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Global Money Week Launch



Global Money Week (GMW) promotes efforts aimed at improving the financial literacy of young people. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to ensure that all children and young people have access to high-quality financial education, they learn about money matters and are able to take smart financial decisions that can improve their future financial resilience and financial well-being. Throughout 10 editions, starting 2012, the campaign has reached over 53 million children and young people in 176 countries worldwide.

Plan your money, plant your future” is the official theme of GMW2023, which took place on 20-26 March. This theme aims at raising awareness about the importance of adopting a responsible, informed and forward-looking approach in making financial decisions. It also recognises that future individual financial well-being is strictly linked to the health of the planet and of the society as a whole.

The GMW2023 Global Launch represented an opportunity to weigh the importance of thinking about one’s own future when making financial decisions but also - in a wider perspective - the importance of financial education as an instrument to favour a more sustainable and inclusive growth. The event was co-organised by the OECD/INFE and the Bank of Italy. The Launch was held digitally on 20 March 2023.


20 March 2023

The event was moderated by Alessandra Migliaccio, Bloomberg News.



Opening Remarks

Yoshiki Takeuchi, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD


G20 and GMW. Supporting the financial inclusion and financial literacy of young people

Ashwani Bhatia, Whole Time Board Member, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

Magda Bianco, Head of Consumer Protection and Financial Education Department, Bank of Italy, Co-Chair of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) and Chair of the OECD/INFE


Panel Discussion Money Matters for Young People”

Representatives of public institutions involved in financial education will answer questions from young people around the world on topics such as money management, investing, digital payments, and financial security. This will provide an opportunity to reflect on the role of financial education in promoting greater financial resilience and well-being.

Rohit Chopra, Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, US

Ziad Al Yousef, Deputy Governor for Development and Technology, Saudi Central Bank, Saudi Arabia

Friderica Widyasari Dewi, Member of the Board of Commissioners, Indonesia Financial Services Agency

Maurício Costa de Moura, Deputy Governor for Institutional Relations, Citizenship and Conduct Supervision, Banco Central do Brasil

Annamaria Lusardi, University Professor of Economics and Accountancy at the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB); Founder and academic director of GWSB’s Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center; Director of the Committee for Financial Education, Italy


Closing remarks

Flore-Anne Messy, OECD Senior Counsellor, G20/G7/APEC Deputy-Deputy Finance, Sustainable Finance/Financial Inclusion Lead; Secretary General, International Organisation of Pensions Supervisors (IOPS)

Expected audience

The event targets public, non-profit and private institutions - including central banks, ministries of finance and ministries of education, schools and universities, non-profit organisations, financial sector institutions and associations - involved in designing and providing financial education in their countries across the world.