Global Money Week

Global Money Week 2017: Youth Talk Guideline

What is a Youth Talk?

A Youth Talk is a virtual meeting (via Skype) for groups of youth/students to connect with youth/students from a different country to discuss about money matters and financial issues.

Youth Talks offer a great opportunity for youngsters from all over the world to communicate with their global peers, and to ask questions about the financial topics that matter most to them. It also allows youth the chance to exchange knowledge, learn about each other’s cultures and share their GMW celebrations!

When did the Youth Talks take place?

Youth Talks took place between 27 March – 2 April 2017.

How did a group connect to a Youth Talk?



Please use this form to sign up for a Youth Talk.

Your group can register for one or several Youth Talks by proving the preferred date(s) and time(s) (in comments).

Please note that in order to register for Youth Talk(s), you must provide the following information:

Group Name/School Name

Coordinator Name



Phone Number

Preferred Language(s) for the Talk

Approx size of the youth group

Age of the youth group

Preferred dates/times

Skype id


*We encourage groups to write in Comments if they have any preferences for time. We kindly ask you to indicate the time zone, and provide the available time slots in GMT +1 (Amsterdam time).


The CYFI Secretariat will continuously check the form to see the groups registered for the Youth Talks. Once a group filled the form, the CYFI secretariat will connect them with another group via email, and provide each of the groups with a list of potential questions/discussion points for the groups (provided that there is another group that matches your preferred times/dates).

Please note that a CYFI member will not be joining the Skype call itself.


Once the CYFI Secretariat has connected the two groups together, the group will be advised to schedule a test run using Skype before the day of the planned Youth Talk to ensure there are no connection problems. It is also a good opportunity for two coordinators to meet each other and to discuss potential themes for the Youth Talks.


CYFI kindly asks coordinators of each group to be sure to write down highlights of the main discussion points of the Youth Talk(s), and to send screen shots and photos of the Youth Talk to CYFI Secretariat!

For questions regarding Youth Talks please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Download here:

Possible questions for and from children and youth during GMW2016 (.pdf)

Check out possible questions that you may use in your events during the discussions with children and youth.