gmw2019 booksexhibitions

Organise Books Exhibition and Distribute Financial Literacy Books

Make a special exhibition of books at school or local library, which teaches children about money and savings. Books about well-known entrepreneurs can be informative and inspiring!

Financial Book Club in Saudi Arabia for GMW2018 celebrations

Sown Financial Advisory for Individuals & Families celebrated Global Money Week 2018 by organising a Financial Book Club. The Financial Book Club was selected to be in Riyadh international book fair, which allowed Sown to reach children, youth, and adults. In the Riyadh international book fair, Sown delivered a workshop entitled “Money Mindset” for youth and adults, as well as a seminar in the main auditorium.


Interactive reading sessions during GMW2018 in Trinidad and Tobago

During GMW2018, the founder of Connect the Dots, Aisha Acres, visited two primary schools to read from her publication “The Money Adventures of Mike Murray and Friends.” The book explores core budgeting, but also exposes children to the power of goal-setting, determination, and persistence.

Approximately 70 children participated in the interactive reading sessions - asking questions and summarizing the lessons they learnt. At the Diamond Vale Government Primary School, Ms. Acres spoke at the school assembly, where all students were present. During the assembly the students were told about Global Money Week celebrations and the importance of understanding money. Diamond Vale Government Primary is eager to have Ms. Acres back, and the principal wholeheartedly supports financial education initiatives.


Financial literacy book launch in Cambodian primary school for GMW2017

Building on the immense success of Let’s Talk Money Campaign, the NBC is continuing its partnership with Good Return to extend the campaign, and produced the Financial Education Comic Book as additional reading material for children aged between 8-12 years old. This comic book was of officially launched on 28 February 2017 at Daun Penh Primary School with around 400 participants from banks and financial institutions, development partners, teachers, students and other relevant stakeholders. The NBC also partnered with other development partners and sponsors to further promote ‘Let’s Talk Money’ around its content by running different projects such as University Project, Radio Talk Show, eld visits to primary schools and other means.


Session with investment book authors organised in Singapore for GMW2014

Playmoolah organised a session with the authors of popular Singapore-themed Investment book ttiled InvestLah!, Chong Ser Jing, Ting Wei Lin and Sudhan P. The trio discussed the elusive topic of investment into bite-sized chunks which any one can understand and take action on. Youth who attended the event received the opportunity to not only ask all of their investment questions but to get them answered in an energetic and interesting way as well!


“Capital Market Living Library” in Thailand GMW2016

For Global Money Week 2016, the Maruey Library in Thailand organised an event titled “Capital Market Living Library.” One of the main events set up for the event was a book corner for personal finance themed books. A librarian helped recommend financial planning books for visitors.


CFEE launched “Money and Youth” book in Canada during GMW2013

In Canada Global Money Week was marked by the release of a guide to financial literacy – “Money and Youth” by CFEE. The 15th edition of the book provides a tool also for the parents to be able to play a bigger role in teaching their children about money.


12,000 copies of financial literacy book “Paisako Bot” (The Money Tree) were distributed in Nepal during GMW2013

For GMW2013 in Nepal, 12,000 copies of books on financial literacy titled “Paisako Bot” (The Money Tree) were distributed on a massive scale around the nation. The book was aimed to raise awareness on financial literacy among adolescents in an interesting manner. It mainly encourages children to inculcate saving habits and be more prudent while spending. It was also given to libraries so even more youngsters could gain knowledge on these issues. The team of youth volunteers distributed the books in private and government schools in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. The organisation Room to Read was the technical supporter for publishing this child-friendly storybook. Other financial service providers have distributed the books outside the capital.


Financial education comic books shared with the students in Bhutan during GMW2013

On the 21st March 2013, the Royal Monetary Authority Governor launched a financial education comic book for primary-school children and for high-school students. The comic books were read in many schools throughout Bhutan during GMW2013.