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2019 Côte d'Ivoire Global Money Week


  • Programme Education Financière (Côte d'Ivoire)


  • 15 Media Organisations, 4 Schools, Antenne Nationale De La Bourse Régionale Des Valeurs Mobilières (Société De Bourse), Benin Web Tv (Web Télévision), Dbcom (Web Télévision), Ecobank Benin (Banque Commerciale), Le Matinal (Organe De Presse), Maire D'abomeycalavi, Ministère De L'economie Et Des Finances, Ministère Du Plan Et Du Développement, Moov Benin (Opérateur De Téléphonie Mobile), Nsia Banque Benin ( Ex Diamond Bank Benin, Banque Commerciale), SIF-Groupe (Société d'Inclusion Financière) Benin, Sudpay Benin (Fintech)


  • 1 155


  • 47 000

Programme Education Financière (Côte d'Ivoire)
Programme Education Financière from Côte d'Ivoire supported SIF-Groupe (Société d’Inclusion Financière) Benin to launch GMW2019 in Benin. The Week was launched by the Societe d’Inclusion Financiere (Financial Inclusion Society) (SIF-Groupe), in collaboration with the State Ministry. Several representatives from the government, financial and educational institutions attended. Programme Education Financière from Côte d'Ivoire supported SIF-Groupe (Société d’Inclusion Financière) Benin to launch GMW2019 in Benin. The Week was launched by the Societe d’Inclusion Financiere (Financial Inclusion Society) (SIF-Groupe), in collaboration with the State Ministry. Several representatives from the government, financial and educational institutions attended. 

Throughout the Week, students were invited to develop saving habits and prepare for their futures, with the goal of improving their financial health and contribute to the sustainability of the country. 

Partner organisations, such as the NSIA Bank, encouraged students to open saving accounts and highlighted the importance of savings. Furthermore, students were able to visit the NSIA Bank, as well as the Regional Securities Exchange and the ECOBANK. 

A digital finance seminar was held for the students. Throughout GMW2019, games and competitions were organised and at the close of the Week, the winners of the competitions were awarded. The activities allowed the young people to engage in the banking and financial sector and ask questions.

2018 Côte d'Ivoire Global Money Week


  • AIESEC Côte d'Ivoire
  • Ministry of National Education – Financial Education Programme
  • Positive Planet Côte d'Ivoire , Ministry of Education


  • African Hope Worldwide, Aly Chigata, Association of Parents of Deaf Children, Association of Visually Impaired Women, Association Society without Barriers, B2S, BankTheYouth Côte d'Ivoire , Boa, Cabinet KAIZENE, Citi Bank, City Council of Yopougon, City Council of Yopougon – (Abidjan District), Confederation of Organisations for People with Disabilities, COOPEC, CSTP, Côte d'Ivoire Radio, Deaf Women Association, Devology - Messenka, Dignity and Children’s Rights Association, Directorate for the Animation, the Promotion and the Follow-up of School Management Committees, Directorate for the Promotion of People with Disabilities, Directorate of Project Coordination and Execution, EIC Corporation, Federation of People with Physical Disabilities, Federation of the Blind Côte d'Ivoire, Federation of the Deaf Côte d'Ivoire, Financial Education Programme (PEF), Frat Mat, GT Bank, Heges, IFES, Isatech, ISCA, ITA San Pedro, Ivorian National Institute for the Promotion of the Blind, Ivorian National Institute for the Promotion of the Blind (INIPA), Ivorian School for the Deaf, Côte d'Ivoire Association of Little People, Côte d'Ivoire Confederation of Organisations for People with Disabilities (COPHCI), Côte d'Ivoire Federation of Associations and Organisations for the Well-being of the Albinos, Côte d'Ivoire School for Deaf and Mute (ESCI), Lycee Moderne de Koumassi, Ministry of Employment and Social Protection, Moov Money (Mobile Money), Moov Money Côte d'Ivoire , Paroisse Saint Etienne, Positive Planet International, Positive Planet International (PPI), RTI 1, RTI2, Sainte-Marie de Cocody Highschool, SDOEV, SGBCI, SIB, SOS Village Abobo, Tresor, U Report, Yopougon City Police Directorate


  • 15 800


  • 51 000

Ministry of National Education – Financial Education Programme
Côte d’Ivoire dedicated GMW2018 to children and youths with disabilities: blind, deaf, stutterers, little people, and physically disabled people. Several activities were organised to promote the access for disabled people to education and financial inclusion, including presentation of digital tools, awareness of parents and disabled youth, “expression jeunes” campaign, visits to banking institutions and mobile money agencies, and the “Money Show Time”. “Expression jeunes” is an awareness campaign organised by children and youth with disabilities to express the need to promote their financial inclusion. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of administrative authorities, parents, children and young people with disabilities, partners, and the press. During this ceremony, the Financial Education Programme and its partners presented the sessions to the participants to accelerate the financial inclusion of disabled people, including children and youth. A meeting was organised with parents and disabled youth. The discussions focused on the importance of money, pocket money for children, savings, financial education for youth, and financial services tailored to the needs of disabled people. The children and youth visited a bank and a mobile money agency. The parents were invited to open mobile money accounts and banking accounts for their children. These various activities reached more than 1800 children and youth and their parents throughout the celebration and allowed disabled people emphasize their financial needs and their access to banking products and services tailored to their situation. They also drew attention on the necessity to promote their education and financial inclusion to be better socially integrated.

Positive Planet Côte d'Ivoire , Ministry of Education
Positive Planet International organised financial education awareness sessions for 2 days. The PPI team joined the opening of GMW activities on March 13, 2018, by participating in awareness sessions for disabled children’s parents. Participants asked many questions such as: “How can we get a credit in a bank?” or “Do we have to pay to open an account?” These questions allowed PPI to better explain what banking products are offered and to explain that there is no specifically designated person to open a bank account. Anyone wanting to secure their money for the future can go to banks to open banking accounts. The PPI team, led by an expert and trainers from Digital Houses, financed by the Orange Foundation, took the lead to the financial education awareness day for people with disabilities. 90 disabled students (blind, deaf, mute) aged 4 to 10 years old attended the awareness sessions on “Money Matters Matter”. These awareness sessions were animated by Q&A games and key messages from sessions on budgets and savings and from the Money Box Challenge.

AIESEC Côte d'Ivoire
Throughout Global Money Week 2018, the events and activities organised by AIESEC Côte d’Ivoire and their partners reached 14,000 young people through conferences, advocacy, training and workshops. At the start of the Week, the organisation hosted an Opening Ceremony, during which topics two themes where addressed; “What is a bank and how do you open a bank account?” and “Budgeting: How to invest and increase money”. High-level discussions, advocacy and workshops were organised in schools in the regions of Abidjan, Korhogo and San Pedro. Children and youth engaged in various activities throughout each event. The organisation also ran two street interview events. The first was to evaluate the participant’s knowledge on financial literacy and GMW. The second, which took place after the sessions in schools, asked students about what they learnt during the workshops.

2017 Côte d'Ivoire Money Week




  • 5120


  • 31 020

Global Money Week was celebrated in a very festive atmosphere this year in Côte d'Ivoire , led by the Financial Education Programme from the Ministry of education and by local NGO Positive Planet.

During this celebration, the Financial Education Programme, together with Positive Planet and several other partners from various sectors, organised a fair to promote financial education reaching more than 5,000 children and youth. Thanks to the booth held during this fair, volunteers from Positive Planet and the Financial Education Programme were able to raise awareness amongst students, parents and teachers about the smart management of a budget and the importance of saving during the school holidays in order to prepare for the new school year. The team took selfies by the stands with the students, parents and teachers to participate in the Global Money Week Selfie Challenge.

Awareness raising sessions and financial education games about the importance of saving were organised in several schools with children from the primary school level up to university. During these financial education games, goodies and sweets were offered to the children and youth participating. For these sessions, a strong emphasis was placed on the notions of savings and budgeting, and the students from the participating schools took part in the Money Box Challenge.

Young people also raised awareness amongst themselves through poems and poetry slams. One of the unique activities organised was a big march, where young people walked around the city with mottos and banners to express their financial needs adapted to their age. The marching youth were received by the public authorities, including the Mayor of the Municipality of Bingerville. Furthermore, children and youth also had the opportunity to visit the bank and ask all their questions to bankers.

2016 Côte d'Ivoire Global Money Week




  • 14th - 17th of March


  • 21 700


  • 33 000

Very active in the organisation of GMW 2016, the Ministry of National Education of Côte d'Ivoire, through its Programme Education Financière (PEF) and in collaboration with B2S and Athea Group, successfully perpetuated the annual participation of Côte d'Ivoire in this worldwide event. Various activities for youth participants were planned in Abidjan during the Week.

On 14 March, street interviews collected the thoughts and knowledge of children, youth and adults on the topics of entrepreneurship, money and savings. The Lycée Classique d’Abidjan also held the event “A banker in my class-room” in the morning, where representatives from La Caisse d’Epargne visited the school to teach the youth about money, savings and the banking system. This activity was highly appreciated by the large crowd of students who received the opportunity to ask questions about banking services available for youth. As a result, the PEF wants to expand this activity to other schools in the future.

The official launch of Global Money Week took place on the 15 March, with the support of the Ministry for National Education. Representatives from the Ivorian High Authority for Good Governance, banking and telecom institutions, and hundreds of youth participants were present at this event. Piggy banks were distributed at this occasion to emphasize the importance of savings. The Lycée Classique d’Abidjan hosted various exhibition stands from La Caisse d’Epargne, La Société Ivoirienne des Banques and Orange Money, psychometric tests were offered by Athea Group to discover entrepreneurial potential, and animated discussion panels took place on the following exciting GMW topics: “Our relationship to money”, “Take part. Save smart”, "New technologies and the culture of saving" and “The contribution of the youth in the fight against corruption”.

A visit to the regional stock exchange (BRVM) allowed students to learn about the financial system, and youth participants were also able to open savings accounts in order to combine the awareness raising events of the Week with concrete improvements regarding their financial inclusion.

In addition, youngsters from the Codody Angré School and the Lycée Classique participated in drawing and writing competitions about saving. Furthermore, the finals of the regional entrepreneurship competition “Top School Project”, planned to coincide with the GMW, took place at the Lycée Moderne de Divo and the Lycée Moderne de Treichville, thus enhancing the entrepreneurial drive of their students.

2015 Côte d'Ivoire Global Money Week


  • West Africa Financial Initiatives Group


  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • BCEAO Côte d'Ivoire
  • Stock Exchange (La Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières de Côte d’ Ivoire – BRVM)


  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 250

In Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa Financial Initiatives Group under the aegis of the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance coordinated events for the celebration of Global Money Week 2015. West Africa Financial Initiatives Group is a financial education programme of the Ministry of Education.

As part of the celebrations, 50 youth visited the Central Bank (BCEAO) and the Stock Exchange (La Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières de Côte d’ Ivoire – BRVM). Students from two education institutions (1 primary school and 1 Secondary school), participated in a conference and debated on the topic: Youth and Money- the need for financial education.

2013 Côte d'Ivoire Global Money Week


  • Ministry of Finance Côte d'Ivoire


  • L’Ardoise High School


  • 20th of March


  • 50

The ceremony in celebration of Global Money Week took place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire at ECOBANK local branch in Cocody Cité des Arts. Fifty students from L’Ardoise High School, aged 10 to 17, led by their headmaster and M. DIAI, Coordinator of Financial Education Project at the Ministry of Finance, took part in the event.

The Manager of ECOBANK branch was pleased to welcome these visitors and explained to the students the benefits of saving account. He promised ten saving accounts for the school.

In the afternoon, M. DIAI gave a short presentation on Child and Youth Finance International Movement. He invited the Government of Côte d'Ivoire to become a full partner of CYFI as the country could grow the opportunities of a real cooperation and assistance in the field of Child and Youth financial education.