2018 Albania Global Money Week


  • Albanian Association of Banks (AAB), Bank of Albania (BoA)


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  • 14 000

Albanian Association of Banks (AAB), Bank of Albania (BoA)
The Bank of Albania launched Global Money Week celebrations on 12 March. The 2018 celebrations marked the Bank’s fifth time participating in the Week. The events were organized in cooperation with the Albanian Association of Banks, and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Sports. The DIA organized a series of educational and awareness-raising activities, such as school competitions, lectures, visits to the Museum of the Bank of Albania and commercial banks. Approximately 5,000 children and young people were involved from 55 secondary schools, 14 high schools and 8 universities from 14 cities across the country. The Launching Ceremony of Global Money Week was held at the Museum of the BoA. The Governor of BoA and the Chairman of the AAB gave a welcoming address, during which they emphasized the importance of financial literacy in Albania, especially amongst younger generations.The ceremony continued with awards for the winners of three competitions, which BoA and the AAB created to celebrate GMW. The first contest, on the GMW2018 theme “Money Matters Matter!”, targeted sixth graders who presented creative projects, such as drawings and installations. The aim of the competition was to create projects, such as drawings and installations, that clearly conveyed their concept of money management. Overall, 144 pupils from 21 primary schools presented 70 projects. The second competition, a video contest, invited high school students to present their messages on “Money Matters Matter”, either in a team or individually. In total, three winners were chosen from the 24 entered into the competition by 40 students across Albania.The last competition challenged university students to write argumentative essays on the topic, “Does the use of the Euro in the commercial transactions in Albania pose a risk?". Additionally, throughout the Week, many young people visited Museum of the BoA and other commercial banks. Students also had the opportunity to attend lectures organized at the BoA and different universities.Moreover, many TV talk shows discussed GMW activities on which representatives from the Bank of Albania, Albanian Association of Banks and other experts of financial education matters spoke about the Week.

2017 Albania Global Money Week




  • 2 200


  • 25 000

Global Money Week 2017 marked the Bank of Albania’s fourth time participating in the Week’s celebrations. In cooperation with the Albanian Association of Banks, and with the support from the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), Junior Achievement (JA) and the National Youth Service (RAS), educational and awareness activities were organized, directly reaching around 2200 children and young people.

The activities of the Global Money Week activities were very diverse and included:

  • A drawing completion called “My money” for elementary school pupils.
  • “The best Video” competition on the topic of “Save for bad days! Save for better days” for high school students.
  • A tri- high school competition that selected the elective subject “Personal Finance in your hands” which was transmitted on the “Ora News” TV channel.
  • An essay competition on the topic of “Should financial education be part of the academic curriculum?” for university students.
  • A debate competition “Acting like bankers” for university students.
  • Lectures from high level representatives of financial institutions.
  • Innovation camp for students.
  • A theatrical play and art exhibition that creatively explained financial concepts for children.
  • School visits to commercial banks.
  • A video of the events can be seen here

Aside from the opening ceremony of the Week on 27 March, other highlights included the lecture at the European University by the Governor of Bank of Albania on 30 March.

2016 Albania Global Money Week




  • 14th - 19th of March


  • 13 000


  • 10 000

The opening ceremony of Global Money Week in Albania took place on 14 March, with the Governor of the Bank of Albania, the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, the Minister of Education and the Chairman of Albanian Association of Banks at the park next to the BoA’s building. After the ceremony, educational and entertainment activities for kids were conducted in the park by the artist Kosta Zhonga, and supervised by the BoA and AAB staff. Children also received branded piggy boxes with the slogan of the Week.

Tuesday 15 March saw a very important event for advancing coordination of financial education initiatives in the country: the roundtable discussion on the “Need for a National Strategy on Financial Education”, hosted by the Bank of Albania, and organized together with the participation of representatives from BoA, AAB, Institute of Education Development, National Agency of Vocational Education and Training & Qualifications, Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority, Albanian Insurance Deposit Agency and the Ministry of Economy, together with excellent students, personalities and experts from the field (professors and non-profit organizations).

On Wednesday 16 March, a Karl Popper debate was organized between six teams from three main Albanian universities on the topic “Should financial education be part of the pre-university obligatory curriculum?” (Pro/Cons). The event was organised by AAB and hosted by the youth center of Tirana. Even though the “con” team won the debate, the level of debate and the arguments brought from each of the teams was very much appreciated by the jury and by the audience alike.

On Thursday 17 March, another interesting roundtable discussion took place on “Financial Education and Entrepreneurship”, discussing youth and economic success, entrepreneurial competence, financial resilience and practical business experiences. The event was organized in cooperation with Junior Achievement Albania, the Banking Association and the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.

Plenty of other exciting and interesting events were organized for children and youth in Albania during the whole week, including:

  • Visits of school kids to BoA’s Museum
  • Competition between three high schools that have selected the elective subject “Personal Finance in your hands” which was aired on “Scan TV”
  • Open lessons from BOA’s and Commercial Banks representatives with students of Finance at universities in Tiranë, Elbasan, Durrës and Korçë
  • Training for students on the Social Insurance Scheme
  • Training for youth and civil society organizations on the preparation of "Budgeting" at the Youth Center in Tirana
  • Visits of students to commercial banks branches
  • Competition “Acting like bankers” at the University of Integrated Studies, Durrës

Furthermore, GMW this year in Albania was extensively covered by the national media and press, with social media promotion, radio and interviews on television and articles in the press. During the Week, graphic artistic creations on different aspects of money made for kids by Mr. Kosta Zhonga were showcased on the show “Little artists” on the Çufo chanel on the Digitalb platform.

“Perhaps the formulation and implementation of monetary policy, the safeguarding of the financial stability, and the planning of personal finance may not seem attractive to the younger generation, but I assure you that they have a significant impact on the lives of each of us” Gent Sejko, Governor of Bank of Albania
“Financial education is a process that triggers enthusiasm. This is not a nostalgic teacher speaking, but the real benefits of financial education that we enjoy every day.” Elisabeta Gjoni, First Deputy Governor
“Watching my piggy bank full of coins, makes me feel smart.” 7 year-old boy, receiving a branded piggy box at the opening ceremony of GMW

2015 Albania Global Money Week



  • 9th - 13th of March


  • 230

Keeping in line with the Global Money Week framework, the Albanian Banking Association and the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth in Albania organized different events in Tirana to raise public awareness about the importance financial literacy in the country. The launch celebrations took place on 9 March at the Tirana Youth Center with “Smart Financing”, a financial talk, which allowed interaction between bankers and teenagers (15-18 years old) with a focus on banking products and applications. Participants were greeted by the Secretary General of the Albanian Banking Association. She highlighted the commitment of the association and member banks to promote financial education for youth, as it is a necessary condition for good banking clients in the future. The Director of the National Youth Service and the Head of the State Agency for Protection of Child Rights of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth addressed the youth and also stressed the importance of financial education in the early stages of life.

Other events of the week included seminars for the Economics Students Club and representatives of the Union Bank on “Bank’s Interest Rates” by the Chief Editor of Bankieri Magazine; visits to commercial banks for the students of the Economic High School of Tirana, where they learned how to open bank accounts, make transfers and other operations. An interactive seminar on Youth Business Startup was organized under the direction of the Director of Tirana Youth Center. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and the Youth Policy Office held a seminar to present and promote the new social security and pension scheme to the high school students. Students of European University of Tirana took part in interesting practical case studies and role playing as bankers, where the winning teams were awarded prizes by Tirana Bank. In addition, a play “Çufo Piglet learns to save” was staged at the Puppet Theater for more than 200 children in the age group of 7-9 years old from different schools in Tirana.

Further, a quiz on Banks and Finances and the video on “Consumer Loans” were posted on the Albanian Banking Association’s Facebook page and YouTube channel during Global Money Week.

2014 Albania Money Week



  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 2 500

For Global Money Week the Bank of Albania (BoA), in cooperation with the Albanian Association of Banks and the support of the Ministry of Education and Sports, carried out several educational activities for high school students.

The opening ceremony was held at the Puppets Theatre in Tirana, during the première of the finance-themed puppet show called “Çufo and Tip – An adventure with goldlets”, staged on March 10th, 2014. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of BoA, representatives of diplomatic corporations, educational government institutions and banks. The Governor stressed the importance of increasing the financial education of the public and the Bank of Albania’s serious commitment to it. During the ceremony the Governor of the Bank of Albania signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Chairman of the Albanian Association of Banks encouraging reciprocal cooperation on financial education of students (ranging from junior high schools to universities) in the field of economy, finance and banks. The puppet show called “Çufo and Tip – An adventure with goldlets” was played twice a day, from 11th March to 17th March, including the weekend, for the public.

The second activity dedicated to kids encouraged them to participate in the drawing competition “My Money”. The competition targeted grade I-III pupils of the schools that have been learning financial education from the teaching set "1, 2, 3... Çufo the piglet is learning to save". About 420 designs by 400 children from 13 schools across the country were submitted and posted on the Bank of Albania’s educational Facebook page. The public voted for their favorite drawings, by ‘liking’ them on Facebook until 27th March 2014. The 10 drawings with the most likes were announced as winners and received an encyclopedia, an award certificate, and a bank account opened in their name with 10,000 leks deposited as an initial amount by Raiffeisen Bank.

An awards ceremony for the winners of the "My Money" drawing competition was organized by the BoA in cooperation with the Albanian Association of Banks under the auspices of Global Money Week, on 31st March 2014. The event was attended by the Governor of the Bank of Albania, the Minister of Education and Sports, the Chairman of the Albanian Association of Banks, and the Chief Executive Officer of Raiffeisen Bank in Albania. During the ceremony, the BoA and the Minister of Education and Sports underlined the importance of financial education at an early age. They added that the pupils’ drawings were their first steps towards cultivating a financially literate society.

In cooperation with the Albanian Association of Banks visits were organized to commercial banks in different areas in Dibër, Durrës, Korçë, Lushnje and Tirana. The excursions were specifically for students who had taken BoA’s module "Personal Finance in Your Hands" which is part of the National Electives Curricula. During the excursion students had the chance to discuss with the bankers the way commercial banks function, their daily work and the financial products they offer.

The Governor of the Bank of Albania was directly involved in some of these visits, during GMW2014. He took Cajupi High School students on a visit to the headquarters of Societe Generale Bank in Tirana and invited them to join his open discussion with its General Manager. He did the same with Seit Najdeni High School and Maqellara High School in Dibër and the Credins Bank, as well as with students from Dituria High School and the National Commercial Bank in Lushnje.

BoA launched a Facebook page to offer youth updated information on money issues and other aspects of financial education. The page also informs them on how to access and use BoA’s various educational activities and resources, and has sparked a debate on how to improve them.

BoA staff appeared on various television programs to promote Global Money Week values. This raised public awareness on the importance of the values and activities. In addition to all of these activities, all schools who have financial education modules in their curriculum were formally invited to celebrate Global Money Week by organizing mini-projects regarding aspects of financial education which were supervised and supported by BoA’s staff.

Bank of Albania / Facebook

2013 Albania Money Week


  • Bank of Albania


  • Albanian Association of Banks
  • Ministry of Education and Science Albania


  • 15th - 21st of March


  • 50

In celebration of Global Money Week, Bank of Albania in collaboration with The Albanian Association of Banks and the Ministry of Education organized its first activity entitled “The importance of Financial Education”, held at the Economic High School in Tirana.

Three main speakers, each representing the above institutions, delivered a presentation emphasizing the importance of financial education. The purpose was to introduce basic concepts related to money management, financial products, consumer behavior and the importance of financial planning for the welfare of the households and for the stability of the overall financial system.

Representatives of the Bank of Albania introduced to 10th-grade students the “Personal Finance in your hands” textbook, designed by experts from the Bank of Albania and printed this year in collaboration with the Albanian Association of Banks and delivered free to around 7000 high-school students in the country.

In addition, financial literacy educational packages were developed for year 9 basic education pupils in line with OECD recommendations, which will be distributed free of charge in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science.

At the end of the activity, a number of educational brochures and leaflets were delivered to students to help them learn more about central banking as well as to better understand and organize financial matters of their everyday life.

"The students were so pleased with the presentations that they asked the relevant institutions to make monthly presentations on more topics on financial literacy", shared the organizers