Global Money Week

2016 Namibia Money Week

Leading organisaitons:
Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI)
SOS Village
GEN Namibia
Ministry of Finance

Date of event:
12th - 18th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 320

The Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) Namibia celebrated four years of its existence on March 12th - two days before the official Global Money Week launch. The FLI is a national platform initiated by the Ministry of Finance with support from other organizations to enhance financial education for individuals in Namibia. There were lots of fun and interactive activities for children, live performances from renowned local artists, art exhibitions and displays from FLI platform supporters. As part of the activities to commemorate the day, the FLI organized an art competition with the theme: ‘Namibia saves for the Future.’ The competition objective was to raise awareness and motivate a savings culture among pupils, giving them an opportunity to be creative in the process. Students were encouraged to artistically express the reasons that motivated them to save for a university education, travelling, sports or simply to assist their parents in meeting daily household needs. Entries consisted of art work in the form of paintings, drawings, sketches and designed savings containers. Prizes of N$1 000, N$1 500 and N$2 500 were awarded to participants aged 7 - 12 years for their creativity in designing a savings tool.

The SOS Children’s Village organized a two-day youth empowerment workshop to mark Global Money Week in Namibia. The workshop was aimed at capacitating youth workers to support young people towards self-reliance and re-integration into society. The organization also coordinated an educational visit to the Namibia Stock Exchange.


2015 Namibia Money Week

Aflatoun Namibia, First National Bank Namibia
Date of event:
14th of March
Number of children reached:
1 725

Aflatoun Namibia celebrated Global Money Week and Aflatoun Day in the rural areas of Omusati, Oshana and Ohangwena. Activities that marked the day included bank visits and savings account openings, painting competitions, as well as arts and cultural displays. Parents of beneficiaries of the Aflatoun programs within the three areas actively participated in the celebrations.

The organizers combined the painting competition with a financial enterprise. The paints were auctioned to parents. The painting that received the highest bid was from an Aflatounee. It was a beautiful combination of flowing colors from crayons melting in one direction - depicting unity in diversity. The piece was sold at N$200 (17 USD). Aflateens had a special session on financial education with a volunteer banker to learn about budgeting. The Aflateens had many questions for the banker. The pro and cons of ATM banking were discussed.


2014 Namibia Money Week

Junior Achievement Namibia
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Health and Social Services
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare
Bank of Namibia
Embassy of Finland
Malaysian Embassy
Number of children reached:
8 967

Junior Achievement Namibia in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Ministry of Education (all schools in Windhoek), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Defense, Bank of Namibia, UNICEF, Finnish Embassy, Malaysian Embassy and other Financial Institutions celebrated Global Money Week in style with a Guinness Coin Challenge in support of the CareFusion Project combating teenage pregnancy and infanticide. The project is spear headed by Junior Achievement’s Top Achiever Emma Theofelus who is also the Junior Mayor of Windhoek. She her fellow student councilors conducted peer education workshops for the girls involved in the CareFusion Project. A celebration dinner was held for the most regular savers in the Aflatoun program which year round in Windhoek and the surrounding areas.


2013 Namibia Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Junior Achievement Namibia
Date of the event - 17th - 25th January
Number of children reached - 16 200

Aflatoun day and Global Money Week in Namibia were celebrated on the 16 March 2013. The event was attended by government officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Financial literacy Initiative. Learners from both Primary and Secondary schools joined the celebrations, each school with its unique idea to showcase at the celebrations.

A special video was prepared which was screened on the LCD’s in all the First National Banks in Namibia country wide which invited bank guests to the celebrations.

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