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Social networking sites can reach a large audience with little or no cost – use existing accounts, or ask colleagues, partners and volunteers to promote the event through their personal profiles.


Social Media Toolkit for your Global Money Week 2020

This guidebook is for everyone who is going to participate in Global Money Week and/or would like to raise awareness about the Campaign. If you are interested to learn more about how to use social media to share news about GMW before, during and after the Week, then this Toolkit is for you.

This Social Media Toolkit includes: example posts for pre-, during and post-GMW; and more.

Download Social Media Toolkit:


Suggestions for social media channels


  • Create a GMW event and send invitations to your network, share information and status updates with others.
  • Use the search facility to find other local GMW events and Facebook users with shared interests.
  • Use Facebook Live to share live videos from your GMW events and activities during the Week.
  • Use Facebook Stories to share news and updates from your GMW celebrations with a wider audience.

Tag @GlobalMoneyWeek in all your posts, photos and videos with the official GMW hashtag #GlobalMoneyWeek2020


  • Take photos or videos during preparations for the Campaign, at your GMW events or post-GMW and share them on your Instagram account. Also, you can always choose to cross-post them to Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr before publishing the content on Instagram.
  • Use Instagram Stories to share news and updates from your GMW celebrations with a wider audience.
  • Use popular hashtags that are trending on Instagram to link them to your posts. This way more people can hear about your GMW events and activities. Some of the hashtags that you might want to use are: #campaign #advocacy #moneymattersmatter #change #education #children #kids #youth #finance #financialeducation #global #worldwide #events #international #impact #socialimpact #makeadifference or #LearnSaveEarn from the official GMW slogan. And, of course include your country and city as hashtags.

Tag @GlobalMoneyWeek in all your posts, photos and videos with the official GMW hashtag GlobalMoneyWeek2020


  • Upload videos to YouTube to promote, inform, and educate others about your GMW. You can include the link to your YouTube video or channel in Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn updates, and embed videos on your website.


  • Create posts about your GMW plans, preparations, live events, and Campaign highlights and share these with your network on LinkedIn.
  • You can also write an article on LinkedIn, upload YouTube videos, add images or SlideShare presentations to your updates.
  • Include the official GMW hashtag #GlobalMoneyWeek2020 and other, for example: #campaign #advocacy #moneymattersmatter #change #education #children #youth #finance #financialeducation #global #worldwide #events #international #impact #socialimpact #makeadifference


  • Use tweets for positive messages, calls for action, or to highlight key information about your GMW event. Using hashtag #GlobalMoneyWeek2020 and tagging @GlobalMoneyWeek, makes it easy for Twitter users to search for information about events locally and to connect with the global celebrations.
  • Include photos and videos in your posts and feel welcome to Retweet posts created by others.


Not sure what to post? Here are some examples of messages you could share through Facebook and Twitter:

@GlobalMoneyWeek is an annual financial awareness campaign built to inspire children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship. Join us at #GlobalMoneyWeek2020 and share how you will take part?

Save the dates: 23-29 March for #GlobalMoneyWeek2020 We're proud to be part of this annual financial awareness campaign highlighting the importance of teaching #children #youth about #financialeducation. Visit to find out more!

@GlobalMoneyWeek is an annual financial awareness campaign for #children #youth Everyone, anywhere, can participate! Join us at #GlobalMoneyWeek2020 and share how you will take part during 23-29 March? #financialeducation #FinancialInclusion

Everyone should learn to manage money wisely. Including #Children #Youth The earlier the better. Join us during 23-29 March to celebrate #GlobalMoneyWeek2020 @GlobalMoneyWeek For more ideas or how to join visit

Join us (at/@ your business/organisation/institution name here) in our campaign for #GlobalMoneyWeek2020 to encourage #Children #youth to #save and manage their money wisely. This year's @GlobalMoneyWeek is taking place 23-29 March. See more:

We (at/@ your business/ organisation/ institution name here) are so excited to Launch #GlobalMoneyWeek2020! Students are ready for workshops on #saving #spending #budgeting. Drawing competition on #LearnSaveEarn has started! Tomorrow visits to governments, stock exchange, universities will start!



  • Remember to update your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn statuses regularly, and cross-promote all of your social media content!
  • ‘Learn.Save.Earn.’ is the official slogan of the GMW Campaign. Therefore, you can also choose to use #LearnSaveEarn hashtag in your posts.