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2018 Spain Global Money Week


  • Aprender Cuenta (Financial Education and Entrepreneurship for Children)
  • European Financial Planning Association in Spain (EFPA Spain)
  • FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids
  • Institute of Financial Studies (IEF)


  • Barcelona Stock Exchange, Catalan Tax Agency, Central Bank of Spain, Ideorum, Professional College of Economics, 3 media organizations, 7 schools


  • 327


  • 42 530

European Financial Planning Association in Spain (EFPA Spain)
For GMW2018, the EFPA organized “The Importance of Financial Education in the Financial Service Sector” webinar, where participants from across Spain participated. The webinar covered the importance of financial education, advantages of clients’ financial literacy, and advice on how financial advisors can offer financial education. EPPA organized the first photograph competition to make a calendar for 2019. All EFPA volunteers could participate.

Aprender Cuenta (Financial Education and Entrepreneurship for Children)
Aprender Cuenta participated in the international GMW celebrations because they share the goal of promoting the economic education to citizens, and especially children and youth. During GMW2018, Aprender Cuenta’s mission was to reach the largest number of children with financial education and entrepreneurship training to so they can enjoy a happier and financially secure life, both now and in the future. A total of 150 students received training in financial education and, at the same time, learnt the values of responsibility, ethical use of money, perseverance, confidence, patience, caution, solidarity, honesty and fellowship.

FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids
FunFinance offered business, finance and economics education for children. In FunFinance virtual classroom, children from different parts of the world learn together with a live tutor. For the opening of the Global Money Week FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids organized a 3-hour seminar in Madrid for girls aged 12-15. During this event all participants had a chance to discuss the role of money in our lives and work on a budgeting exercise to calculate the life-long spending of a person. Furthermore, a Global Money Week Virtual seminar was organized, where children, aged 9-11, from different countries met through a videoconference. Two students presented the stories about money and businesses they had prepared and practiced in advance.

Institute of Financial Studies (IEF)
Each year IEF organizes many activities to celebrate Global Money Week. In 2018 more than 230 students were involved in the special activities, which aim to promote financial education for youth. These activities include conferences on how to create a business plan and how macroeconomics affects our day-to-day life. Furthermore, special workshops and visits to the Barcelona Stock Market, the Professional College of Economics, the Catalan Tax Agency and the Bank of Spain in Catalonia were organized.

2017 Spain Global Money Week




  • 3 373


  • 1 400

Aprender Cuenta:

Aprender Cuenta participated in these international celebrations, and we share the goal of promoting the importance of economic education amongst citizens, especially children and youth. The mission of Aprender Cuenta is to benefit the largest number of children, particularly young girls, through financial education and entrepreneurship, so they can enjoy a happier and more productive life in both in childhood and adult life.

During the week of GMW 2017 more than 200 children & youth in Madrid had fun training in financial education through the activities that Aprender Cuenta held.

We have organized various activities, which aim to involve both children and their families, to help them deal with situations they will encounter in their lives and give them the tools to improve their welfare and increase their future opportunities.

On March 27 -31 , We have held 10 training workshops using the slogan "Learn, Save, Earn" with students 12-17 years old from the public institute IES Valmayor.

The goal is to teach concepts that will face throughout life, such as monetary saving, but also to transmit values linked to financial education. These values include responsibility, honesty, ethical use of money, effort, solidarity, etc.

On March 30, we held a conference to educate the population on the importance of saving in their own lives. The conference was held in The Shed Coworking, a work and training space for entrepreneurs and other professionals.

We really appreciate the participation of IES Valmayor for their strong commitment to education. Thanks to the insights they have provided at forefront of educational innovation approaching, students now have useful tools for life.

2016 Spain Global Money Week



  • Caixabank, Banc de Sabadell, BBVA, Banco Santander, Caixa d’Enginyers, Institut Català de Finances, IES Valmayor - Initiative supported by Youth Council and Education Council of Valdemorillo (Madrid), CEIPE Juan Falcó, BMN, Fundación Cajasol, CajaGRANADA Fundación, Fundación CajaMurcia, Fundación Sa Nostra, FUNCAS , RNE (Radio Nacional de España), CaixaBank -“la Caixa” Foundation, ABANCA and Fundación Galicia Obra Social ( Afundacion), Fundación Bancaria Unicaja -Centro de estudios universitarios EADE, Barcelona Stock Exchange, social organizations and non-profit organization from the IEF program, escuela de jóvenes emprendedores (eje) de lanzarote, escuela de jóvenes emprendedores (eje) de la marina alta, ayuntamiento de calpe (alicante), ayuntamiento de teulada (alicante), ayuntamiento de benissa (alicante), ayuntamiento de viladecans (barcelona), colegio ceip manuel bru (benissa, alicante), colegio ceip cap d´or (moraira, alicante), ampa ceip manuel bru, ampa ceip pare melchor, colegio arenas internacional (lanzarote, i.canarias) , colegio ceip altamira (miranda de ebro, burgos), barymont & asociados, grupo ginestar, fernandez consulting, centre veterinari benissa, benissa digital


  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 1 006 963


  • 1 000 000

This year, a number of different actors participated in the GMW celebrations in Spain throughout the Week. Lead by the EFEC, Financial Education in the School of Catolonia, classroom visits by Oriol Junqueras, Vice President of the Catalan Government and Minister of Economy and Finance were conducted. Students also visited the Spanish Central Bank branch in Barcelona, and learned about the life cycle of the coins and bills, manufacturing and circulation, storage and security features of the bill and more. Furthermore, about 80 students took part in EFEC’s “Smart Investment” program in the Barcelona Stock Exchange; they visited the market floor and learned about the operation of the stock markets. In addition to younger students, about 25 adult students took part in the EFEC’s workshop “domestic economy”, among other activities.

Aprender Cuenta participated in the international GMW as well. Aprender Cuenta conducted 18 training workshops under the slogan "I have healthy financial habits", 12 workshops in secondary education in the public institute IES VALMAYOR for children 12-13 years old and 16-17 years old and six workshops in primary education in the public school CEIPE JUAN FALCO for children 10-11 years old. A total of 270 students received two training workshops, the first about money and savings and the second on responsible consumption.

El Recetario Financero organized the Olympics of Financial Education as part of GMW. The Olympics of Financial Education was an innovative way to familiarize children with and make them more comfortable with money, while promoting a smarter and more ethical use of resources. In order to overcome challenges and to achieve their goals, the children had to apply personal core values: responsibility, solidarity, teamwork, effort and commitment.

CECA and its member, including BMN (Caja GRANADA Fundación, Fundación CajaMurcia, Fundación Sa Nostra), organized “Financial Education Days” and “Open Doors” in its own schools and other education centers. Radio shows were hosted to discuss the following topics: banking customers since childhood, the transcendence of having a bank account and how it encourages children to manage financial items; financial knowledge of Spanish youth in the European context. An entrepreneurship challenge, Desafío Emprende, also took place; a competition in which students had to submit their entrepreneurial projects with the aim of participating in an Educational Campus related to this issue. Overall, 1300 participated in this programme.

ABANCA and Fundación Galicia Obra Social (Afundacion) organized the lecture “Ready to take the leap? Financial needs in a lifetime”, which was addressed to high school seniors. The purpose was to raise the importance of responsible financial behaviour, especially within an increasingly uncertain framework for young people. Additionally, Fundación Bancaria Unicaja and Centro de Estudios Universitarios EADE organized an interactive financial education session aimed at university students, during which students had the opportunity to participate by answering questions about savings and financial products through a remote control. Furthermore, Fundación Cajasol organized a booth that introduced the audience to financial concepts through games that are on the website, as well as a financial education competition workshop for elementary students. Saving Steps, an infograma which aims to launch simple and direct messages on how to save, was also involved in GMW, sending out messages via social media to reach more people during the Week.

Aprender Cuenta has participated in these international celebrations because we share the goal of promoting the importance of economic education of citizens, and especially for children and youth. MISSION Aprender Cuenta is to benefit, through financial education and entrepreneurship, the largest possible number of children and girls so that they can enjoy happier and significant step both in children and in adult life. They conducted 18 training workshops voluntarily under the slogan "I have healthy financial habits", 12 workshops in secondary Education in the public institute IES VALMAYOR for children 12-13 years old and 16-17 years old; 6 workshops in primary Education in the public school CEIPE JUAN FALCO for children 10-11 years old. A total of 270 students have received 2 training workshops, first about money and savings and then on responsible consumption.

2015 Spain Global Money Week


  • Institute of Financial Studies (IEF), El Recetario Financiero, Aprender Cuenta: Educación financiera para niños, Colegio publico Juan Falco, CECA, Fundación Caja Sol, KEEPUNTO, FNAC, Web Financial Group, Asociación Comerciantes de Arguelles, Colegio SEK el Castillo, Borsa de Barcelona


  • 9th – 17th of March


  • 1 000 000

Many organizations throughout Spain took part in the Global Money Week celebrations. IEF, as part of their EFEC Program, organized 361 financial literacy workshops. 144 volunteers from the financial sector shared their personal experiences and expertise in 94 Catalan High Schools. 5.878 students in their final academic year of Secondary School (15-16 years old), have been the beneficiaries of EFEC Program during GMW2015. 80 teenagers from the High School Fort Pius in Barcelona attended an EFEC workshop at the Barcelona Stock Market. The workshop was focus to learn how to evaluate the risks to invest, “Intelligent Inversion”.

EFEC (Financial Education at Catalan Schools) is a pioneer program sponsored by a public-private partnership that promotes corporate volunteer efforts and social responsibility of Spanish Financial Institutions. Since 2012, the Institute of Financial Studies (IEF) has managed the EFEC Program (Financial Education at Catalan Schools). EFEC is a financial literacy program promoted by the Catalan Government and six main financial institutions (Caixa Bank, Santander Bank, BBVA, Sabadell Bank, Caixa d’Enginyers and Institute of Catalan Finances, IFCO). EFEC Program is addressed to students at Secondary Education (15 years old).

During Global Money Week 2015, more than 100 eight and eleven-year-old children from Madrid and Alicante played the “Olympics of Financial Education”. The Olympics of Financial Education are an innovative way to make children more familiar and comfortable with money, while promoting a smarter and ethical use of resources. In order to get over the entertaining challenges and achieve their goals, the children had to apply some personal core values: Responsibility, Solidarity, Teamwork, Effort and Commitment. At the end of the day, there were neither winners nor losers in this playful way of learning: no matter how many “chef coins” they got, all the children had gained valuable insights and were recognized as Mini-Financial Chefs. Participation in Global Money Week was possible thanks to the commitment and support of Barymont & Asociados, Fernandez Consulting and the Townhall of Benissa. This partnership allowed more than 115 children to participate on the Olympics of Financial Education.

Aprender cuenta made 10 workshop for 4 to 9 years old kids, on 13, 16 and 17 March joining academic contents with the GMW slogan “Save today, Safe tomorrow”. Tales were told, games were played and piggy banks were built during these workshops.

CECA organized a Financial Education workshop for elementary students with competition format (Your budget is in balance/¿Te salen las cuentas?). The objective of the workshop was for the primary students to understand some applications of mathematics that can be very useful in ordinary life.

Keepunto held and moderated an event about the Future of Money: “Save today Safe Tomorrow”. PayPal, Visa Europe, ThinkIds Projects and important speakers were invited to the panel. The event was held at FNAC bookstore in Plaza Callao, Madrid. From 9-17 March, Keepunto also released online daily challenges using the GMW 2015 theme: “Save today, Safe tomorrow.” to its more than 110,000 users between 14 and 24 years old. The user data base received an inbox message about Keepunto GMW2015 activities. Facebook and Twitter Keepunto users were informed about GMW 2015 in Spain. Keepunto also partnered with Web Financial Group (important network of finance web sites in Europe) to realize special content for GMW 2015 theme. Together with “Asociación de Comerciantes de Madrid-Argüelles” (Merchants Association of Madrid-Argüelles), more than 100 members among which it can be found El Corte Inglés (the biggest department store group in Europe) distributed GMW logos. SEK El Castillo School also launched 2 competitions with secondary schools students regarding entrepreneurship, and saving behavior related to environment and recycling. The goal was to raise awareness of the need to save energy to produce less plastic and reducing the environmental impact of manufactures.

2014 Spain Global Money Week



  • 10th – 17th of March


  • 500


As part of the BBVA Valores de Futuro financial Education Program, P.A.U. Education informed and motivated schools in Spain and Portugal to join this year’s global celebration. Information about the planned global activities and VIP Talks were published daily on social networks and on a blog dedicated to Spain’s Global Money Week program.

During Global Money Week, Spanish and Portuguese schools were visited by BBVA volunteers who advised and guided primary and secondary students in the school’s saving campaign. More than 400 schools are currently participating in this ‘savings’ campaign’ initiative in both Spain and Portugal. During Global Money Week, 34 sessions were held in Spain and Portugal directly reaching around 750 students. In addition, in order to celebrate the international day of Consumer’s Rights on 15th March, an activity on responsible consumption was sent to schools to inspire teachers to adapt their lesson plans accordingly.

P.A.U Education also helped in the organization of the exchange experiences between Spanish and Portuguese students with South American children and youth. This exchange allowed young people to engage with their peers in other countries on issues related to financial education, entrepreneurship and the role of banks in serving the best interests of children and youth. In addition, and as always, teachers participating in the Valores de Futuro program were encouraged to develop any of the 63 activities proposed in the program’s teacher book that aim to promote reflection on financial education’s important values such as solidarity, entrepreneurship, fair trade and responsible consumption.