Global Money Week

2017 Finland Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Bank Of Finland
Mun talous – My Finance Network

Participating Organizations:
Children Of The Station
Danske Bank
Economic Information Office
Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses
Nordea Bank Finland
The Consumers’ Union Of Finland
Guarantee Foundation
Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses
Nuorisosäätiö’s rental apartments
Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses
The Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL
The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
The Martha Organization

Students from Salpausselän peruskoulu (Junior high school from the city of Lahti, southern Finland) visited the Money Museum of the Bank of Finland on Wednesday 29 March 2017. Mr. Jaakko Koskentola, Head of the Museum, guided the groups into the world of money from the perspective of “Learn. Save. Earn.” Special focus was put on economic literacy aspects: “In order to be able to save money, you first have to earn it,” Mr. Koskentola emphasized. Mr. Koskentola was joined by Ms. Marja Nykänen, member of the board of the Bank of Finland, for one of the sessions. Ms. Nykänen emphasized the importance for young people to learn how to handle their finances.

In addition, Mun talous (My Finance Network) challenged people to talk more about money at school, home, jobs etc. People shared selfies, videos and their thoughts about money on twitter (#puhurahasta).

2016 Finland Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Bank of Finland

Date of the event:
15th - 18th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 50

Between 15 – 18 March 2016, the Bank of Finland hosted educational visits for students to the Money Museum. During these activities, children and youth received information about the history of money and monetary policy, as well as about notes and coins.

2015 Finland Global Money Week

Bank of Finland
Nasdaq Helsinki
Suomen Setlementtiliitto Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses
Helsinki University
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

During Global Money Week, Bank of Finland welcomed three different groups of school kids to visit the Bank of Finland Museum, which serves as visitors’ center. The visit focused on explaining Global Money Week and the theme “Save today. Safe tomorrow”.

The department of teacher education, of the Helsinki University had a Rahapaja money workshop on 12 March. Students from Kindergarten Teacher and Early Childhood Education, Home Economics and Home Economics Teacher Education discussed pedagogic solutions how to teach economics to kids and youth. Helsinki University cooperated together with Finnish Competition and Consumers Authority and other organizations who are interested in economic education. Rahapaja-Money workshop was part of international consumers day.

The same day, 12 March, Nasdaq Helsinki “rang the bell” as they hosted a market opening ceremony with grade 9 students to celebrate Global Money Week.


2014 Finland Global Money Week

The Bank of Finland
Date of the event:
12th of March
Number of children reached:

The Bank of Finland celebrated Global Money Week on the 12th March by hosting a group of students on their premises. The students were from two high schools Helsingin Kuvataidelukio and Mäkelänrinteen Lukio. The teenagers heard about the history of money, its effect on society, and how the central bank operates.


2013 Finland Global Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Bank of Finland
Date of the event - 15th of March
Number of children reached - 80

During Global Money Week children and youth from Finland had the great opportunity to learn how a financial institution works with organized guided tours to the Bank of Finland.

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