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2018 Mozambique Global Money Week


  • Bank of Mozambique, World Vision Mozambique
  • Central Bank of Mozambique


Angónia District Community Radio, Armindo Emilio Guebuza Primary School in District of Angonia, Institute of Insurance Supervision of Mozambique (ISSM), Financial Sector Deepening Moçambique (FSDMo.), Millennium International Bank of Mozambique (BIM), Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM), Nkhame Primary School in District of Angonia, Representatives of Community Savings Groups, 14 schools, 5 media


  • 3 250


  • 6 000

Bank of Mozambique

For Global Money Week 2018, the Central Bank of Mozambique prepared five activities, which were organized in 14 schools around Mozambique. The Bank of Mozambique and World Vision, together with its partners, educated children on finance through financial literacy awareness sessions. The sessions were geared towards showing children how important it is to own a savings account. Participating commercial banks explained their products and the procedures of opening an account to the public. The Bank opened the Week with media activities including a press release and interviews. News and community radio stations helped to spread information about Global Money Week in the Angonia district. Theater productions on financial literacy were held at the schools, which were attended by students and teachers. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to engage in lectures and games and received educational brochures. In addition to visiting schools, the Bank of Mozambique organized the opportunity students to visit their bank, visit the Stock Exchange of Mozambique, and visit the Institute of Insurance Supervision of Mozambique.

Financial Sector Deepening Moçambique (FSDMo.)

On March 16 the FSDMo. in partnership with the Bank of Mozambique organized a GMW event at the secondary school in the district of Magude. The purpose was to help over 50 students to learn about the importance of saving, and to handle their money wisely. The program included the T@ABLET Comunitário tool that was used by the youth to answer questions as part of the Quiz.

2017 Mozambique Global Money Week




  • 91327


  • 290 000

Gaza Province:

4 Schools, Adolescent Saving Groups, Adult Saving Group, Saving Group Community Promoters, Local Government leaders, Traditional Leaders, VODACOM-MPESA, Local TV, Women's Development Fund (FDM), District Services of Education, District Services of Youth and Technology , District Services of Economic Activities, Commercial and Investment Bank (BCI), Millennium International Bank of Mozambique (BIM)

Tete Province:

4 Schools namely: Chiritse Primary School, Armando Emilio Guebuza Primary School, Mpenha Primary School and Mulambo Primary School, Commercial and Investment Bank (BCI), Millennium International Bank of Mozambique (BIM)

Zambézia Province:

5 young Savings Groups, 5 adults savings groups, Commercial and Investment Bank (BCI) and Bank Opportunity of Mozambique (BOM).

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, Bank of Mozambique along with partners reached more than 1300 children and youth through visits to schools among the country and a central event in Maputo Province, Matola city, in partnership with Mozambican Stock Exchange and the Mozambican Insurance Supervision Institute, and developed an Application Game with financial education knowledge contents.

Educational financial literacy sessions were offered for children and youth of primary and secondary schools, with ages between 06 – 18 years old. Additionally, some visits to financial institution branches took place in Maputo province.

World Vision Mozambique continues to take part in GMW since 2014 and reached more than 90 000 children and youth through summits, drama and theatre activities. The sessions for financial education included matters of the different forms of treatment of money and its importance within society. There was a brief presentation and practical demonstration of savings activities by adult and adolescent savings groups, which were followed by question and answer sessions to and from group members. These Q&A sessions were very interactive and gave a clear perspective of Savings Groups to the participants as well as the importance of saving within ones’ life. There were trainings for foster parents by FDM regarding financial education and VODACOM-MPESA raised awareness within the community about the processing of monetary values, the safety aspects involved and the advantages of opening a bank account.

Different schools In Gaza, Tete and Zambézia provinces were visited in order to give them lectures on the importance of good financial management and savings. At the close of the week, a parade and a summit about the theme in Chongoene Headquarters Secondary School was organized. Poetry and drama presentations on the annual theme, Awards were handed out at the close of the week to children at schools who participated in knowledge contests to close the festivities.

2016 Global Mozambique Money Week



  • Adolescents Saving Groups, Adults Saving Group, Saving Group Community Promoters, Local Government leaders, Traditional Leaders, Local TV, Local Radio, Women's Development Fund (FDM), District Services of Education , District Services of Youth and Technology , District Services of Economic Activities , District Service of Health , Provincial Department of Finance, Noticias Newspaper and singing and dancing group.


  • 14 - 20 of March


  • 2 960


  • 300

The central bank of the country, Banco de Moçambique, joined Global Money Week for the first time this year, and conducted two lectures on the "Origin and Conservation of Money - Metical" and "Savings" in two primary schools in Maputo province: Escola Primária Anexa ao IMAP, Matola city on 17 March and Escola Primária 3 de Fevereiro, in Maputo city on 18 March.

The bank staff of Banco Oportunidade de Moçambique also conducted a school visit during Global Money Week and delivered financial literacy workshops for students, and also visited a customer business during the Week. The visit of the agency in Matola aimed to show the future technicians how a bank branch works, how to request information and customer registration, how to apply for credit, how to make deposit transactions, how to survey using digital printing technology and, finally, the composition the agency in terms of human and other resources. Events received very good feedback from teachers and participants.

On 15 March, the Mozambique Stock Exchange received a group of students from Francisco Mayanga High School. It was a first time the exchange took part in GMW events, and the students had a chance to Ring the Bell, symbolizing the opening of the exchange markets; they also participated in an educational activity about the role of the stock exchange, savings and investments. BVM also conducted a press conference with participation of BVM’s CEO, addressing issues concerning the role of the stock exchange in promoting savings levels and SMEs development in Mozambique.

World Vision Mozambique participated in the campaign for the second time, through Chongoene Area Development Programme in Gaza Province. World Vision also involved a number of other organizations including: adolescent saving groups, adult savings group, saving group community promoters, local government leaders, traditional leaders, local television and radio, the Women's Development Fund, the District Services of Education, the District Services of Youth and Technology, the District Services of Economic Activities, the District Service of Health, the Provincial Department of Finance and other actors. Various activities were organized throughout the Week including talks in the communities, meetings for exchange of experiences between different groups of teenagers saving group members and trainings on financial literacy. Adolescent savings group members also visited Microfinance Institutions (Socremo and FDM MFIs). On 19 March, the Saving Fair was organized with talks about the Week’s theme and an exhibition of saving products in Chongoene Headquarter Secondary School.

World Vision also involved a number of important individuals in the Week including: the Governor of Gaza province, the District Government of Xai -Xai who was represented by Mr. Permanent Secretary, the Health District Offices for Women and Social Affairs and the District Services of Education, Youth and Technology, in addition to adult savings groups, children, World Vision staff, students and teachers of the Secondary and Primary school of Chongoene, police, Mozambique Public Television, Radio Mozambique and newspapers.

“We, as government, are pleased to take part in such an important initiative specifically for our children and teenagers who will soon begin to know how important is to save they money so that it can be of better use to them tomorrow” - District administrator representative.
“I am glad to know that students benefited from a financial session, mostly because we do not have subjects that look into those aspects in our curriculum… let us make this week of celebrations part of our life” - Spouse of the governor of Gaza province
“I made this moneybox in school to save the coins that my parents give to me, to buy something that I really want” - A student from grade 6
“I am pleased that I had the chance to participate in such a session, I always knew that there is saving but this session taught me more than what I knew, I learned about interest and profits” - 14 year old Adelia Sitoe studying grade 8

2015 Global Mozambique Money Week


  • World Vision
  • Fund for the Development of women
  • Provincial company of singing and dance


  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 300

World Vision led the Global Money Week 2015 celebrations in Mozambique. The main event was sensitization sessions on the importance of adolescents participating in savings groups, teaching on financial education, and saving sessions. The aim of this activity was to promote boys and girls participate in savings group and also encourage them to pursue product goals and aspirations. The financial education sessions aimed at teaching them the importance of having financial goals to fulfil their dreams, equip them with the knowledge and skills to develop financial plans, budgets and to manage small scale income generation activities. A considerable number of the youngsters who participated in the GMW celebrations were from low income generation and were also helping their parents run small business.

“Financial Education lessons are so important for me because they help me to establish financial goals.” - Lília, 16 years
“Financial Education sessions opened my eyes and now I understand the importance of having a budget.” - Olga, Savings groups Promoter