Global Money Week

2017 Solomon Island Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI)
Soltuna & National Fisheries Development (NFD)

Participating Organizations:
Bank South Pacific
SI Ports Authority Noro
Noro Primary & Secondary School, Noro Primary & Secondary School
Kokeqolo Primary & Secondary School
Dunde Primary & Secondary School

Solomon Islands is planning to reach up to 900 children and youths during the Global Money Week 2017 program in rural Western Province.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) along with partners aim to bring the message of this years’ GMW theme to the young local population through financial literacy awareness and campaigns, speech and quiz competitions, talks/presentations and sharing/distribution of educational materials for use.

CBSI, alongside here leading partners in Western Province seek to engage students in one-week of program of activities that also include on-site visits to local financial groups, credit unions and institutional branches.

Furthermore, it is anticipated during the GMW 2017 that few Financial literacy awareness sessions will also be offered to young adults to learn about the importance of earning a living and saving money through banks for the benefit of the family

A week of activities spread over 4 days and a culmination of a final open day event. This event is organized mainly to allow public to congregate at one location and participate as well as

2016 Solomon Islands Money Week

Participating Organizations:
Central Bank of Solomon Islands
Date of events:
16th - 18th of March
Number of children reached:

Global Money Week will be celebrated for the first time in the Solomon Islands through the initiative of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. Starting small this year, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands aims to highlight the importance for young people in the Solomon Islands to develop their interest to learn more about financial literacy, improve their attitude towards finances and encourage them to save.

With this as the objective, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands will launch multiple visits to various schools by officials from the Central Bank to inspire young people by showcasing the improtance of saving and what having a positive attitude towards starting young and being smart with their finances could contribute to a better future for themselves. The interactive sessions will be organized to include both class sessions and inter-class interaction with the participating schools.