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2019 Paraguay Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of Paraguay
  • Fundación Cámara de Comercio Paraguayo Americana (Fundación AMCHAM)




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Central Bank of Paraguay
The Central Bank of Paraguay, together with its many partners, organized a Financial Fair for children and youth of the country. Furthermore, activities organized included in classroom talks on savings and personal finances. Additionally, tips on financial education were given and visits to the stock exchange and financial institutions were organized. All events were shared on social media.

Fundación Cámara de Comercio Paraguayo Americana (Fundación AMCHAM)
GMW2019 began with a talk on “Let’s talk about savings” for the students of the Japanese School of Paraguay. A visit to the Stock Exchange of Asuncion for the students from “Nuestra Señora de la Asunción”, and the students learned how the stock exchange operates in the country. Additionally, a talk was conducted on the GMW2019 theme “Learn.Save.Earn.” for students. Various activities were planned during the Week, including the design a Savings Plan. The aim was to develop savings habits in the students. Furthermore, a talk was held at the National Business School on the topic “Learning to save”. This was targeted at the youth, teaching them the concepts of saving and simple financial planning. Other talks organized were on topics such as the importance of saving and financial wellbeing.

2018 Paraguay Global Money Week


  • AMCHAM Foundation
  • Central Bank of Paraguay
  • Fundación Paraguaya


  • Bancard, Citi Paraguay, Cooperativa Medalla Milagrosa, Credicentro, Equifax, Financiera el Comercio, Financiera el Comercio (FIELCO), Itaú Bank, National Consumers Protection Agency (SEDECO), Principios de Vida Foundation, TIGO Money


  • 8 986


  • 334 035

Central Bank of Paraguay
The Global Money Week 2018 was launched at the Central Bank of Paraguay in the presence of children, public authorities, and executives from banks, cooperatives and insurance companies. This was done during the previously existing Economic and Financial Education Fair from the Central Bank. The fair received more than 700 students between 8 and 15 years old from 30 schools from Asunción. The fair was launched by the Board of the Central Bank, authorities from the Education and Sciences Ministry, the National Financial Inclusion Strategy, the Superintendent of Banks and the Superintendent of Insurance. SEDECO, the National Consumers Protection Agency, participated, distributing information and tips on financial protection. These organizations are engaged in the development of activities, which will lead to a better understanding of the use of money by children and youth. During the National Financial Education Campaign called Mas Vale Saber – Educación de Bolsillo (More Worth Knowing – Pocket Education) participating organizations distributed booklets with information related to how to control expenditures, how to prepare a budget, how to avoid over indebtedness, and the importance of insurance. The National Strategy organized in the Central Bank together with FUNDACIÓN PRINCIPIOS DE VIDA a conference about how to come out of debt. This was given by the internationally known Andres Panasiuk. Social network played an important role again during GMW 2018. These organizations published their activities daily on their web pages and gave recommendations on how to make better use financial instruments and money. This is the reason the Central Bank reached 200 thousand people, hoping to ignite the interest of children and youth on topics related to economics, finance, and money. Children carried out activities related to the GMW 2018 in schools. Organizations gave more than 20 conferences and talks, concentrating on the importance of insurance. Working together Fundacion Paraguay, Financiera El Commercio and Tigo carried out a special project, where the main objective was to provide saving accounts for more than 700 hundred indigenous families from the community of Cerrito, Chaco, which participated in the Poverty Stoplight Program. This is very special because the saving accounts can be accessed remotely through mobile phones solving the problem of access. The implementation was in the framework of the GMW 2018. Tigo registered and opened the accounts, providing a small seed capital, and gave trainings for leaders of this community that started saving immediately. Bancard distributed financial education materials in its headquarters and branches. ITAU, visited schools with games and activities related to finance and economics. They also organized conferences in their branches about expenditures, savings, and budgeting. Fundación Amcham gave trainings to firms, universities and schools. The Cooperative Medalla organized working days on financial inclusion for children and youth. In the workshops, they could play and learn about finance and money. They received training on savings and on the value of money. Finally, Medalla organized a GMW selfie contest. The National Financial Education Campaign – Mas Vale Saber closed with a “Financial Kermesse” in the city center of Asunción. More than 20 financial organizations participated reaching thousands of citizens.

AMCHAM Foundation
In light of Global Money Week, the AMCHAM Foundation trained two volunteers from the company Credicentro to give talks about saving at schools in Asunción and Gran Asunción. During Global Money Week, the volunteers from Credicentro, with the support of the Foundation, gave talks about savings at the schools Bernardino Caballero in the city of Mariano Roque Alonso, and Colegio Nacional Dahlquist, María Auxiliadora y Perpetuo Socorro in the city of Asunción. During these talks the students were able to learn about the importance of saving, its uses, types and forms. They were also given a piggy bank to begin saving. The AMCHAM Foundation also produced two training programs in personal finance for functionaries and collaborators of Citibank Paraguay. These training programs provided practical exercises on financial planning, saving and budgeting.

Fundación Paraguaya
Fundación Paraguaya, Equifax and Banco Itaú made Global Money Week possible in Paraguay. From March 12 to 18, activities began in the educational institutions that were part of the 2018 Global Money Week. These activities were took place in 33 schools distributed across 17 locations in 7 departments of the country, and reached 6,036 participants. The activities of Global Money Week were coordinated by the teaching staff of each institution in conjunction with Fundación Paraguaya trainers. The implementation methodology was guided through an implementation guide which served as a standard model for all institutions to channel the same lexicon for the theme of Global Money Week. Activities such as lectures and courses were held mainly for students of public schools and colleges. This was done with the aim of enabling them to enter the financial ecosystem in an informed way early on. Thanks to working groups, tips for saving were provided, as were explanations of the difference between needs and luxuries, how to be an intelligent consumer, and more. The closing ceremony took place on Saturday, March 17, on the Costanera de Asunción. Raffle prizes and leaflets on savings were given out.

2017 Paraguay Global Money Week




  • 33 574


  • 120 000

The opening of Global Money Week 2017 was held at the Central Bank of Paraguay, with participation of both private sector institutions and civil society organizations involved in the celebrations. About 200 children aged between 8 and 15 from different schools across the country took part in the event, and further activities were aimed at improving the understanding of the use of money by children and young people.

As part of their visit to the Museum of Jewelry and Numismatics, youth participants learned about the history of money in Paraguay and participated in talks about the use of money and its importance. Additionally, as part of GMW 2017, the Central Bank of Paraguay launched seven educational videos that were published by social networks and media sources.

During the Week, 14 private organizations joined the Central Bank of Paraguay to support the initiative. These organizations included Fundación Paraguaya, Fundación AMCHAM, Bancard, Banco Itaú, Banco Visión, Citi, Equifax Paraguay, Cooperativa Medalla Milagrosa, the Consolidated Insurance Company, the Electronic Payment Media Companies, Personal, Tigo, the Federation of Cooperatives of Paraguay (FECOPAR) and Challenger. Social media platforms were key to sharing activities throughout GMW as these organizations published their activities online, giving advice on proper money management through their various online channels. As a result, more people were reached as part of the various efforts to raise awareness about personal finances and money matters affecting children and youth.

The organizations also conducted trainings in financial education for schools, as well as for public, throughout the country. In addition, representatives from the participating organizations accompanied school students to the Central Bank of Paraguay to take part in the closing event of Global Money Week 2017.

The National Financial Education Strategy carried out a National Campaign for Financial Education, “Más Vale Saber – Educación de Bolsillo” (More Worth Knowing – Pocket Education), as part of GMW 2017 in Paraguay. The government declared financial education to be an objective of national interest through a Presidential Decree. Educational talks were organized in five cities: Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, Coronel Oviedo, Santaní and Paraguarí, and were attended by around 1000 people. Officials of the Central Bank of Paraguay, the Ministry of Finance, the Technical Secretariat for Planning and Development, the Cooperative Institute, and the Secretariat for Consumer Protection gave talks on credit and entrepreneurship. The closing of the campaign took place in Asuncion and was attended by 200 young people.

As part of the National Campaign, a website was created and 22,700 guidebooks were delivered with basic information on finance. The campaign focused on providing adequate information regarding personal finance, diminishing myths related to rights and responsibilities, contract services and financial products, what can be done with PINs (personal identification numbers), ATMs, budgeting, saving and financing.

Helpful materials were also created for GMW 2017 participants in Paraguay including educational guides on a range of topics. These guidelines were prepared for three age groups: children (6-15), youth (18-25) and adults (25-30). The materials help teachers, volunteers and other trainers to develop lectures based on specific financial themes.

Additionally, for the second consecutive year, a Regional Rally was organized in Latin America. Organizations, associations, financial institutions, regulators and museums came together in Latin America to provide a competition via twitter, in which youngsters from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela received clues and questions which they had to complete in the shortest possible time to qualify for a prize. During the Regional Rally, young people learned about money matters in a unique and interactive way.

More information about the GMW 2017 activities in Paraguay can be seen here:

2016 Paraguay Money Week


  • Central Bank of Paraguay


  • Fundación Paraguaya
  • Fundación AMCHAM


  • 14th - 19th of March


  • 50 000


  • 32 000

Paraguay was one of the pioneering countries in the implementation of the Global Money Week 2016 Regional Rally. The rally was a regional activity coordinated by CYFI’s International Secretariat with the support of their collaborators and allied institutions at the regional level. This activity aimed to connect various entities and countries in celebration of Global Money Week 2016. This year, the rally saw the participation of 12 organizations from seven countries throughout the region, including Paraguay.

Global Money Week celebrations in Paraguay were launched with a press conference attended by high-level authorities of each of the participating organizations and more than 180 youth. During the press conference, the participating organizations will presented details of the events and their plans to celebrate Global Money Week 2016 in Paraguay.

The Central Bank, the leading organization of the GMW initiative in Paraguay, launched the 2nd Edition of the Central Bank’s contest, in which youth from the last grade of high school presented diverse projects related to the work of the Central Bank. The activities at the Central Bank of Paraguay included a workshop on the history of money in Paraguay and of money from around the world. The implementing partners also organized similar workshops, visits to schools, a national youth assembly, radio spots and campaigns. During the closing ceremony, implementing partners celebrated with photo contests.

Other Global Money Week activities in the country included visits to schools, participation of youth in each of the Global Money Week challenges as well as television and radio programs.

2015 Paraguay Money Week


  • Banco Central de Paraguay, Ministerio de Educación y Cultura de Paraguay, Fundación Paraguaya, Fundación Cámara de Comercio Paraguayo-Americana (AMCHAM), Junior Achievement - Paraguay, Youth Ambassadors Program


  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 21 101

Global Money Week in Paraguay was celebrated by a congregation of organizations who are committed to the cause of financial education and inclusion and to further the impact of Child and Youth Finance International’s Movement. As has been the tradition, the celebrations this year were launched with a press conference attended by high-level authorities of each of the participating organizations. During the press conference, the participant organizations presented the details of the events that they had planned to celebrate Global Money Week 2015 in Paraguay.

Fundación Paraguaya tapped its network of young volunteers to spread awareness about financial education and financial inclusion to schools around the country. While Fundación AMCHAM participated by organizing a series of lectures and a youth assembly. Fundación AMCHAM also participated of several TV and radio spots to spread the message of Global Money Week. Additionally, 27 trainers graduated from Fundación AMCHAM’s “Plan Transitorio Área Ciencias Sociales” program. These trainers will become ambassadors creating awareness and delivering economic citizenship education in the schools.

This year, the program Youth Ambassador, a program sponsored by the Department of State of the United States of America took part of the celebrations of Global Money Week in Paraguay. The Youth Ambassadors Program brings together high school students and adult mentors from countries across the Americas to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities.

The implementing partners also organized similar workshops, visits to schools, a national youth assembly, radio spots, and campaigns. During the closing ceremony, the Central Bank of Paraguay launched newly developed financial education materials, which will be distributed in schools all around the country.

2014 Paraguay Money Week



  • 10th – 17th of March


  • 9 800


 A press conference was held in Paraguay to profile national efforts to increase financial inclusion and education for children and youth. Global Money Week was the main topic during a 1 hour television program broadcast on Guaraní TV, one of the most widely watched television stations in the country. Activities which were organized during the week included a financial education workshop that inspired children and youth to begin practicing positive habits regarding savings, resources management and give them the necessary tools to develop financial skills.

Activities were carried out in schools in different areas of the country with the aim of creating awareness about savings, and what else the youth can save apart from money (e.g. water) and how that generates a positive economic impact.

A youth forum was organized for children and youth to share their financial experiences and discuss entrepreneur projects. This activity encourages children and youth from different cities and communities to play, share, and learn about the importance of savings and how they are never too young to be an entrepreneur. They created a forum for children in the city of San Lorenzo. 120 teachers from across the country were involved in financial education workshops so. The estimate number of children that they will teach their newly learned financial education curricula to is 2500 children and youth by the end of this year.

The Paraguayan Ministry of Finance (MF) presented to self-employed women and young entrepreneurs on how to incorporate innovation into their respective enterprises. Their goal was to encourage them to not only be business entrepreneurs but social entrepreneurs. They encouraged the youth to discover their passion and to generate positive impact in their communities. This will not only aid them personally but will generate new jobs in their communities.

The Central Bank of Paraguay held an activity that closed a week full of joyful learning. A board member of the Central Bank of Paraguay, gave a talk to the young students that participated in the closing as a way of summarizing the lessons learnt throughout the week. These youth then had the opportunity to tour the Numismatica museum of the Central Bank of Paraguay where they received an interactive lecture on the history of money.

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2013 Paraguay Money Week


  • Central Bank of Paraguay; Financiera el Comercio; Fundación Paraguaya; Ministry of Education and Culture


  • 15th – 21st of March


  • 8 940

Global Money Week in Paraguay was celebrated with awareness campaigns on financial inclusion of children and adolescents. Global Money Week was also highlighted on CYFI partner’s facebook pages, reaching thousands of children and youth all over the country.

To further financial knowledge of children, talks on money, savings and related topics were offered to children and youth as well as entrepreneurship fairs, workshops and bake sells.

Global Money Week also saw the launch of Junior Achievement programs on financial education in schools of the metropolitan area.