Global Money Week

2017 Panama Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Superintendencia De Bancos De Panamá
Financial Education And Business Program "Learns And Grow"
Banco Azteca

Participating Organizations:
Universidad ISAE
Argos Cooperativa
Nueva Union Conconcreto
Fundación Alemana
Suma Financiera
Hertz Car Rental
Suma Financiera
Trifty Car Rental

During Global Money Week 2017 the Superintendency of Banks in Panama, together with the committee that participates with us as volunteers, we plan to reach the children and young people of different Schools and Universities in 5 provinces of Panama. We will organize financial education workshops, with topics such as the importance of saving and making a budget; moreover, we will be carrying out different activities such as: Murals Competition “Learn, Save, Earn” Drama Competition “Learn, Save, Earn” Talent Show Financial Basketball The most original book The best selfie challenge Musical Work We will be visiting 9 Colleges and 2 Universities, involving more than 6,000 participants between the provinces of Panama, West Panama, Herrera, Los Santos and Chiriquí. Thus, carrying the message of the importance of creating the habit of saving "Learn, Save and Earn”

2016 Panama Global Money Week

Leading organization:
Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá

Participating Organizations:
Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores de Panamá
SUMA Financiera
Tocumen, S.A.
Finanzas para todo
Fundación Yo Pinto una Sonrisa
Yajois Super Tiendas
Cooperativa Nueva Unión R.L.
Eventos Carolina
Autoridad de Aseo (AUD)
Date of the event:
14th – 18th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 1 005 310
Total indirect reach: 1 000 000

For the third consecutive year, Panama joined the celebrations of Global Money Week 2016 with the slogan "Take part. Save smart!” Various activities took place in which 5,310 students from a number of schools in various parts of the country were involved. Furthermore, Global Money Week in Panama included the participation of public and private schools, and, for the first time, schools in the provinces of Chiriqui, Herrera and Los Santos joined the celebrations.

Activities included workshops, sports competitions, murals, dramatizations, talent shows, storytellers and a contest where students created piggy recycled materials. All of these activities were aimed at promoting financial education, money management and the importance of saving.

Additionally, social media channels and networks, such as Facebook, was a big tool for partners celebrating Global Money week in Panama. The "Global Money Week Panama" fan-page on Facebook reached more than 10,000.00 views and interactions with GMW publications before, during and after the celebration.

2015 Panama Global Money Week

Leading organization:
Superintendencia de Bancos
Date of the event:
9th – 15th of March
Number of children reached:
1 290

The Superintendence of Banks of Panama leaded the celebrations of Global Money week 2015 in Panamá, through the Financial Consumer Services Department (GSAC) and its Financial Education program. The Superintendence promoted and coordinated for the second year in a row various activities to commemorate the celebration of Global Money Week, with the theme: "Save today. Safe tomorrow". Children and young students in primary and secondary education in schools located in Panama City (Colegio Cristo de los Milagros (CBCM), Claret School, International School Mary Immaculate (CIDMI) and The King's School Panama) were delivered motivational talks to students about the importance of saving, and drawing and poster competitions for children of primary school (1st to 6th). Additionally, theater and murals contest in grades Pre-media and Media (7th to 12th), in which creativity, organization, commitment and above all teamwork of each of the groups was evaluated. The activity aim was to promote entrepreneurship and the habit of saving with the participation of more than 1,292 students between children and youth.

Global Money Week 2015 en Panamá

La Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá, por intermedio de la Gerencia de Servicio de Atención al Cliente Bancario (GSAC) a través del Programa de Educación Financiera, promovió y coordinó por segundo año consecutivo diversas actividades en conmemoración a la celebración del Global Money Week, con el tema: “Ahorra hoy. A salvo mañana.” con niños y jóvenes estudiantes de los niveles de Primaria, Pre-media y Media de 4 planteles educativos ubicados en la ciudad de Panamá, los cuales son: Colegio Cristo de los Milagros (CBCM), Colegio Claret, Colegio Internacional de María Inmaculada (CIDMI) y The King´s School Panamá, en donde se dictaron charlas motivadoras a los estudiantes sobre la importancia del ahorro y se realizaron concursos de dibujo y afiches para los niños y niñas de primaria (1º a 6º), aunado a los concursos de dramatización y murales en los grados de Pre-media y Media (7º a 12º), en donde se evaluó la creatividad, organización, empeño y sobre todo el trabajo en equipo de cada uno de los grupos, promoviendo así el emprendedurismo y el hábito del ahorro con la participación de más de 1,292 estudiantes entre niños, niñas y jóvenes.


2014 Panama Money Week

Superintendencia de Bancos
Date of the event:
10th – 17th of March
Number of children reached:

In 2014 Global Money Week welcomed Panamá to the celebrations. The main education program was held at Colegio Claret, where customer service staff of the Superintendencia de Bancos’ trained 9th to 12th grade students on topics related to financial education such as responsible money management and the importance of saving. 217 students from the school participated in the event which included a mural contest in which the importance of these issues was displayed. As the regulator and supervisor of banks in Panama, the Superintendencia de Bancos’ functions includes protecting and educating bank consumers. Part of this function is performed when promoting financial education and culture.

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