Global Money Week

2017 Afghanistan Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
University of Central Asia
SPCE Satellite Learning Centers in Darwaz, Ishkashim, Shugnan and Aga Khan Education Service, Afghanistan
Continuing Education Unit Faizabad
Continuing Education Center of Aga Khan Education Service – Afghanistan
Community Based Learning Center Zebak
Community Based Saving Program
Teacher Training College Darwaz, Ishkashim, Shugnan
Branches of the First Microfinance Bank in Ishkashim, Shugnan and Darwaz

Participating Organizations:
Aga Khan Foundation Afghanistan
Aga Khan University
AKES’ Early Child Development center
Badakhshan University Teacher Training College
Government authority of Zebak district
Community association members
Zebak community members, high schools

Number of children reached directly: 420
Number of children reached Indirectly: 1 100

During Global Money Week 2017, the School of Professional and Continuing Education’s Satellite Learning Centers (SLCs) in Afghanistan conducted 13 events involving 420 participants.

Mainly high school, university and SLCs students participated in the events, together with involvement and support from international organizations, governmental bodies, TTC-students and staff, Shugnan High Schools students and financial institutes.

Subjects such as family expenses planning, financial planning for the future, specifying the ways and goals for future lifesaving, how much we can save according to our incomes, financial survey and providing of yearly expenses, and managing and arranging yearly expenses were the main themes of the GMW events in 2017 in Afghanistan.

Activities received very positive feedback from the participants who learned a lot about essential money management skills.

2016 Afghanistan Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
University of Central Asia (UCA) SPCE Afghanistan

Participating Organizations:
Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan
Maiwand Bank
First Micro Finance Bank (FMFB), Darwaz branch
Badakhshan University – Faizabad
Village Saving Loan Association (VSLA)
Teacher Training College – Shugnan
Teacher Training College – Ishkashim
Teacher Training College –Darwaz

Date of the event:
14th - 20th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 400
Total indirect reach: 240

Afghanistan celebrated Global Money Week this year for the second time. The GMW 2016 celebration was led again by the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) Afghanistan, University of Central Asia (UCA) and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF).

In collaboration with numerous other organisations, several workshops and seminars were hosted for school children and their families on financial education. Topics such as savings and family budgeting were discussed during these lectures. Additionally, there were several visits planned to different financial institutions to ensure first-hand contact with these entities. One of the trips included an excursion to Maiwand Bank, where children and youth had the opportunity to meet the bank manager and the staff, and were able to ask questions and to experience the workings of the bank first hand. Also, a visit to the First Micro Finance Bank of Darwaz was planned, where children and youth learned about the everyday activities of the bank such as how money is being saved and is given to customers.

This edition of Global Money Week in Afghanistan proved to be very effective in familiarizing the young citizens with the basics of financial terms and habits, thus ensuring a more financially empowered generation that will profit from this knowledge for years to come. UCA’s activities during Global Money Week in Afghanistan were supported by the Multi Input Area Development Global Development Alliance (MIAD GDA) in Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan – an alliance between the Aga Khan Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development

“Our visit from Maiwand Bank helps us to see their work up close. When we studied some activities in our Accounting class, it was little bit confusing, but when we went to Maiwand Bank and saw their work and asked questions, we found the answers clearly. These kind of trainings (GMW training for family budget) are very effective for young generations to know how to make and keep save their money. We hope these kind of trainings will be conducted every year in our center so that youth generations find the true way of keeping money safe” Parwiz Kohzad, Afghanistan

2015 Afghanistan Global Money Week

Participating Organizations:
University of Central Asia (UCA)
Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)
Badakhshan University, Afghanistan
Teacher Training College – Shugnan
Teacher Training College – Ishkashim
Teacher Training College –Darvaz
Date of the event:
9th - 13th of March
Number of participations:

For the first time, Global Money Week was celebrated in Afghanistan under the aegis of the University of Central Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network. In cooperation with the Teacher Training College - Shugnan, Teacher Training College - Ishkashin, Teacher Training College - Darvaz, and Badakhshan University, the institutions organized training and workshop sessions to highlight the importance of savings.

During the week, interactive training sessions and workshops on “Savings in your life” were conducted. These events included a mini-lecture, case studies, and role-playing games. The Global Money Week in 2015 outreach programs reached out to four areas in Afghanistan. There were 20 sessions conducted in Ishkashim, 23 in Darwaz, 30 in Faizabad, and 59 in Shugnan. A total of 283 children underwent training on "Savings".

In addition, trainings sessions on “Personal Budget” were also conducted reaching out to 42 children in Ishkashim, 20 in Darwaz, 29 in Faizabad, and 69 in Shugnan. These practical sessions focused on helping children plan their personal budgets. The sessions were supplemented with exercises and discussions.

With this first step in Afghanistan, Child and Youth Finance International together with the University of Central Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network hopes to further build on this and make empowerment of children and youth as economic citizens a realizable goal in Afghanistan.

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