Global Money Week

2017 Austria Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Erste Group Bank AG
Erste Financial Life Park
Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship (IFTE)

Participating Organizations:
Polytechnische Schule Mistelbach
Neue Mittelschule Wendstattgasse
abz*frauenberufszentrum wien
Handelsschulen des BFI Wien
Bundes-Oberstufenrealgymnasium Wiener Neustadt
Handelsakademie Ybbs
Bildungsanstalt für Elementarpädagogik Kenyongasse
Gymnasium Draschestraße
Gymnasium Neusiedl am See
Evangelisches Gymnasium Wien
PEEISS - Power of Entrepreneurial Learning

FLiP – Europe’s biggest financial education initiative

The Erste Financial Life Park is an experience-based exhibition with several content stations and interactive games. FLiP experience, its interactive two-hour learning trail, focuses on money and financial matters and is designed for school groups aged ten and above. The aim is to promote responsible money management, improve skills and strengthen financial capability.

Throughout Global Money Week 2017 FLiP will try to reach over 300 children and teenagers. The sequence of the stations will be modified to suit the needs of each group and tailor the content accordingly. The groups are accompanied by educators on their way through the FLiP. The educators will lead the group, explaining the stations and their sequence, activate the necessary elements to launch interactive content and explain and manage the game and sum up the outcomes. Each station will have its own educational and thematic focus. The tour starts with a personal perspective, broadening the horizon step by step along the trail to end with a global view.

“Starte dein Projekt” – Entrepreneurship Education Workshop

“Starte dein Projekt” is a crowd funding-platform, designed to help students of vocational schools in Austria. This initiative is financed by donations and is a joint-project of Erste Bank and Sparkassen, of the Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship (IFTE) and of the Vienna Municipal Education Authority. It enables the presentation and funding of student-projects and fosters not only the entrepreneurial spirit, but also with its practical and active orientation the curriculum of the students. Additionally “Starte dein Projekt” offers workshops for idea generation and project management. During the Project Playground workshop, which will take place at the beginning of the Week, students will have to prepare a fruit salad and a three minute long pitch. Afterwards the most important project management tools will be discussed and the tracks for future projects will be laid down.

2016 Austria Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Erste Group Bank A
Erste Financial Life Park (FLiP)

Participating Organizations:
Zweite Sparkasse
Jugend am Werk (JaW)

Date of the event:
14th - 21th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 60

I €AN Workshops took place on 17 March at 15:00-18:00 in Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna and on 18 March 2016 at 09:00-12:00 in Dr.-Albert-Geßmann-Gasse 38, 1210 Vienna. The "I €AN" project was launched as part of the initiative of Zweite Sparkasse, in cooperation with Schuldnerberatung Wien and the apprentice workshops of Jugend am Werk (JaW). As part of their training, young apprentices attended the workshop where they were given the opportunity to explore their personal relationship with money and to develop a sense of responsibility in their use of money. Furthermore, the workshops covered financial hazards and the consequences of debt as, well as the development of personal and practical money management strategies. The aim was to develop skills and confidence in relation to financial matters.

2015 Austria Global Money Week

Erste Bank
Zweite Sparkasse
Schuldnerberatung Wien
Jugend am Werk (JaW)
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Two “I €AN” workshops were organized on 9 March by Zweite Sparkasse in cooperation with Schuldnerberatung Wien and the apprentice workshops of Jugend am Werk (JaW). Young apprentices explored their personal experiences in managing money and developed learned about spending responsibly. The workshops also covered financial hazards, consequences of debt, and development of personal and practical money management strategies. The aim was to build skills and confidence among these young apprentices about financial matters.

On 17 March, Lobby. 16 and Erste Bank organized “Financial Literacy” workshop for unaccompanied underage refugees. Lobby. 16 is an association committed to the rights of unaccompanied young refugees. It works on providing access to education and participation in social life. Lobby. 16 wants young refugees to be able to develop their skills, talents and gifts, so that they can gain self-confidence and lead an autonomous and independent life in the society. The participants analyzed their income and expenses, identified common cost traps and collected ideas on how to increase income and achieve financial goals. They also visited banks and learned about banking product.

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