Global Money Week

2017 Syria Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:

Participating Organizations:
Nour Foundation
Peace Makers
Fada Association
Hams Centre
Hayat Association
House of Love
Jood voluntary team
Jobran institute
Bibi kindergarten

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, Mobaderoon along with partners, plans to reach 1000 children and youth through lectures, money games and competitions.

Starting in January, Mobaderoon began carrying out writing, drawing and picture competitions leading up to the commencement of Global Money Week.

During the GMW 2017, Financial literacy awareness sessions will be offered to children, youth and for adults this included sessions for understanding money cycle and the importance of saving.

Throughout the Week, young people will be able to engage themselves in saving competitions in order to plan, save and achieve financial goals to understand the importance of saving. Winners will be rewarded with gifts.

Furthermore, this year adults will have their own activities with voluntary teams and groups to reach as much as possible in the Syrian community.

At the close of the week, stories will be shared to scale the impact and benefit more people.

2015 Syria Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:

Participanting Organizations:
Fada Tartous (NGO Tartous), Small grants department in UNRWA (NGO - LATTAKIA), NOUR organization (NGO Rural Damascus), Bank Bimo (Bank Aleppo), Damascus University of commerce and economics (Damascus), Mozaiic (Latakie), Aflatoun

Date of the event:
9th - 17th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 6 503
Total indirect reach: 16 500

For the opening of GMW in Syria, a lecture took place in Sahnaya, a city in rural Damascus. A group of Aflateen participants organized a small lecture for entrepreneurs and teenagers. Afterwards the teenagers posed questions to the entrepreneurs - including questions about savings and budgeting - and discussed the way in which the lecture inspired them. This was one of the three lectures organized in Damascus and rural Damascus, which had 60 attendees overall. The same Aflateen group, made a visit with their classmates to entrepreneurs’ places of work, where they explored the everyday responsibilities for each job, and met employees and administrators who gave insights about their businesses. Also in Sahnaya, two teenagers and their teachers toured schools and presented to other students about the concepts of saving and what it means to be active and productive in society.

The city of Tartous celebrated GMW colorfully, where they held a festival from 12-16 of March in “The Phoenix” Kindergarten school. As part of the celebration 127 children and youth from Aflatot, Aflatoun and Aflateen clubs sold recycled materials and hosted engaging activities around financial awareness. These activities included theater kiosks with information about savings, lectures, a corner for drawings, and many others. The event reached over 300 teachers, parents and youth from the local community. Participants in Al-kafroun created an innovative initiative by selling T-shirts with writing about savings in Arabic to the local community. Earlier in the Week 45 young children involved in Aflatot took to the stage to make a presentation about savings for their entire school.

The city of Lattakia was involved in the Week’s celebrations as well, where two creative bazar sales were held; the first, a cake sale held on 17 of March, was called “Made in Aflateen”, and the second, held on 19th of March, was an initiative to turn empty bottles and into plants boxes and sell these boxes to explain how much one can save by recycling instead of buying.

Youth from Lattakie were keen to join their Damascene friends in the GMW activities and during the week they made three visits to banks. On 17, 19 and 20 March bank managers provided presentations to more than 200 teenagers on the principles of financial saving and basic understanding of the economy. As a result of these visits the teenagers began a campaign for savings, where they decided to save the money that they would typically use on public transportation by travelling by bike instead. The group decided that this money would be donated to the “Al – Basha’er” organization for use in their program for funding students.

In addition, teenagers in Hama organized a number of community visits from local entrepreneurs, while young people in Aleppo carried out an interactive lecture where they explained the benefits and basics of savings to other teenagers and children, who each took home a savings box afterwards. Syrian teenagers in Gaziantep, Turkey, attended a lecture about the importance of financial education and how this linked with the current economic difficulties in Syria. As part of the lecture, the professor discussed the incorporation of savings tools into the education system and how teacher training and development can support financial literacy.

“I felt proud of the children of my country as they were thinking with awareness for financial saving, as they were recycling materials and benefiting from its sales to raise money that would release the large burden from their parents’ shoulders. Participating in the Global Money Week was an enriching experience for the second year in a row. We pray that we remain able to participate every year.” Georges Marrah, Male 23 years old, Aflatoun supervisor from Rural Damascus, Syria
“I was motivated to participate in the GMW to be part of raising awareness about financial savings and its importance especially in our current circumstances of the Syrian crisis and war. It became crucial that we, as the popular Syrian motto said: Hide your white penny for a dark day.” Mouzahar, Male 17 years old, Youth participant of the GMW activities, from Damascus, Syria
“We designed and created note books and agenda from recycled used papers and textiles that were laying in our houses without use, with a bit of decorations we were able to come up with beautiful work and sell them and use the income of our sales for our upcoming initiative. We found that we can put any remains of an item to use instead of throwing it.”Ail, 17 years old male, youth participant in GMW from Tartous, Syria

2014 Syria Global Money Week


15000 online voters declared a young Syrian the Aflateen Digital champion through the ‘Aflateen Champion 2014 Competition,’ which was launched by Aflatoun in lead up to Global Money Week and International Aflatoun Day. Young people were invited to share their stories on social and financial projects; more than 33 inspiring stories were collected from 17 countries. The Syrian winner, Emmanuel Allabed, gave enthusiastic feedback during Global Money Week on his learning experience in the Aflatoun program. He specifically highlighted how he learned to manage his time better and fully engage in projects. The more he learnt about the importance of financial education, the more he found himself dedicating more time to his projects.

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