GMW Print Pack 2018: Printable Promotional Resources

The Print Pack is an additional document to Toolkit, it will help you manage the promotional process of your GMW2018 event. The Print Pack consists of the following:

Example Checklist for GMW
This checklist is to help you keep track of the deadlines so you can be sure to enjoy your successful GMW2018 celebrations!
Download here:


 Example press release for reaching out to the media
Contact with local media is one of the best ways to promote your event and spread awareness within your local community about GMW2018. A press release should include information about your event, as well as basic information about GMW and your organization. In addition to contacting the press, try reaching out to other media outlets such as broadcast media and local newspapers. This template press release should be adapted to fit your own GMW activities. Remember to specify the exact dates, locations, and numbers of children reached, and please share it with us at the CYFI Team as well.
Download here:


 Example letter for contacting other organizations
Visiting parliaments, banks, stock exchanges, and other institutions is an excellent way for children to learn how these institutions operate. You may send a template letter to request a visit or an educational talk.
Download here:


 Example Certificate of Participation
This is a template certificate for you to hand out to your event’s participants to thank them for taking part in your GMW activities.
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 Example printable Speech Bubbles: “I save because…” and “The best thing about Global Money Week is…”
This is a printable template for you to print out and to give to children, youth, your colleagues, your family and friends, your next-door neighbors, strangers on the street (the list goes on!) to fill in with a marker and to pose for a photograph. If you are working with a large group you may want to laminate a couple of speech bubbles to be filled out with dry erase makers for multiple uses.
Download here:

'I save because...'

' The best thing about GMW is…'


 Example Evaluation form for children & youth
You can share this form with the children and youth taking part in your GMW activities in your community. It is a great way to ask for a feedback and improve your event for the next year!
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