2018 Azerbaijan Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan


  • ASAN Service (part of the State Agency on Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan), Azerbaijan State University of Economics, International Finance Corporation, 2 universities, 5 media organizations, 5 schools


  • 1 000


  • 3 800

Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan
During GMW2018, financial literacy awareness events and activities were organized to target children, youth, and adults across Azerbaijan. In partnership with the International Finance Corporation, the Central Bank announced a competition for young people aged between 18 and 25 titled "Digital Financial Services: Modern Trends and Challenges". The goal of the competition was to educate young people on the advantages and disadvantages of digital financial services. The Winners received certificates and prizes including a notebook, a tablet, and a smartphone. The Central Bank of Azerbaijan delivered a workshop for a group of students on national banknotes, the fight against money counterfeiting, the advantages of cashless payments, and national payment systems. Additionally, the students received information about financial literacy activities held in the country, and awareness resources such as the financial literacy portal ( and the virtual education platform ( The third event, "National Banknotes in the Kids’ World", was organized in the Central Bank for schoolchildren aged between 8 and 12. Children learnt about the history of money and monetary units to help them recognize national monetary units. Participating children presented poems, riddles, stories, paintings, handmade moneyboxes, and games, which they created during the event. Furthermore, the Central Bank experts demonstrated multiple ways to identify counterfeit money, followed by an excursion to the Treasury. At the end of the event, children received several gifts from the Central Bank. Last but not least, “Novruz Khonchasy” event was held at ASAN Service during the Week. The Central Bank promoted recognition of financial literacy as a public value among general population by distributing brochures, flyers, and providing in-depth information on cashless payments. People were particularly interested in e-resources and animations on bank products and services displayed on the Financial Literacy kiosk. Those joining the event received the Central Bank's literacy and promo materials and festive sweets. Throughout GMW, various animations about national currencies, online payment systems and e-banking were shared on the financial literacy Facebook page.

2017 Azerbaijan Global Money Week




  • 180


  • 400

During the GMW 2017, financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children in kindergartens and schools. The sessions included school visits, savings games, a competition-based workshop for university students named “Financial literacy: a road to the professional career”, a workshop for secondary school teachers who teach Life Skills, and a hashtag contest on the Facebook.

Children in kindergartens and secondary schools learned about money and its history, its importance in our daily lives and how to effectively use pocket money and save for future needs. On the other hand, the “Savings” game was very popular among university students and aroused their interest throughout the country.

The competition-based workshops for university students “Financial literacy: a road to the professional career”, offered by CBAR, have become a tradition. Considering a huge interest of students, another round of trainings was offered this year together with financial institutions on board.

In addition, a hashtag contest was held on the Facebook account of the Financial literacy project. The competition was open to all Facebook users. Participants were asked to write a post about financial literacy with a #GMWAzerbaijan2017 hashtag. Authors of the most liked and creative posts were chosen as winners. The winners were awarded prizes at the Central Bank.

As in previous years, financial education workshops were organised for Life Skills teachers with the support of the Institute for Professional Development of Pedagogical Staff.

Last but not least, the Reliable Future Youth Public Union, an NGO based in Azerbaijan, an Aflatoun’s partner, organized 3 events during the Global Money Week in which parents and teachers participated too. They included workshops and group games. The goal of these events was to increase and improve participants’ knowledge and skills in financial literacy.

2016 Azerbaijan Global Money Week


  • Central Bank
  • The Saving Banks Foundation for International Corporation


  • Ministry of Education


  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 4 080


  • 4000

During GMW2016 in Azerbaijan schools visited banks where students listened to presentations on the national coins and banknotes and their history, as well as interesting facts about the national currency. In addition, animations about the security features of each banknote were shown, followed by educational games based on these animations in which the winners were presented with awards.

Money-awareness was also garnered on the official Facebook page of the Financial Literacy project. Students could play a fill-word game about economic and financial concepts, and a banknote game about the security features of the national banknotes. In addition, students were able to take part in a week-long Q&A competition which was comprised of 10 questions related to the financial literacy. Every day, two questions were posted and the first respondent who posted the full correct answer was considered the winner. Finally, at the end of this jam-packed week, the winners of the various games and competitions were invited to the Central Bank and were presented with awards at an official Awards ceremony.

2015 Azerbaijan Global Money Week



  • 12th, 13th, 16th, and 17th of March


  • 130

The Center for Research and Development of the Central Bank initiated Global Money Week 2015 for secondary school kids within the Financial Literacy project. As part of the GMW 2015 events the Central Bank invited a group of school children from Baku European Lyceum to visit the Treasury of the Central Bank. The children got themselves familiarized with the Treasury, its modern infrastructure, storage of cash, its transportation and processing processes. Moreover, the children attended a workshop where they were provided with more information on national currencies, the symbols imprinted in them and their security features.

Presentations named “Know your money” and “10 interesting facts on money” were held for school kids during visits from bank officials to schools. "Know your money", an interactive presentation, enabled kids to find out more about the symbols and pictures on each bank note, as well as  their security features. The other presentation called “10 interesting facts on money” provided kids with information on history of creation of money and interesting facts that schools kids need to know about coins and notes. At secondary school No. 160 children of upper secondary classes held discussions on role of money in modern society, savings, and investment, and they were shown interesting short films related to the discussed topics. At the end, kids who were active during the Q&A session were rewarded with gifts.

Fourth grade students of school No. 220 in Baku city had a teleconference with their peers from Jono Pauliaus gymnasium in Kaunas city, Lithuania. Students showed our national currency to their Lithuanian peers, explaining the meanings of symbols on national banknotes of various denominations. Students asked questions about daily pocket money, saving and spending, and introduced cashboxes to one another. Students of schools No. 31 and 26 in Sumgait city also spoke to their peers from  Stoyan Novakovich in the Blase city, Serbia via teleconference. First, students informed one another about their countries' national currencies, then Serbian students gave presentations about Serbian coins from the 12th - 20th centuries. At the end, Azerbaijani students shared messages about the rational use of money, functions of money, and saving with their peers. The language of the both teleconferences was English.

2014 Azerbaijan Global Money Week



  • 64

An art exhibition for school children was organized for Global Money Week by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBAR), the Ministry of Education and the Reliable Future Youth Organization. The exhibition featured paintings related to financial literacy by Azerbaijani youth. The event involved 64 school children from 26 secondary schools located in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. The objective was to increase the financial literacy level of the children, to encourage effective and proper use of personal budgets by the younger generation, to develop money saving and spending skills, establish long-term planning incentives among the youth, allow them to discover their artistic and crafting abilities and to give broad publicity to the CBAR’s Financial Literacy Project as well.

A special event was dedicated to the announcement of competition results and awards at Park Boulevard Trade Center, Planetarium Hall. The main stakeholders such as relevant NGOs, Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) were invited to the event and press releases were distributed to mass media representatives prior to the beginning of the exhibition. The event consisted of 3 parts. Firstly, representatives of the CBAR, Ministry of Education and Reliable Future Youth Organization congratulated the participants, wished them success for the future and gave them savings tips. Apart from the winners, the active participants of the event were given diplomas and gifts. The winners of the first 3 places were given special gifts and diplomas from the CBAR. In the second part of the event, the guests and children viewed the artwork created for the exhibition. Lastly, the management of the Planetarium Hall organized a film-show for children and their parents.

This year’s event was such a success that Azerbaijan already has plans in place to include school students from the whole of the country to participate in this creative financial literacy event.

2013 Azerbaijan Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan


  • Aflatoun Child social and Finance Education


  • 18th of March


  • Aflatoun blog piece


  • 40

Fifteen students visited a bank for the first time during Global Money Week. During their visit of the Treasury of the Bank, they expressed surprise and wonder when they saw the Treasury full of money. On the 18th of March the attending students showcased the most interesting pictures they had created in the exhibition ‘‘Money and Banking‘‘. Representatives of the Central Bank, Pasha Bank, Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation), Reliable Future Youth Organization, parents and teachers also took part in this event organized for children.

The event opened with a speech by the Deputy Director of the Development Department Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic, Natavan Mammadova. Winners of the exhibition were awarded prizes during the ceremony. The day continued with a presentation by representatives of the Central Bank on the history of money, banking, banking structure of the world and the creation of the first monetary currency. After the presentation, the children were invited on a guided tour of the Central Bank and the Treasury that concluded with representatives of the Central Bank thanking the children for their participation and wishing them good luck in the future. This event demonstrated that children are interested in receiving a financial education. After the event, many children shared their preferred choice of profession in the future.

“Money is indispensable introduction of my future.”