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GMW History

Since its start, Global Money Week has touched the lives of 32 million children and young people in over 165 countries worldwide.
But how did it all start?

Global Money Week (GMW) was inspired by International Aflatoun Day that was initiated by Aflatoun International on 17 March 2011. Aflatoun International is the organization from which Child & Youth Finance International was born.

The first International Aflatoun Day had 42 participating partner organizations. The Day was an opportunity for children across the world to unite, to communicate with each other, and to celebrate. For the first time, children spoke directly with other children around the world about their Aflatoun experience through video calls. Children also organized their own events and celebrations.

These activities inspired Global Money Week – a whole week dedicated to inspiring children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship. Child & Youth Finance International launched Global Money Week for the first time in 2012.

Since then, each year organizations across the world have organized their own GMW events during the Week, sharing their news, photos and information with others around the world. The GMW team has shared all these activities via the social media, the GMW website and the Global Inclusion Awards.

Every year, more countries* have joined Global Money Week:

2019 – 152 countries
2018 – 151 countries
2017 – 137 countries
2016 – 132 countries
2015 – 124 countries
2014 – 118 countries
2013 – 80 countries
2012 – 21 countries

*Including overseas territories