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2018 Djibouti Global Money Week


  • Caritas Djibouti
  • Technology and Innovation Center for Development (CTID)


  • Adil's Garage, French Military Humanitarian Club, La Nativité Middle School


  • 12


  • 200

Technology and Innovation Center for Development (CTID)
This was the first year that the Technology and Innovation Center for Development (CTID) participated in Global Money Week. The chosen theme "Money Matters Matter!" raised the importance of money issues for children and young people, who need financial literacy skills to be able to make meaningful decisions throughout their lives. In Djibouti, the experiment was conclusive for the benefit of a dozen young college students from La Nativité Middle School, who attended a training seminar on ways and means to save financial resources and to develop innovative social enterprises in the future. The aim of the discussions and debates was to ensure that the students had the right skills and knowledge to be competent entrepreneurs in the future. At the end, a certificate of participation was issued by the CTID trainers

Caritas Djibouti
During Global Money Week 2018, Caritas Djibouti organized a range of events for street children in Dijibouti. The organization asked children to think about how they would save and what they would save for using the GMW speech bubbles “I am saving for…”. The children enjoyed having the opportunity to explore personal topics, which was a new experience for many of the children involved. A religious leader was invited to speak to the children on the value and correct usage of money. He emphasized the importance of using money respectfully and protecting the world, our family, friends, and the people around us. The children had the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session at the end of the event. A handicraft workshop was organized for the children to learn how to make bracelets, which are being sold via Caritas’ local business partners. The aim of this project is for the children to generate a small income, which will later fund personal projects, such as returning to school, returning to their home country, or buying capital to open a small business. During the Week, the children were able to speak with social workers about their saving goals and encouraged to save money during their time at Caritas. The money they earn will help prevent them from activities commonly related to the life in the streets. During Mathematics lessons, children were asked questions on saving money, investment, loans, etc. Some children had the opportunity to visit a local business, Adil's mechanical workshop, where they asked the owner about how to run a productive business.