Global Money Week

2014 Bahrain Global Money Week

Ministry of Social Development
The Financial Organization for Children and Youth
Date of the event:
15th - 21st of March
Number of children reached:
2 500

The Ministry of Social Development and the Financial Organization for Children and Youth lead the Global Money Week (15th -21st March 2014) celebrations in Bahrain. Sunday, the 16th March 2014, was named ‘Global Money Day’. Fun and educational activities were organized across the country in order to raise the financial awareness of Bahraini youth and children. Banks and financial institutions played a central role in these activities as there is a consensus amongst the participating organizations that our youth and children’s financial education will play a crucial role in mitigating potential future financial crises.

“Sharifa Al Awadi” Club organized a creative activity with a financial theme on the coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Children from a host of youth clubs had fun creating sand sculptures inspired by the lessons that they had learnt about the importance of savings. Their artwork was displayed to the public along Algazayer Beach and they provided a light-hearted atmosphere for friends and family to discuss their financial tips and tricks.

The Children and Youth Club encouraged children and youth to creatively express why they think they should save money by entering their drawings and handcrafts into the Club’s financial-themed creative contest. The entries were then published in national newspapers, magazines and by the Ministry of Social Development via social media then published the entries.

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