Digital Activities

Many different online and in person events and activities take place during the Week. 

Financial education online games.

For example, it is possible to organise an online Escape Room where students need to reach a goal by solving financial literacy questions. Serious games are found to be more effective in terms of learning and retention as compared to conventional instructional methods. Students can work individually or in pairs to solve questions on various financial literacy topics. The game can be accompanied by classroom lessons, discussions with teachers and background course materials.

Online money quiz or online competition on financial topics through social media or the Kahoot! game-based learning platform.

The Kahoot! platform allows to create learning games based on multiple-choice quizzes that can be accessed via a web browser or an app, thereby offering an opportunity to transform previously physical quizzes into “digital” ones.

Online competitions based on manual activities for children at home or in the classroom.

Children can be asked to do some money-related practical activity (such as making a piggy bank with recycled material), ask parents or other adults to film the process, and share the results with national GMW organisers.

Other activities you could do online:

  • Online financial education lessons and lectures, hackathons, motivational online sessions for teachers, volunteers and students;
  • Short video contest on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) on different topics such as “Take care of your money”, etc;
  • Online Q&A on money matters using social media (such as Instagram stories), by setting up video calls between students in the classroom and financial experts;
  • Word games on different money topics (e.g., world currencies, clever savings, family budgeting, financial planning, financial fraud and payment security, consumer protection);
  • School online drawing contest or comics competition on money issues;
  • Online excursions to Money Museums;

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