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2018 Trinidad and Tobago Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (National Financial Literacy Program)
  • Connect the Dots


  • Arts-In- Action, Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies, Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Briggs Preparatory School, Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago, Diamond Vale Government Primary School, Financial Literacy Secretariat- Tobago House of Assembly, Ministry of Education, Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman, Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Institute, Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission, Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, YTEPP Limited, 14 schools in Trinidad, 9 schools in Tobago


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Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (National Financial Literacy Program)
Throughout Global Money Week 2018, the National Financial Education Committee reached 500 young people through the Financial Education Expositions held in Trinidad and Tobago. The event was organized by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago through their National Financial Literacy Program. The Exposition was comprised of a short video presentation and a theatrical production, highlighting various financial literacy topics, such as setting financial goals, savings, budgeting and planning for the future. The first exposition was held at the Victor E Bruce Financial Complex in Tobago, where approximately 200 students between the ages of 15 and 19 were received. Following this, the second exposition was held in Trinidad and was attended by fourteen secondary schools, reaching out to approximately 300 students of the same age. Additionally, students interacted with participating financial institutions to gain knowledge to empower them to make responsible financial decisions. They were given opportunity to improve their financial awareness through interactive games and discussions. Students from Tobago visited Trinidad where they were hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

Connect the Dots
During GMW2018, the founder of Connect the Dots, Aisha Acres, visited two primary schools to read from her publication “The Money Adventures of Mike Murray and Friends.” The book explores core financial literacy topics such as saving and budgeting, but also exposes children to the power of goalsetting, determination and persistence. Approximately 70 children participated in the interactive reading - asking questions and summarizing the lessons they learned. At the Diamond Vale Government Primary School, Ms. Acres spoke at the school assembly, where all students were present. During the assembly the students were told about Global Money Week celebrations and the importance of understanding money. Diamond Vale Government Primary is eager to have Ms. Acres back and the principal, Mr. Weekes, wholeheartedly supports financial education initiatives.