Global Money Week

2017 Burundi Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
SOS children’s Village

Participating Organizations:
World Vision Burundi

During the Global Money Week 2017 in Burundi there will be a visit to the Credit Bank of Bujumbura, Agency in Rutana.

A presentation delivered by the Director of the Agency on the origin of Banks in general and their functioning will take place.

A visit to the University of the Great Lakes (Campus of Rutana) will be offered to participants and discussions about financial structure of the University will be held

In addition, it is planned to visit the Sugar Factory of Moso, 30km away from the Center of Rutana, and also a visit to a successful local shopkeeper is planned with the participants.

2016 Burundi Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
SOS Children’s Villages Burundi

Participating Organizations:
Banque Burundaise de Commerce et d'Investissement (BBCI)
Twitezimbere Microfinance

Date of the event:
16th - 18th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 477
Total indirect reach: 100

Two of Burundi’s five SOS Children’s Villages (SOS Muyinga and SOS Rutana) participated this year in Global Money Week.

In the South, SOS Rutana planned a student visit to a bank (the local branch of the BBCI) with 25 children on 16 March. Even though it was exam time for students, they gladly accepted the invitation as most of them never had the opportunity to enter a bank with questions. They prepared several of their questions in advance:

  • What is the history of money?
  • Why should I put my money in the bank, instead of keeping it at home?
  • Why should I open a bank account at the BBCI?
  • What is a wise money management?
  • How to use a cheque book? What is its utility?
  • What are the conditions and steps to make for obtaining a credit?
  • What is the difference between a microfinance institution and a bank?

The knowledge gathered during this meeting will be shared with their friends and classmates at school, thus reaching even more children.

Two days later, in the North, SOS Muyinga organized a conference with Twitezimbere Microfinance in order to inform the local children and youth of the community about savings and, more specifically, about its financial product “Junior Savings”, available for youth under 18. There were 352 young people (aged 8 to 22) present at this event. After the conference, they were able to ask questions such as:

  • How much can we save?
  • When can we withdraw our money?
  • What happens if we change address?
  • What happens if we die?

These activities addressed very concrete questions from the youth and helped the young people to keep the formal financial sector in mind when earning and saving money in the future.

2015 Burundi Global Money Week

World Vision Burundi
KCB Burundi
Date of the event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

This year, Burundi joined the celebration of Global Money Week for the first time. World Vision Burundi through its current program “Literacy Boost” conducted an awareness raising activities and banks visits. This allowed children from diverse background to learn and get more information about financial institution’s operations and they were challenged to start thinking about securing their future.

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