Global Money Week

2017 slovakia Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Children of Slovakia Foundation

Participating Organizations:
elementary schools
secondary schools/high schools
non-governmental organisations
communities/community initiatives

Children of Slovakia Foundation´s (NDS) activities of Global Money Week 2017 will be part of the long-lasting programs Know your money and School of family finances. NDS partners will organise various activities within their social and financial literacy development activities during and around the date of Global Money Week 2017 which will be labelled by this brand as their contribution to it. Participants of the Week in Slovakia will include kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools/high schools, non-governmental organisations, and communities/community initiatives.

Global Money Week activities aim to:

  • to connect children, young people, adults in productive age and seniors in activities that will help them to create sustainable financial future in Slovakia and worldwide;

  • to discuss, play, create, read and share attitudes, knowledge, opinions, ideas and skills on money, saving and financial decisions;

  • to motivate young people towards philanthropic activities and their active approach towards community in which they live;

  • to create a space for children and young people to express their opinions about issues concerning finances and money, discuss about their opinions and views and secure their right to be heard.

Students of secondary grammar schools/high schools has been working on thematic projects that will be presented on students´ conference during the GMW 2017. Themes of the projects are:

  • Being your own boss (why I prefer an own company than to be employed by someone else)

  • I can share even one euro (reflecting personal philanthropy and giving)

  • Not everyone is expecting money (it is possible to share and contribute by various resources - time, knowledge, skills, attention...)

  • I will need money in every stage of my life (the importance of saving and building habit of saving and not spending all I have).

Children of Slovakia Foundation continues to support the Global Money Week in Slovakia since 2014.

2016 Slovakia Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Children of Slovakia Foundation

Date of the event:
14th - 21st of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 1 000

All of the Global Money Week 2016 activities took place within 70 primary and secondary schools, as well as community centers throughout Slovakia. Activities included educational workshops for younger students or for parents, seniors or vulnerable children. These workshops were focused on pocket money, budgeting and saving at home, at school and in organizations, donations and other topics. At the same time, Children of Slovakia Foundation also invited all participating schools to join at the Student´s Conference in Bratislava on 15 - 16 June 2016 at Slovenská Sporiteľna, where the students can network, visit the headquarters of one of the largest banks in Slovakia, share their presentations, experience and opinions about money matters.

2015 Slovakia Money Week

Children of Slovakia Foundation
School of family finance
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:
1 400

Children of Slovakia Foundation organized one-day workshops on ‘Know your Money’ and ‘Family Finances School’ in different regions of Slovakia during Global Money Week 2015. The goals were to inform primary and secondary school students about the importance of money in a changing economic system, discuss and understand the importance of money, savings and prevention of living life in debt as well as distrainment, and encourage children and young people to take an active approach in schools and communities. Furthermore the celebrations were intended to motivate kids to try and improve entrepreneurial skills, link the participants of different ages for the mutual enrichment in financial education, support youth to become active members of their communities and motivate them to become philanthropists, and enable children and young people to share their opinions regarding financial matters. To achieve these objectives, Children of Slovakia Foundation organized various workshops, trainings, and quizzes in schools and youth centers all over the country.

On 16 March, an interesting event “How to save” was held in Banská Bystrica. The event addressed why one should save and shared tips and tricks on how to save even from a little money. On 17 March, “How to sell myself at an interview” activity on presentation skills and methods for young people was organized. These events were part of the project supported by Skola rodinnych financii (School of family finance) and organized by Children of Slovakia Foundation.


2014 Slovakia Money Week

Children of Slovakia Foundation
Date of the event:
10th – 17th of March
Number of children reached:
2 869

Various activities were organized by Children of Slovakia Foundation which were attended by the members of their social and financial literacy development programs.

For Global Money Week the Foundation brought together 3 non-governmental organizations, 42 schools (ranging from kindergarten to high school) from all regions of Slovakia, altogether about 2,900 children and young people. Lecturers from both programs voluntarily prepared special activities for both children and youth such as finance-themed workshops with their families, teachers or lecturers.

Activities based on experimental education gave children a chance to manage and use money. For example in one activity, participants prepared their own budget and savings plan together with bank employees. They also learned bargaining and commercial skills. The students then put their newly learned skills into practice by baking and selling cookies. Participants also organized a financial collection for the animal shelter in the neighbourhood; a charity concert for their ill classmate and a financial collection for their classmate in material need. They discovered how important it is to help each other while gaining new organizational and economic skills from managing the events.

A workshop for elementary-school and secondary-school pupils called “Let’s look for fundraising possibilities in our town” showed children and youth how to create fundraising opportunities in their community. The students came up with an idea at the end of the work shop called “Let´s turn the waste in our village into a profit”. They prepared concrete proposal and organized a meeting with the mayor to discuss their proposal. The Mayor promised to use their proposal to fuel further discussions with other elected members of the village council.

Primary school children were taught about the euro and how to use modern payment methods. Others were taught “economical cooking and baking” where they worked out a budget, went grocery shopping and baked a cake to serve to their parents and grandparents after school. They then compared the costs for baking as opposed to buying a cake. The money they saved the school put into their year-end party’s class fund.

A workshop for children from Children´s Home of K. Hofbauer in Podolínec, Slovakia, taught children how to start a business and establish a trade. They had the chance to discuss their ideas with the invited guest –a budding fast food entrepreneur. The entrepreneur was a long-term unemployed person who started his own successful business. The children loved listening to his story and learning practical steps that they can use to start their own business, i.e. the procedure and conditions for a trade certificate; how to apply for a business allowance; and the legislative obligations of a business owner.

Secondary schools, primary schools and a seniors club in Martin, Slovakia hosted an acitivity called “Let’s talk together,” where the pariticpants were taught the importance of money in a changing economic system and how to ensure a stable financial future for youth. The generationally diverse group also discussed the importance of money and savings.

A special one-day program for mothers living in the Crisis Centre of St.Elisabeth, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia with their children involved inspirational social-financial education activities. They discussed their financial possibilities and the process of finding a job. Beside the discussion we prepared a meal together with an agreed upon budget. Later they played games and took a financial quiz.

Various topics were discussed with young families in community centes. Topics discussed were how to use money in a responsible way, life insuranve, family budgeting, personbal budgeting, money and its various forms, how to calculate wages and how to save.

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