo Interactivo de Economía (MIDE)
Educación Financiera Banamex

Participanting Organizations:
Von Glümer School
Sura Mexico (Aflatoun partner)

Date of the event:
14th – 18th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 38 785

During Global Money Week 2016, partner organizationds wre able to reach 26,000 children and youth through their continuously innovative activities which included role playing and educational activities in partnership with Museo Mide, and involved the banks local branches and employees. This year, as a result of the strategic collaboration with KidZania, models of a local bank, fire station and insurance company were built and designed for children to perform role plays where they associated the responsible use of money with individual and collective values. Through this model city, children learned about savings and preparing for emergencies through the different roles they played and through a guided dialog. This program was the first and only of its kind within all the Financial Literacy Initiatives globally.

Furthermore, the Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE) deployed a series of interactive and fun activities, where children performed four activities which helped them become aware of the responsible use of money:

  • Discovering the World through 15 Currencies: children took a journey to different countries using their local coins. They explored a series of numismatics, their colors, forms and representative icons. Afterwards, there was a dialogue about the various institutions that provide the bills and coins throughout the world, as well as some money exchanging exercises.
  • Value Scale: the children made daily life decisions, analyzing a series of possibilities with different values, each one associated with each decision. The task became complicated when the children had to see that each decision taken balances with their ethic formation and financial decisions. This activity enhanced the children’s reflections on values related to financial decision present in daily life and the importance of keeping it in balance.
  • A Savings adventure: children and youth learned about savings and the road to their own goals and dreams.
  • Mint your own coin: children were able to create their own money.

Educación Financiera Banamex also participated with four very interesting activities throughout the country. Educaravan, for example, conducted various educational activities, such as workshops, conferences and movies in motion, with the aim of sensitizing people in relation to the importance of financial and economic education, and to help them develop or strengthen these skills. Additionally, Educación Financiera Banamex put in place a moving fair, an activity that promoted an entrepreneurial culture and provided visitors with financial tools that may contribute to the establishment of goals in order to improve the life quality and generate general and collective wellness. Movies in Motion, another of the activities put in place by Educación Financiera Banamex during Global Money Week 2016, consisted of three mobile theaters with capacity for 91 people. Inside the theatre, financial education films were projected free of charge for all people to see. Finally, an economic education program took part in the Financial Park, introducing youngsters to financial planning. During the program, using a simulator, children and youth had the opportunity to understand the basics of finance, to analyze different daily situations and how to make a budget in a practical way.


2015 Mexico Global Money Week

MIDE (Museo Interactivo de Economía)
Consumo Inteligente - MasterCard
Catholic Relief Services
Red de Empresarios por el Desarrollo
Date of the event:
9th – 17th of March
Number of children reached:
4 052

As in the past, Global Money Week 2015 was celebrated in Mexico in partnership with the Interactive Museum of Economy (MIDE), an independent and non-profit educational and cultural institution. Created by Banco de Mexico (Central Bank of Mexico) and various private financial institutions of the country, MIDE is dedicated to the development of the economy and dissemination of financial education.

This year children and youth traveled Around the World with 15 coins, an activity designed to show the differences between different national currencies, discuss and learn about exchange rates, and learn about the history of Mexican coins.

During the week, visitors to the museum participated in Balance of Value, a workshop where participants reflected upon the meaning of the words – value and values. Children and youth were encouraged to think how personal values affect their day-to-day decisions and how certain values are reflected in the different financial decisions one takes.

Based on the theme of Global Money Week 2015 – Save today. Safe Tomorrow. - MIDE and its partner institutions organized a Saving Goals Lab. This activity was aimed to make participants reflect on topics such as goals, savings and budgeting for the future.

As part of the celebrations, Consumo Inteligente, a MasterCard initiative, organized a Hangout call with different institutions in the region to discuss the topic of entrepreneurship from different perspectives. Consumo Inteligente, FOSIS and CYFI participated in the call. The call stressed that entrepreneurship was not only for grownups but also for children and youth. It highlighted that kids, teenagers and youngsters are perfectly capable of generating sustainable and interesting projects. While last year similar activity hosted by Consumo Inteligente was watched live by around 492 participants, this year more than 550 spectators benefitted from it.

In addition, different organization organized savings workshops and theater plays in other parts of the country. For example, the financial education area of the largest bank by assets of Mexico, supported GMW by coordinating the efforts of its program for children and young people in its 5 modes of delivery throughout the country.


2014 Mexico Global Money Week

CONDUSEF (Comisión Nacional para la Defensa de los Usuarios de las Instituciones Financieras)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Catholic Relief Services
MIDE (Museo Interactivo de Economía)
Date of the event:
10th – 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Global Money Week in Mexico welcomed the participation of the Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE), the only museum in the world dedicated to economics, finance and sustainability. Throughout the week MIDE’s exhibitions were dedicated to commemorate the celebration of Global Money Week in more than 100 countries around the world. During Global Money Week MIDE, in collaboration with the Banco de Mexico and the Mexican Central Bank, launched the exhibition “1 Peso per Kilo” which explores how the Mexican history is linked to the use of the country’s currency. To join MIDE in their efforts CONDUSEF, the financial consumer protection service, put together a series of didactic materials which were used to teach children and youth the importance of savings and good financial habits. CONDUSEF accompanied this effort with a strong social media campaign.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) participated in Global Money Week by raising awareness on the national survey on financial culture. Felipe de la O, Coordinator of the Center of Public Opinion Studies, of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, presented the preliminary results. This pilot study, which UNAM is working on in collaboration with Banamex is the first ever national questionnaire being conducted in Mexico, which assesses savings, credit and entrepreneurship among youth.

The meetings have taken place and they have involved children and youth. They are also planning to do a videoconference.

The Catholic Relief Services held meetings in different localities from the Region of La Mixteca, Valle Centrales y Sierra Sur were they discussed the current status of financial education and the financial products available to children and youth in Mexica. The meetings involved representatives from various organizations concerned with the social and economic welfare and development of the young generation, as well as Mexican children and youth themselves.

Learn more:


2013 Mexico Global Money Week

Name of organizing entity - The Head of State Award Scheme
Date of the event - 15th - 21st of March
Number of children reached - 10 000

In schools, EDUCA Network celebrated Aflatoun day and Global Money Week by inviting children and youth, parents and other community members. Among the activities there were songs and plays. The activities encouraged children and adolescents to see themselves as active participants and leaders in their community.

They had the opportunity to present their financial and social enterprises. They are able to do this from what they have learnt at the Aflatoun program, using their knowledge of saving and spending, planning and budgeting.

In each case, the enterprises allowed children to promote and practice social change, obtain funds through these projects and take part in activities that help them conceptualize how the world works and how they can achieve a goal together.