Global Money Week

2016 Suriname Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Central Bank of Suriname
Participating Organizations:
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Education
Date of the event:
07 - 20th of March

IFrom March 7th until March 11th Suriname will celebrate the Great Arithmetic Week. During this week teachers received and followed workshops about different tools to be used during activities in the frame of the Great Arithmetic Week. Additionally, primary-, secondary and Tertiary schools will be visiting the Global Money Week Fair.

There are different activities e.g. electronic activities for children about money and save money, an activity where there are exercises and the children must fill in how much they save. This amount must be place in a “save tree”.

Worksop Another activity is a workshop for youth about how to invest your money, entrepreneurship.

Coin Counter Visitors get a brief introduction of coins in Suriname and how they work. The children are told about a sorting and command and instructions to make your own. Individually or in groups of 5 children build a sorting machine.

Financial Kids Corner. This activity is based on the 5 themes of GMW: Money, Saving, Entrepreneurship, retirement, insurance. The children will be manufacturing the following objects: 1. Money Box: manufacture from a cardboard in the form of a sleeve, pyramid or box 2. Money Bag: decorating of felt in the form of a wallet with a knot thereafter

Financial Kids Detective The students will be divided into six groups with each containing five students. The children will be provided with some attributes which will disguise them as a “financial detective kid” or so called “financial investigation officers’. These detectives have to follow up on clues to find certain information about the themes of GMW.

Briefing Lessons There are different briefing lessons about the themes: Money, Save, Invest, Assurance, retirement etc. The briefing lessons will be put on Facebook and also given to the children

The opening og Global Money Week in Suriname included a “Mega Money Power Quiz” between children and directors of the banks, Insurance Company, Ministry of Finance and Education, President of the Central Bank of Suriname. There will be teams and the winner gets a Global Money Week Coin.

2015 Suriname Global Money Week

Central Bank of Suriname
Stichting Projekten
Date of the event:
10th – 14th of March
Number of children reached:
10 000

For Global Money Week 2015, the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) organized a fair in cooperation with Stiching Projekten. All commercial banks in the country were invited to set up a booth and offer financial information to kids and youth in a creative way. In addition to the commercial banks, other institutions such as the Ministry of Education, NGOs and insurance companies also participated in the GMW fair.

The fair was open in the morning session for visits from registered schools. In the afternoon the fair opened for the general public. There were several fun activities for children in the age group of 6-16 years in the fair. Primary school and secondary school students participated in memory games, money counting competition; high school students played the ‘Money Detective’ game, were they learned about the benefits of saving, take an insurance policy, and saving for retirement. A set of activities and workshops were conducted in the afternoon for parents (adults).

In preparation for the Global Money Week celebrations, the Central Bank of Suriname had sent hand-outs to primary and secondary school teachers in late February. The handouts contained lessons on money, saving, daily money management, entrepreneurship, investment, insurance and pension including process activities and questions for the students. An ‘Arithmetic Week’ was conducted between 2 and 5 March for children in primary schools. During the week, the children learned how to calculate and count with money! 125 primary schools participated in the Arithmetic Week.


2014 Suriname Global Money Week

12-3-2014 - Global money week beurs geeft jongeren financieel onderricht from ATV Suriname.

Central Bank of Suriname
Ministry of Education
Date of the event:
11th – 14th of March
Number of children reached:
7 000

The Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) organized a Global Money Week Fair this year. They invited all commercial Banks to set up a booth and offer financial information to kids and youth in a creative way. At the opening of the fair there was a round table discussion where kids and youth were able to ask questions to the several bank directors and governor in attendance. In addition, different activities and workshops took place. Primary school pupils were treated to market simulations, memory games, and a money counting competition; high school students played a ‘Money detective’ game, and took part in a financial quiz.

The children fired ' sharp ' questions at the bank directors. “Why should I save? Is it better paying with a debit card or cash? Governor, do you know how much money the country needs?

In the month leading up to Global Money Week CBvS sent hand-outs to the primary school teachers with lessons about money, saving, budgeting, entrepreneurship and investment . This resulted in a financial-themed poster competition and a film competition being held for primary school pupils, and an ‘Arithmetic day’ for kids from about 30 primary schools, where they learned how to calculate and count…with money!


2013 Suriname Global Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS)
Date of the event - 11th - 14th of March

Join the Central Bank of Suriname for 2014 Global Money Week celebrations across Suriname. Plans included a Global Money Week Fair, a Poster Competition, a Fim Competition, Radio Talk Show, and an Arithmetic Day.

The activities included primary school pupils, high school students, and secondary high school students.