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2018 Seychelles Global Money Week


  • UN Youth Seychelles


Seychelles Bankers Association, AIESEC in Seychelles, Al Salam Bank, Barclays Bank Seychelles Limited, Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS), H Savy Insurance, International School Seychelles, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), Ministry of Education, Nation Seychelles, Nouvobanq, Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, Seychelles Independent School, Seychelles Office of the Poverty Alleviation, Seychelles Pension Fund, Well of Inspiration


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UN Youth Seychelles

Seychelles celebrated Global Money Week for the first time. UN Youth Seychelles officially launched Global Money Week (GMW) in a ceremony at the SITE Auditorium, with a crowd of about 150 people. The celebration was attended by high-level representatives from the Government, including the Principal Secretary for Youth, Special Advisor for Education. Students and teachers gathered to learn about the importance of financial education and ways to manage personal finance.

The event commenced with the keynote address from the First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, followed by various presentations on personal money management, the importance of GMW, and how other countries have celebrated it. The event also touched upon various aspects of financial behavior, banking products and services, and the impact of financial education on the economy. Participants also had the opportunity to attend an informative session on savings - “ You may not be rich but dare to think like a millionaire”.

As part of the celebration, a Financial Educational Tour was organized and took place over two days. Students visited seven Institutions, including the Mauritius Commercial Bank, Barclays Bank, Al Salam Bank, NOUVOBANQ, the Central Bank of Seychelles, H Savy Insurance, and Seychelles Pension Fund. A group of 40 students from the Seychelles Independent School, Seychelles International School, School of Advance Level Studies, Plaisance Secondary, Beau Vallon Secondary, Mont Fleuri Secondary, English River Secondary, Pointe Larue Seconday, and Belonie Secondary accompanied by UNYS members took part in the tour. The group enjoyed both touring the premises of the institutions and attending a presentation, where they learned about the institution’s function, role, products and impact in the society.

An online campaign was launched where financial tips where posted on social media. Similarly, events were published in a daily newspaper along with professional articles and a video production by Well of Inspiration and AIESEC Seychelles on personal finance.