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2018 United Kingdom Global Money Week


  • MyBnk


  • Barking and Dagenham College, Barnet and Southgate College, Bevois Town Primary School, Big House Theatre Company, Bitterne Manor Primary, Canons High School, City of Bristol College, Cumberland School, CXK, Essex County Council, Investec, Kickstart Money, Money Advice Service, Mossbourne Community Academy, MUFG Bank, New Directions PRU, St Jude's Church of England Primary School, Walthamstow School for Girls


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Throughout Global Money Week, MyBnk’s financial education experts reached 1,400 children and youth aged 7-25 in money master classes and enterprise challenges in 14 schools and youth organizations across the UK. Subjects ranged from budgeting, banking and borrowing to student finance, tax, pensions and savings. MyBnk used real life case studies, colorful resources, games and videos, and popular culture, to enable students to explore and form their own opinions regarding their relationship with money. Activities were catered to a variety of learning styles, with many extensions and ability variations. These sessions equipped young people with life skills to live independent and debt-free, tackle debt, form positive habits such as saving, and examine their attitudes, behaviors and relationship with money. MyBnk also worked closely with vulnerable young people to detoxify their personal finances. The organization also ran social enterprise challenges, using interest free loans and ethical products, where young people gained valuable employability and soft skills. Topics ranged from idea generation, product design and pricing to marketing and customer service. Working in teams, they learn how to form business plans, forecast sales, calculate profit/income and analyze risk and rewards. A series of free, highly interactive financial education workshops for primary schools, designed to help set positive money habits and mind-sets from an early age. This year MyBnk’s workshops were supported by the Money Advice Service, Investec, MUFG Bank and Kickstart Money.

2017 United Kingdom Global Money Week


  • Citi Money Gallery
  • The British Museum
  • London Stock Exchange
  • MyBNK


  • Schools and Families

The Citi Money Gallery Education Programme at the British Museum held a variety of events for GMW2017. As a prelude to the week, there was an Economics Study Day on 20th March where students evaluated their understanding of the role of money in an economy. On the launch day, 10 secondary schools took part in a public speaking competition, analysing a financial situation from the past and sharing any learnings and advice to a select committee, including representatives from the British Museum, Citi and the Money Advice Service. Throughout the Week our Money Handling and Financial Education workshop was taught as well as talks for schools taking place in the Citi Money Gallery. On the 29th of March, the London Stock Exchange welcomed students and financial education experts to talk about the theme of the Global Money Week this year: Learn, Save, Earn! The week finished with a family day on 1st April with a variety of money-based interactive activities, where children and parents made origami money boxes and learned to juggle finances in a juggling workshop.

2016 United Kingdom Global Money Week


  • The Citi Money Gallery, British Museum
  • My BNK
  • The Money Charity
  • The London Stock Exchange
  • The Money Advice Service
  • Bank of England
  • Personal and Finance Education Group
  • Alfateen
  • Metro Bank


  • The King Fahad Academy, Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy, Lambeth College, Walthamstow School for Girls, Community Links, Uxbridge College, The Priory School, Big Creative Education, Brixham YES, Skills for Growth, Mount Carmel College for Girls, Europa International School, Alexandra Park School, Exeter College, Lambeth College, Evelyn Grace Academy, Lewisham Leaving Care Unit, Bolingbroke Academy EiB OM82, Various London locations, British Museum, Local Businesses, Longley Park Sixth Form College, Ladybridge High School, Bolton College, Ysgol Bryn Alyn, Priory College, Wiltshire College, Olchfa School, St Bede’s Catholic Academy, Bedford Academy, Oaks Park High School, Penketh High School, Brynteg School


  • 14th - 20th of March


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This year, joined by representatives from the Money Advice Service, Citi Money Gallery and MummyMoneyMatters.com, the British Museum launched GMW celebrations in the UK on 14 March in London. This event was held to mark the 5th Anniversary of Global Money Week, and to promote its goal to promote the importance of financial literacy, inclusion and empowerment of youth. The program started off with opening words from the Founder & Executive Director of CYFI, Ms. Jeroo Billimoria, with global updates and advancement around financial inclusion for young people. The speech was followed by highlights from the work of Money Advice Service in the UK and the British Museum’s Citi Money Gallery efforts to teach children about the history of money. Kalpana Fitzpatrick, GMW Ambassador & Founder of MummyMoneyMatters, also spoke about the importance of parents teaching their children about money. Participants from The British Museum, Money Advice Service, MummyMoneyMatters.com, Citi, Brunswick Arts Consulting LLP, Experian, ParentPay / Nimbl, Osper, King Fahad Academy, World Federation of Exchanges, the Money Charity, Global Innovation Fund, My Bank, the Department for International Development (DFID), MasterCard, RBS Sustainability, Young Enterprise, Financial Times and BBC joined the launch celebration. Experian, who was present at the event, also launched their new financial capability tool, Jangle, during the Week. Jangle is an interactive app, Jangle aims to teach children about savings and skills for handling money.

Throughout the Week, young people were able to engage themselves at the Citi Money Gallery exhibitions to explore the ways in which people have saved historically and whether this is the same as our saving strategies today. During the first launch event of the Money Gallery, 300 young people were familiarized with several economic concepts which may appear contemporary, but have actually been in use over the past 4,000 years. Students were encouraged to challenge their knowledge through topics such as inflation throughout history, financial crises through the ages and historical savings strategies. Students were able to handle objects from the collection during the lunch break and visit the Citi Money Gallery. Following a talk by Professor Nigel Dodd, the day closed with a debate on the future of money and transactions.

Additionally, the London Stock Exchange was festively opened on 16 March by young entrepreneurs from the Ye! community platform (www.yecommunity.com) and by young people celebrating the National Apprentice Week. Alongside with the young entrepreneurs and representatives of the CYFI Secretariat and representatives from the National Apprentice Week joined the event.

Furthermore, during Global Money Week, MyBnk delivered a range of financial and enterprise education programs that brought money to life for over 1,000 young people in the UK. In schools and youth organisations, 11-25 year olds learned about how to manage money, live independently, tackle debt and have their first enterprise experience. The Money Charity also delivered 27 financial education workshops across the country to students between 11 -19 years of age. These workshops explored topics such as budgeting and planning, saving, credit and living independently. Several schools, such as the King Fahad Academy, were celebrated GMW as well. In fact, financial capability was introduced into the curriculum this year to coincide with GMW 2016; the highlight of the GMW for the students was their visit to the Bank of England Museum. From now, this module will be introduced every year in the second term to coincide with GMW.

2015 UK Global Money Week


  • The British Museum
  • London Stock Exchange
  • My BNK
  • Tottenham Hotspur Foundation
  • Citi Money Gallery, The Money Charity, Pfeg, Citi, Citizenship Foundation, Loyalty Lion, CISI, Paradigm Academy Trust, People’s Postcode Lottery
  • Depaul UK
  • Money Advice Service


  • 9th – 17th of March 2015


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As part of the launch of Global Money Week 2015 in the United Kingdom, a free youth conference was organized at Citi Money Gallery at the British Museum. Titled ‘Money and Me’, 200 students in the age group of 13 and 18 years had the opportunity to take part in a number of financial capability building sessions led by numerous charities and organizations. The topics ranged from interpreting a pay slip, the importance of budgeting, and understanding pensions. During the lunch break, students were able to talk to the speakers at their stands and take part in a number of competitions. Steph McGovern, BBC Breakfast Presenter, opened the afternoon session by explaining how changes in the economy affect individuals. A young entrepreneur shared a realistic and inspirational account of setting up his business. The afternoon closed with a panel discussing the Global Money Week 2015 theme - ‘Save today, safe tomorrow’.

The British Museum organized other activities through the week. On 11 March, there was a talk in the Citi Money Gallery on ‘the development of money and the economy’ for 25 sixth form students studying economics and business. On 12 March, there were sessions for primary-age students to explore the history of money in which 60 students took part. On 13 March the last day of Global Money Week 2015, 26 year 11 math students explored the links between mathematics and money. The activities ranged from a serious look at the budgeting strategies to fun activity event where they had to calculate how many £2 coins would fit into the Citi Money Gallery which was approximately 607,200,000. That’s a lot of £2 coins!

On 12 March, the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the international exchange which trades in 21 countries, opened the day of trading in the name of financial inclusion. The LSE has supported Global Money Week since its first edition with similar events. This year children, youth and representatives of Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Money Advice Service and People’s Postcode Lottery rang the bell to open the market.

Throughout the week, MyBnk and its partners held a variety of workshops in different locations around the country. MyBnk – Innovative Finance was a session for young people on Financial Literacy for the Next Generation at a global gathering of leaders from the financial sector at London Guildhall.

During Bank My Business, young people were challenged to create real businesses in their largescale school based enterprise education program. Students competed for MyBnk’s 0% interest loans to make their business plans a reality. This workshop was held in Woodford County High School, Bishop Challoner Collegiate School (London), Prendergast Ladywell School (London), Conisborough College for Business & Enterprise (London), Uxbridge College (London), Hasmonean High School (London), Eltham Hill School (London), and Addington High School (London). At the Petchey Academy (London) and Ingleby Manor Free School (Stockton-On-Tees, London), there was an exclusive focus on ethical products and step-by-step guide to setting up a social enterprise was shown. Workshops took participants on the journey of making a profit while helping people and the planet.

At the Uni Dosh @ Macmillan Academy, Middleborough, a targeted two-hour workshop was held for those about to leave school or college and considering moving on to university.

Money Twist was a hands-on workshop that empowered young people by helping them acquire real life money skills. Aimed at 11-14 year olds, the workshop was held at Activate Sport Foundation (London), Spitalfields Arts Market (London), Heartlands High School, Ashington High School Sports College, and Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy.

Money Works was a four-part programme for young adults moving into independent living to confront their money worries. These workshops were held at WILD Project (Cornwall), DRIVE Forward Foundation (London), Ealing London Borough Council, Lambeth Leaving Care, and Mears Group.

In the MyBnk-in-a-Box workshop, young people were trained to run their own online and on-site School Bank. School Bank is a safe accessible place for students to save regularly and borrow interest free loans to set up enterprises. These workshops were held at Mount Carmel College for Girls (London) and St Michael’s Catholic College.

At the Paradigm Academy Trust, during the school assembly, Global Money Week activities were introduced. The school organized “design a money box”, a competition for all classes from reception to Y6. One winner from each class was selected and received a certificate and a prize. During math classes, the reception classes (4-5 years old) and Y5 classes (9-10 years old) received financial education lessons. Y5 class went through two workshops from two different local banks – Santander and Barclays and visited the Bank of England Museum.

ICAEW also joined Global Money Week celebrations for the first time by organizing various activities throughout the week. ICAEW was the lead supporter of MyBnk’s Demotivator competition. ICAEW’s Head of Global Student Recruitment presented the winner with a £200 starter saving fund sponsorship. The Financial Services Assurance managers hosted a guest expert blog for Global Money Week, describing their role as ICAEW Chartered Accountants and tying it with the theme of savings and financial education. On 10 March, volunteers supported MyBnk’s Back my Business workshop at Walthamstow School for Girls.

2014 UK Global Money Week


  • London Stock Exchange
  • Money Advice Service
  • The British Museum
  • Learn Money Week - My BNK
  • The Money Charity


  • 10th – 17th of March


  • 10 680


  • 111 8522

On March 18th, the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the most international exchange which trades in 21 countries, opened their day of trading in the name of financial inclusion. The LSE has supported Global Money Week from inception. This year they invited children, youth and representatives of Pfeg, Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), Money Advice Service and Postcode Trust to ring the bell to open the market. Pupils from Our Lady and St Pauls & All Hallows primary schools joined the ceremony.

The Money Advice Service raises awareness of credit ratings among 18 to 25 year olds by addressing topics such as how credit ratings work, why they are important, how your money habits today can affect your financial future. To support GMW, the Service issued a press release that included a quote from their CEO: “The Money Advice Service is committed to equipping young people with the skills, attitudes and behaviors they need to manage their money, and we are delighted to be working with Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) to celebrate Global Money Week in the UK. We’re proud to be supporting this international movement, which will involve millions of young people and their families right across the globe.

The British Museum organized a number of financial education workshops for students and educators during Global Money Week through their program for the British Museum’s Citi Money Gallery. Educators were provided with models and strategies to deliver empowering financial education, which is now a compulsory part of Mathematics and Citizenship in the revised secondary National Curriculum. The workshops introduced fresh approaches to financial education and were linked to the Museum’s large collection. Students enjoyed the opportunity to handle real items in the collection and explore the Citi Money Gallery at the British Museum. In addition, they discovered and learned about the development of money and its role in societies around the world.

Learn Money Week is a financial literacy action week which is run concurrently with Global Money Week, organized by the Young Global Leaders and the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum in association with MyBnk, Child & Youth Finance International. The aim is to arm young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start learning about money, ultimately setting them up for a better life. MyBnk promoted their downloadable lesson plans and games that they created to aid educators deliver financial education to young people, both in and out of school. They encourage companies, educators, peers and parents to reach out to children and young people in schools and youth groups in order to help them become super savers, savvy spenders and responsible borrowers. The lessons plans are created to be conducted by individuals or as part of a company’s volunteering activities.

The Money Charity held interactive finance workshops at schools and colleges to class sized groups. Two different types of workshop will be delivered: the ‘Key Stage 3-4 Money Workshop’ is aimed at 11 – 16 year olds and covers budgeting and the importance of savings and understanding credit, while the ‘Post 16 Money Workshop’ is aimed at 16 – 19 year olds. The second workshop covers similar topics as the ‘Key Stage 3-4’ workshop, but it also helps prepare young people to engage with banks and other financial providers as well as to understand Student Finance.

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2013 UK Global Money Week


  • The Money Charity


  • 15th – 21st of March


  • 285

In the UK during Global Money Week 2013, eleven financial education workshops in schools and colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland took place by The Money Charity. The workshops were designed to be an introduction to money management for young people. The topics included in the workshop were budgeting, savings, understanding credit and debt.

To get students enthusiastic about Global Money Week, the organizers were handing out bags of chocolate coins to all students who attended.