Global Money Week

2017 China Macau Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Macau Institute of Financial Services (IFS)

Participating Organizations:
Banco Nacional Ultramarino
Banco Tai Fung
Bank of China (Macau Branch)
City University of Macau
Financial Intelligence Office
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
Macau Institute of Financial Services
Macao Polytechnic Institute
Monetary Authority of Macau
University of Macau
Banco Luso Internacional
Chi Yao Middle School
Hou Kong Middle School
Kao Yip Middle School
Kuang Peng Middle School
Portuguese School of Macau
University of Saint Joseph
Yut Wah Middle School

Throughout out the Global Money Week 2017, that will be celebrated in Macau for the first time, the Macau Institute of Financial Services, along with its partners from governmental offices and private corporations, plans to direct reach 500 to 1,000 children and youth in several types of events to enhance their financial literacy.

Among those activities, it is included the visits of various secondary and high school’s students to the Currency Museum to be inaugurated by the University of Macau on March 27, the first day of the GMW2017, so the two initiatives will be closely associated. Following the visits to the Currency Museum there will be a forum of Bankers Dialogue where the students of the universities can also attend. Additionally, they can visit the ‘Trading Room’, where some financial teachers will explain the utility of the Thomson Reuters monitors in obtaining in real-time useful information, among others, those relating to the exchange rates of the currencies and on the evolution of the financial markets.

In the joint action plan, there will have visits of some bankers and university teachers to some middle schools where the institutions will explain, in a simple language, why it is important to save money. In addition, an opportunity will be given to several high school students to ‘work’ at bank and insurers offices during one day (job shadow activity). Finally, two to three seminars will be organized to the university students concerning the role of the central bank, the financial and insurance sectors, and the importance of the AML/CFT.

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