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2018 Kuwait Global Money Week


  • Kuwait International Bank (KIB)


  • 12 schools
  • 2 NGOs


  • 500


  • 45 000

Kuwait International Bank (KIB)
As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, KIB celebrated the 7th annual GMW by launching a comprehensive financial awareness campaign. The program, "With KIB, I learned how to spend and save”, aims to increase financial awareness and economic education in the community. This is the second time Kuwait has held such an event. During the Week, children, youth, and their parents could participate in a range of activities through the initiative. This included KIB’s ‘Day as a Banker’ where several schools visited the head office to introduce students to the world of banking and give them a close-up view of the inner workings of a bank branch. Additionally, KIB launched an awareness campaign across social networking sites and distributed information pamphlets at busy malls to spread financial and economic awareness amongst parents and diverse segments of the community.

2017 Kuwait Global Money Week


KIB is working to develop a comprehensive and sustainable financial literacy CSR program which comprises several replicable activities and initiatives. The financial literacy program will be something quite unique to Kuwait, as no other similar program exists, and no other financial institution currently has any program or initiative that can compare to it. The Bank has organized some school visits to teach children about the principles of saving and basic financial literacy.

Moreover, KIB is launching a social media awareness campaign targeting parents, with tips on how to instill basic values of saving and good money management in their children at an early age. During GMW, The Bank will also be hosting a group of students at their biggest branch for “My Day as a Banker”. They will be shown around the branch and introduced to the basic role of a branch employee.

KIB has also produced a special colouring book that the Bank, which features basic financial literacy information for younger children (ages 5-8). The booklet will be distributed as an insert in the country’s biggest newspaper during GMW.

The Bank has also produced a piggy bank which will be distributed to children at different locations across Kuwait.

Additionally, KIB is planning to set an interactive booth in a Kuwaiti shopping center. The booth will be focusing exclusively on financial literacy.

2016 Kuwait Global Money Week



  • Al Ahmadi School, Izza Ben Hares School, Saed Ibn Al Ass School, Ajyal School , Youssuf Bin Issa School, Abdul Mohsen Al Khrafi School, Engineering & Petroleum Students


  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 250

This year in Kuwait, the Kuwait International Bank, who pays great attention to the children and youth segments, as it firmly believes that they are the leaders of tomorrow, played the leading role in the Global Money Week 2016 celebrations. The bank arranged a number of field visits to various schools, institutes, universities and civil society institutions to cultivate financial literacy and offer lectures and workshops throughout the Week to create awareness amongst children and youth about the importance of saving for their future.

The bank also hosted a field trip to its head office for the students of Yousif Bin Essa High School, and organized an orientation tour of the head office’s financial hall to discover the nature of the employees’ work in the branch. Students of Sumaya Primary School for Girls were invited by the bank to visit Al Zahraa branch and call center with their supervisors and teachers; the visit highlighted the positive impact that the bank has successfully promoted amongst the Kuwaiti civil society members, and the educational sector in particular.

Additionally, the bank visited many schools during the Week, including Saad Al Awsi Middle School for Boys and Al-Tout Kindergarten, with the famous character “Haboob” who distributed gifts to the children. The bank also visited Azza Bint Al-Harith School, Saeed Bin Al-Aas School and Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi School, and supported the activities and events of Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani Elementary School, as the bank strongly believes in the role of educational institutions in the prosperity of the country.

2013 Kuwait Global Money Week


  • Kuwait International Bank


  • Kindergarten - “Al Negaba2”
  • American Bilingual school
  • Masoud Bin Sinana school
  • Hawaly middle school for girls


  • 15th - 21st of March


  • 2 000
“I save to become rich in the future” and “Next year, I can buy whatever I want,” shared two children from a kindergarten

As part of contributing to CYFI’s main objectives and goals, KIB has organized visits to various and numerous schools, from kindergartens (their main focus) to primary schools. During the visit of the pre-schools, the importance of the value of money and the difference of value between bills were emphasized. With the help of cardboards, Kuwaiti currency bills’ different denominations were explained to the younger children.

The role of the bank on the retail level was presented to them. Hence, they have learned that banks are the safest place to keep their money, as opposed to keeping it at home. Lastly, through a huge piggy bank we have produced, children were more aware about how and why you should save money for the future.

A very interesting play was showed to them highlighting objectives to help children fully understand the concept of “saving” by presenting real life examples. A coloring book with a story themed on saving and coloring pencils were also given to them, as well as a KIB piggy bank to encourage them to start putting money away.