Global Money Week

2017 Russia Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Institute of Financial Planning,

Participating Organizations:
Bin bank
Pochta bank
Renessans bank
Sberbank Insurance
Financial Univercity
Yandex Money
Home Credit Bank
PPF life insurance
National research University
Moscow State University
Kuban Credit bank
Centre-Invest bank
Finservice bank
Zansibcom bank
children’s camp “Computer and I”
financial portal “”
Center for economic literacy “EcoGram”
the city of masters “Masterslavl”

During the nationwide financial literacy week 2017, which is part of Global Money Week, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation plans to cover by the various activities up to one million children and young people. The CPS, the Bank of Russia, as well as Week’s partners such as commercial companies, financial institutions, banks and insurance companies will participate in the organization of the events .

The opening of the financial literacy Week will be held in the format of "Financial cities" in the capital and in the format of the financial-quest in the region.

Throughout the whole Week students will participate in open classes and business games. Students will help to deal with issues of financial security on workshops on mobile applications. Younger age participants will be interested in meeting with children's writers, which together with their favorite characters will introduce the basics of financial literacy. Adults – teachers and parents – can also participate in the Week’s events. Meetings with parents and online seminars will be arranged under the guidance of Tutors. During the Week creative challenges and games will also be held. Photo selfie with a Moet box, and arts and crafts in social networks, challenges of children's drawings and rap battle about finances, and various online games. At the end of the Week a large-scale "Financial quest" with the participation of more than 5,000 people and a concert for participants of the week will be organized.

Other activities of the Week in Russia include the Family festival on financial literacy, school fair, music competition – rap on the topic of financial literacy, selfie challenge with the symbols of the Week, the drawing challenge, croudsourcing research on the topic of financial literacy, online financial games, Financial Literacy Week in “Fingrad” (Masterslavl), “The smart lunch” with the distribution of leaflets with the KFC support (covering more than 1 million people), financial quest in 9 regions, participated in the financial literacy Project,

2016 Russia Global Money Week

Global Inclusion Awards - Global Money Week Winner 2016!

Leading Organizations:
Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation

Participating Organizations:
Institute of Financial Planning
SPN Communications
Central Bank of Russian Federation, Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being (Rospotrebnadzor), Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Rossgosstrakh zhizn, Ingosstrakh, MetLife, Sberbank Strakhovanie, Mastercard, PPF Strakhovanie zhizni, Soglasie Vita, Renessans zhizn, NPF Buduscheye, NPF Blagosostoyanie, MiniBoss School, Visa, Aiesec, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Trinfiko, Renessans Kredit, Pochta Bank (formerly Leto Bank), Alfa Bank, AKIBank, Kuban Kredit, Sberbank, Home Credit Bank, Bank of Moscow, Promsvyazbank, Uralsib, Rosinterbank, Citi Bank, Russian Association of the Student Unions.

Date of the event:
14th - 20th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 800, 000
Total indirect reach: 18 000 000+

The second Global Money Week in Russia was organized by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation together with a number of partners, including the Ministry of Education and Science, the Federal Service for Supervision on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, the Bank of Russia, and many financial institutions, insurance companies and banks.

The Week was celebrated in all the regions of the Russian Federation, making for a large scale event. It opened with a Financial Literacy Test, which was held in dozens of institutes. Throughout the week, about 80,000 students tested their knowledge on basic financial matters, in addition to more than 50,000 people who passed such tests online via the national financial education website (Вашифинансы.рф).

The Week included over 11,000 events which involved over 670,000 young participants. Experts from government bodies and financial institutions conducted open lectures in schools and universities devoted to diverse financial education matters. Over 2,000 educational institutions registered on the Week’s website, and over 3500 applied to attend lectures and excursions. Another activity of the Week was an essay competition for schoolchildren and university students. Over 2,000 creative works devoted to different issues of financial literacy were submitted to the jury.

Many high level public figures supported the Week, including the former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Mr. Alexey Kudrin who conducted the public lecture at the school in Arkhangelsk, and the Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection Ms. Anna at the school in Moscow.

The week had a grand closing with a Financial Literacy Game that was led by actor and television presenter Artem Korolev and actress Elisaveta Arsamasova, which gathered wide media attention.

“Initiatives aiming to improve people’s financial literacy level, especially of young people, are crucial for the sustainable development of the national economy.” Aleksey Kudrin, Former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Financial Education and Financial Literacy Project in Russian Federation
"It makes me happy to know that teenagers and youth have a chance to attend such important events. Usually, the parents have no idea when to start talking to their kids about a careful attitude towards money. Such educational project helps to find solutions in dealing with such issues both for parents and for kids." Tutta Larsen, TV presenter, founder of TUTTA.TV

2015 Russia Global Money Week

Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation
Central Bank of Russian Federation
Moscow Stock Exchange
Sberbank of Russia
Home Credit Bank Russia
Insurance company ‘Ingosstrakh’
Institute for the Development of Financial Markets
Centre for Economic and Financial Research
National Competitiveness Institute
State University of Management
Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation
Moscow Money Museum
Institute of Financial Planning
Academy of Personal Finance
Web portal "Financial Health"
QIWI payment system
Media partner
Other participants:
Center-Invest Bank
Academy of Public Administration
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:
25 000

From 9 to 17 March the first Global Money Week took place in Russia within the framework of the Financial Literacy project run by the Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation and the World Bank. More than 25,000 school and university students in 13 regions of Russia were able to participate in more than 300 educational activities around the country and take part in financial literacy games and competitions. Partners of the week included regional Ministries of Finance, financial institutions, universities, schools, civil society organizations, insurance companies etc.

Regions that took part in the Global Money Week celebrations in Russia are Arkhangelsk, Volgograd, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Saratov, Stavropol, Samara, Tomsk and Ulyanovsk regions, Republic of Tatarstan and Moscow.

Events of the Financial Literacy Week included seminars on online transactions by Yandex.Money, visits to the Museum of the Central Bank of Russian Federation, financial education games for school children and students, visits to the museum of Sberbank of Russia, master-classes for children by Home Credit Bank Russia, series of webinars by the professors of leading Russian universities on various finance-related topics, visits to the exhibition about the history of insurance sector in Russia organized by ‘Ingosstrakh’, theatrical performances at universities and many more activities in different regions of the country.

The official closing ceremony of Global Money Week in Russia took place at the Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation on March 17th, where more than five hundred young people met with the Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Storchak, as well as with the representatives of the banking community, media and experts. Young people had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss interesting financial issues with their peers and experts. The Ceremony ended with the awards to the most active participants of the Week and the winners of the Essay Contest “Why do I need Financial Literacy?”. The 6th grade student from the Siberian city Irkutsk Ivan Vetrov won the 1st place!

“The young generation has to make a lot more independent financial decisions in the future than the generation of their parents, and make choices of a lot of complex financial products and services. Russia Financial Literacy Week is aimed at raising awareness among the young people of the importance of increasing their financial capabilities and will show them that financial education can not only be useful for their future, but also is accessible and interesting at a young age”Sergey Storchak, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russian Federation

Center-Invest Bank also organized financial literacy activities in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar, among which an installation about trade and entrepreneurship at Rostov Regional Museum of Local History and various seminars, lectures and excursions for students, parents and other target groups. Moreover, Academy of Public Administration also conducted many educational activities during the week at the Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangelsk and Moscow City Pedagogical University, including competitions, quizzes and the round-table "Financial education of citizens in the modern society".

More information about Global Money Week in Russia can be found on the official website of the Russian Week.


2014 Russia Global Money Week

Moscow Money Museum
Vladivostok Boarding School for Gifted Children
Center-Invest Bank
NGO “Youth Center of Financial Operations Studies”
Date of the event:
10th - 14th, 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Russia celebrated Global Money Week with a variety of activities young children and older youth. Moscow Youth Center of Financial Operations Studies participated in Global Money Week 2014 with a range of activities for students and school children. On March 13th the Center organized a lecture for students in Moscow on financial literacy issues and the basics of financial planning. The main goals of the event were to increase the level of personal financial capacity, to acquire knowledge about the current situation in financial markets, and to teach students about personal financial planning. High-level finance professionals talked to students about the importance of personal financial plan and its components. More than 250 students from leading Moscow universities attended the lecture.

On the 17th March, volunteers of the Financial Literacy Program of the Youth Center for the Financial Operations Studies conducted lectures to more than 50 high-school students in Moscow, in order to increase financial literacy of youth. Following the lectures there was a lively discussion and an interesting Q&A session. These lectures were part of the official launch of the financial literacy program for school children in Moscow.

The Center-Invest Bank in Russia organized several activities to promote Global Money Week and to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy for children and youth in Russia. On the 14th March, in conjunction with the Rostov Region Local Studies Museum, 35 students received an interactive lecture on the history of entrepreneurship and the origins of the merchant trade in the Rostov Region. Additionally, specialists from the bank and volunteers from southern Russia's leading educational held financial literacy classes in 2 schools. They reached an estimate of 78 school children. Lastly, 20 pensioners and veterans took part in free financial consultation seminars.

A group of school children visited the Moscow Money Museum where they learned about the history of money, interesting and useful facts about how money works and saw the banknotes and coins from over 80 countries. There was also the screening of several episodes of a mini-series about money where the different aspects of money as means of communications were explored. The excursion included an exciting quiz for kids on the key facts about money as well as a raffle.

Vladivostok Boarding School for Gifted Children in the far east of Russia celebrated Global Money Week with 4 days full of activities. The acitivites included writing competitions, youth quizzes and presentations on topics such as the role of economics in their lives, money, entrepreneurship, taxation, as well various master-classes and economic themed plays. On the 11th March the Vice-President of Nomos Bank in Vladivostok visited the school and shared his experience of how he began saving from a young age. On the last day of local Global Money Week results of writing competitions and quizzes were summed up.

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