gmw2019 visitbanks

Visits to Banks & Other Financial Institutions

Student groups can visit bank branches or headquarters, to get to know more about how banks work, which different departments and job positions are available, and what they do.

Opportunity International Bank of Malawi (OIBM) during GMW2017

OIBM hosted fun and educational activities like quizzes, dances and financial literacy meetings, as well as an account opening session for youngsters during GMW2017. The Bank focused attention on females to increase their participation in the formal financial sector and trained groups of women in Kabula on financial matters. Furthermore, students were delighted to see a bank official visiting their school and interacting with them on financial issues.

People’s Own Savings Bank hosted events to students in Zimbabwe during GMW2017

People’s Own Savings Bank hosted groups of students at their various branches for educational sessions to explain the day-to-day operations of a financial institution. The students had the unique opportunity to go around to each of the bank’s work stations and meet with the Senior Branch Manager for a final presentation and discussion.

A lecture on the role of the Central Bank in Swaziland, GMW2017

One of the highlights of the Week in Swaziland was a financial literacy awareness session offered to children and youth, where 84 primary school children and tertiary institution students received a lecture on the role of the Central Bank. After the lecture on the role of the Central Bank as a regulator, 16 primary school children and five ter-tiary students presented essays before the Governor of the Central Bank, Chief Executive Officers of Financial Institutions and Ministry of Education Officers on why it is important for children and young people to start saving from an early age. The students also recommended strategies to enable children and young people to save. The first prize for the primary category was won by Vulamasango Primary School, and the prize for the Tertiary Category was won by the Ngwane Park Youth Skills Training Centre.

“A Day at Bank Audi” in Lebanon as part of GMW2017

For the third year in a row and aiming to provide students with the necessary knowledge that enables them to save money, plan for their future and understand the way a bank works, Bank Audi hosted 11th grade students for “A Day at Bank Audi” which took place at Bank Audi. During these 6 days, approximately 500 students from 11 different schools and one NGO participated and attended presentations and activities.

Kuwait International Bank (KIB) in GMW2016

The Kuwait International Bank arranged a number of field visits to various schools, institutes, universities and civil society institutions to cultivate financial literacy and offered lectures and workshops to explain the importance of saving for future. In addition, some students were invited to a field trip to its head office, to an orientation tour of the head office’s financial hall and to a visit of its branches and call center.

Students visited the Central Bank of the UAE during GMW2015

Global Money Week activities were wrapped up by taking out school students to the Central Bank of the UAE. The first hour comprised of a talk organized by the Central Bank which explained the role and importance of the bank. Followed by a visit around the bank and to the money museum. At the end, the hosts at central bank had organized a fun quiz for the students, and winners were given small trinkets to remember their visit.