2018 France Global Money Week


  • Banque de France


  • European Financial Planning Association (EFPA), Finances & Pedagogie (F&P), French Banking Federation (FBF), National Financial Counseling Association (ANACOFI), National Institute for consumer Affairs (INC), Public Financial Education Institute (IEFP), Regional Technical Centers of Consumer Affairs (CRTC)


  • 4 000


  • 55 000

Banque de France
This was the first time that Banque de France participated in Global Money Week. Banque de France is a ‘national strategy for financial education operator’. Workshops and visits to classes were organized to discuss budgeting and bank accounts, as well as trying to raise awareness in a fun way with the game “My questions on money”. Multiple partners participated by organizing similar activities. During this week, Banque de France employees were widely mobilized at the headquarters, as well as within their branch network. More than 3000 secondary school and high school students participated in the various workshops and activities. The Banque de France, in collaboration with Finances & Pedagogie, organized multiple workshops. The subjects of the workshops were as follows:

  • “How to manage your budget?” workshop. The aim of this workshop was to help participants understand how to budget and understanding why budgeting is important, by way of real-life budgeting examples.
  • “My first bank account” workshop. Participants discovered the usefulness of bank accounts, as well as tips on how to use them properly. The main means of payment were introduced. Students learned how to fill out a check and how to recognize the different security signs on euros banknotes.
  • “Selfie-posters” workshop. During this workshop, students were asked to reflect on the importance of savings and money matters, by way of GMW posters. These posters, each greatly original, led to lively discussions on the place of money in our world and the need to understand its usefulness.
  • “My questions on money”. All students preview-tested a board game with questions adapted to their age. A funny way of approaching money matters and developing knowledge on several themes (budget, means of payment, credit, insurance, purchases/expenses). These one-hour game sessions were met with great enthusiasm.

During the various workshops, participants took a 20-question quiz to evaluate their progress. At the end of the day, each student received an EDUCFI passport (a diploma attesting basic knowledge on budget and financial education). During this exciting week, 4 high school students in Management Science were honored during the Economic Excellence Award. The ceremony took place at the Banque de France headquarters in Paris on March 15, 2018, in the presence of the Deputy Director for Individuals, representatives from the Créteil Inspection Académique, and students from the four laureate classes. The 98 participants worked on the topic “developments in the labour market in France for 10 years”. Furthermore, the Public Financial Education Institute (IEFP) organized a session for a class. The French Banking Federation organized an session in elementary schools with a game “I invite a banker to my class”. EFPA France organized at University Paris 13 a conference on a responsible manner to spend money, for all students. The speakers were Mrs Fare, a researcher specialized in local currencies and Mr Abel, co-founder of the Montreuil’s local currency. The purpose was to emphasize the impacts of spending money. This first participation in GMW was a great success and helped to raise awareness among thousands of young people across France, thanks to the Banque de France employees and its numerous partners. The class teachers who participated in this edition have already expressed their interest to renew the experience next year!

2016 France Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 491

This was the African Youth Advocate Platform’s first time taking part in Global Money Week! Ms. Sana Afouaiz (CEO of the African Youth Advocate Platform, a women’s advocate and human rights activist) hosted an international Expert Talk together with Mr. Majid Mirza Hussain (expert on youth employment) and Ms. Bistra Kumbaroska (Entrepreneur and CEO of Impact Hub Vienna). The topics discussed focused on the importance of saving and financial literacy, youth employment and entrepreneurship and gender-equality.

Ms. Afouaiz was based in Paris, France but youth from around the world joined the discussion.

“Women are neglected in many parts of the world, especially in the developing countries where they find it difficult to develop ideas and get proper funding to bring up entrepreneurs” Ms. Bistra
“Obviously we need to provide more investments in youth; investments in education, skills training, sexual and reproductive health services, availability of credit” Ms. Sana Afouaiz
“The qualities of education will provide the marginalized community skills in terms of financial sustainability and through behavior and social change”. Mr. Majid

2014 France Global Money Week



  • 17th of March


  • 10

Youth, together with Child & Youth Finance International rang the Euronext Paris stock exchange closing bell on Monday 17 March. The ceremony marked the end of 8 days of celebration around the world in aid of raising public awareness about the need for financial literacy, jobs for youth, and entrepreneurship skills during the 2014 edition of Global Money Week.

The need for financial education and greater financial inclusion has never been greater in Europe, with youth unemployment at historic all-time highs. Paris NYSE/Euronext showed a great symbolic commitment of the business community toward young people, their dreams, and financial future by inviting youth to the ‘closing of the exchange’ ceremony.

During Global Money Week, more than 20 stock exchanges worldwide invited youth to visit the stock exchange, learn about money, participate in "ring the bell ceremonies", and to share their ideas and opinions with business leaders.

2013 France Global Money Week


  • Finances & Pédagogie (NGO)


  • 15th - 21st of March

In France the project “Apprendre la Bourse” (Learn about the Stock Exchange) was supported by the European Commission DG “Internal Market and Services” and by the European Caisses d`Epargne. Students who took part were from five different countries (France, Germany, Italy, and Luxemburg, Sweden) and each one of them had to maintain a fake capital account of € 100000. The project ended at 11th of December 2012 but the winners of the contest were announced during Global Money Week 2013.